TRIPLE POTUS DECODE PART 4 Feat. SNACK ANON! America First Speech: Empty Cities! The Dangerously Deranged! US Military, POLICE and The THIRD Term!

Ever wonder why POTUS is surrounded by generals in this photograph?

Future Proves Past!

Join us for the last part of this four part series featuring a very special TRIPLE DECODE of POTUS’ speeches. Starting with the Prescott, Arizona rally that was held on July 22, 2022 to the Tampa, Florida speech on July 23, 2022 at Turning Point USA to the America First Association speech in D.C on July 26, 2022, Snack Anon and I break down what we believe POTUS is really be telling us.

If you have not yet tuned in to the first three parts of this series, it is imperative to listen (and read) all of this information in sequential order. Here is a list of previous articles to help you along your learning journey:

  1. TRIPLE POTUS DECODE Part 1 Feat. Snack Anon! The Great Depression, Ivermectin, Future Regenerative Medicine and Much Moar!
  2. TRIPLE POTUS DECODE PART 2 Feat. Snack Anon: The Wall Jacket Man, #NotMyPillow, Snakes and Moar!
  3. TRIPLE POTUS DECODE PART 3: FDR – The New Deal! Blackouts! WHO IS GENERAL “RAZIN” CAIN?! Tesla, Windburn, Soylent Green, and MOAR!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending messages and writing to us! We appreciate your kind words, comments and especially your efforts to share this podcast and blog (see censorship statement immediately below this section for more information and the bottom of this post for all places where you can listen to A Fistful Of Truth).

There is plenty of information in the last three articles that are referenced here in this last part to this Emergency Broadcast Series so be sure to review it before tuning in to this episode.

Things are heating up, especially at the Mar-a-Lago where the FBI recently “raided” POTUS’s property. But the good anons who have been keeping up on their studies, not tuning into idiots like Tucker Carlson or any MSM controlled crap, and have detached from shillformation, know that this is all part of the plan. How many times did we try to tell them, You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿? Yet so many still don’t listen!

I referenced an article called What Is Going On? in this part (4) of this podcast series and it may be a good idea to share it with those who are experiencing confusion.

Remember, He’s Still Your President!

Share only what people can contain. If they are new-er to the movement, start off by reviewing Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Dont’s of The Great Awakening. Point them to articles like Welcome Newbies To The Great Awakening: All You Need to Start Your Journey to Truth, only if they are open to the information! Remember, The Truth Hurts, and The Truth Is Not For Everyone but The Truth Is The ONLY Way!

For everyone else?

There is always the tents that POTUS is talking about – with the permanent bathrooms. Do you realize what that means? If you don’t that is ok! We explain it in this part of the Triple Decode!

As always, Stay The Course and Stay Informed and Be Grateful. We are the precipice of another big shift in consciousness and this show. Hence, like we were instructed to do so before, Stay In Contact and Stay Calm! Do not engage with people who are rejecting the level of information that you are presenting or understanding for the will only drag you down with them! HOSEA 4:6

It’s We The People Who Need To Wake Up and quit possibly, it is We The People Are The Cure for some but not all of The Walking, Shedding Jabbers.

Check out what we put together here in this grande finale and stay tuned for yet another double decode coming up soon!

God bless you patriots!

♥️ #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸


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~ Dilara 08.09.2022

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  1. In response to your decode Part 4, I am seeing deranged and crazy people more and moar. I’ve seen people shooting up drugs right out in the open and acquaintances that have murdered their family in the last few months. I live in small town USA but crimes are definitely happening more than ever before, weird shit that you’ve never heard of before.
    On the subject of people who are still asleep, this really frustrates the hell out of me, I had a family member say to me that he does not care what is going on, HE DOESN’T CARE. He’s happy with his life the way it is, and doesn’t want to be bothered, doesn’t want his reality disturbed, mind you he’s double jabbed and boosted. I’m not giving up, POTUS never gives up, neither will I.
    Appreciate you and Snack for all your work, I listen to the decodes as I drive to work and every chance I get.

    • Hi Ileana, I’ve seen the word ‘moar’ for the last five years now among those of us who are awake and have not been able to figure out if there is some significance to the spelling as opposed to ‘more’. Can you help? Thank you!

  2. Dilara, they have all those fema camps that the loons and minions had set up for when the wicked witch of the east won. Thankfully, President Trump was the pail of water to take her out. LOL

    • 💦 🧙‍♀️ 🎯 💥 ⚖️ BOOM! Great point! I too believe they are “repurposing the fema camps for the dangerously deranged! Buh Bye! Thank you anon! ♥️🇺🇸🙏🏼

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