Review #16: Guided By Wisdom

The beauty of the sky and all of Nature makes a proper alter for the worship of the Infinite.

This is God’s world.

And when you know the Master of this universe, He will show you all His wonders.

In the airplane of your visualization and perception, glide over the vast tracks of fancy, scanning the limitless empire of your thoughts.

Behold there unbroken mountain ranges of loft spiritual aspirations for self-improvement.

Be guided by wisdom.

Use judgement and discrimination.

Remember, you are not the body, but the dynamic soul, the power of Spirit.

Thus, all knowledge and perception are within you. Feel yourself one with the universe, one with all nationalities, one with God.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

🙏🏼 ♥️ ✝️ 🕉 ✨

Let’s review some important blog posts and revisit some information. After all, Future Proves Past

💊The Truth Hurts 💊

🔥Judge Them By Fire ✝️

🤔 The Choice To Know Will Be Yours 💯

🤥 All Lies Will Be Revealed 🤥

🇺🇸 Team America 🇺🇸

🛣 The Road To Enlightenment 💡

📚Do Your Vaccine Homework! 💉

🍯 Leaping Leprechauns 🐸

💫 You Have Moar Than You Know 💥

🌈 Spring Into Higher Vibrations 😇

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~ Dilara 05.22.21

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