Sunday Night Movie: HAARP Advances in Tesla Technology

Here is one you don’t want to miss.

Grab your popcorn and your Great Awakening butter. Jim Nichols has the best documentaries.

This one is called:


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~ Dilara 05.23.21

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  1. Thank you for making this very informative video. Our world governments are run by these 2% NAZI LU CI FER IANS. This needs to stop! My father told me at age 8, the government controls the weather we were discussing Hurricane Betsy. Years later here comes Katrina! It’s scary to think a so called scientists, that keeps saying he doesn’t know what that means, has way to much power!, he’s a special kind of stupid. He’s one of them…

  2. So i enjoyed watching HOLES IN HEAVEN and decided to share it, and add some of my own comments and this struck me as funny.

    I had added this comment, One could make the argument that John Hecksher Project Manager – HAARP, is a professional liar.

    and, under the category of “you can’t make stuff up this funny” as I typed the last name Hecksher, spellcheck didn’t like it, and the top suggested replacement was Huckster, how perfect is that?

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