Spring Into Higher Vibrations

Happy first day of Spring!

As we move away from the masked matrix people and embrace a higher level of understanding, we face a serious choice: stay comfortably numb in our knowledge and keep talking about Pelosi, Biden and, well really a bunch of dead people who have been replaced with actors, clones and holographic technology or evolve.

How many more times do we have to tell others that just can’t see it that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿?

Time to Drop the Disbelievers! and move on!

As I scroll, click and flip through dozens if not hundreds of news feeds, it makes me cringe to see people who are so caught up in rehashing the same information over and over again, still refusing to do their own thinking. What’s worse is people watching Fox news! Dear Lord open your eyes already! Get away from The Fable of Cable. Albeit at least these are patriots I am referring to, the amount of negativity the general normies are still engaged in is not healthy. Speaking about problems is one thing, putting emotion into negative news every day is bad for your health.

The quest for knowledge is not the same for everyone.

Most people like to skirt around the rabbit hole.

Some people dare to take a ride on the event horizon.

Others jump fearlessly into the wormhole.

Ultimately, The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

I find myself at an impasse with the amount of decoded information and anons posting about daily happenings. The alternative news channels have done a terrific job of replacing FakeNews MSM feeds and hail to the patriots (and not the PAYtriots) who are taking truth to the streets. But there is truth to the saying that the devil is in the details. If you are too busy looking for constant clues or affirmations, or whatever, you will miss the forest. You will also most likely miss the journey to truth. Real truths that have long been hidden from humanity.

What Are You Going To Believe?

Many people are also waiting for the return of Potus to come back and fix all their problems. Not gonna happen. Guess Whose Coming Back? Yes, He’s Still Your President but it’s all about Restoration of The Republic.

As Lin Wood always reminds us, All Lies Will Be Revealed.

This includes all the bad players out there who are paid disinfo agents hired by controlled opposition to feed you typical normie “maga” news and slow down your learning process of what really lies behind most human comprehension. People like Tracy Burnz, the Looming Loomers and the rest of these pack animals all work for the same boss. Most people who have been tuned in to them who cannot read between the lines of super intelligent generals supporting them (to put a spotlight on them so that anons start asking questions) will be decimated by their ego.

Most people cannot and will not accept being wrong.

Even most of those who can accept being wrong, many will lack discernment and fall back into their old habits of listening to shilly shitshows.

What Will It Take? to get people to change their belief patterns?


The ego is a great place to begin. Put it away if you want to grow. Your mind is your worst enemy if you are not aligned with God. The devil wants your mind, not your money.

If you lack discernment, get books that help you grow. There is no quick fix. Usually people with poor discernment have weak will power (not to be confused with weak or big egos). Fixing your will power takes time and practice. Being a doormat won’t help.

Everyone’s learning curve and timing is different. Everyone will awaken (or not) at their own speed. Some will make the choice, conscious or unconscious to stop learning but others will carry the torch of inquiry into areas forgotten to humankind.

We have done this before.

Our spirits are eternal. This battle has been fought and won in the heavenly realms by God’s will. Your understanding and participation in the ascension process is all yours. No one is going to wake you up, just like no one is going to help you get closer to God. So get with it and Change Yourself. Trust me, You Have Moar Than You Know.

Life is an eternal earth school as my teacher and friend Dr. Masaru Emoto used to say. You graduate from here and get to on to the next level. Hopefully up and not downwards.

Yet, like I said in yesterday’s post, You’ve Been Warned.

The knowledge train doesn’t stop for anyone. You either hop on board or get left behind.

The Choice To Know Will Be Yours.

I will be working on a podcast and other media productions in the upcoming weeks to present more engaging and new information to everyone following this blog. The blog will still be here but the format will soon change.

Thank you for being here with me throughout this amazing journey.

God bless you.

Stay the course.

❤️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️


Happy Birthday Baron!

A very special Aries!
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Important Posts

With the exception of Steele, all of these numb nuts are in the circus. Steele made a deal. He’s bringing them down.

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Via Alan Fountain, Was Ellen Degeneres and Many Other Hollywood Celebrities Covertly Put on House Arrest to Detox from Adrenochrome & Confess Crimes to Humanity in 2020? https://gf4justice.com/2020/11/18/was-ellen-degeneres-and-many-other-hollywood-celebrities-covertly-put-on-house-arrest-to-detox-from-adrenochrome-confess-crimes-to-humanity-in-2020/

Via Benjamin Kostka, The 12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe And What They Mean https://www.thelawofattraction.com/12-spiritual-laws-universe/


General Flynn the master and maven of counterintelligence reams this reporter. Never stood a chance! 😂

Just like Tanzania’s President John Magufuli, the matrix cabal also demonized & killed Muammar Gaddafi — for going against them & protecting his citizens from their wicked agenda. ✨👁✨ via Telegram channel https://t.me/drue86

Via Cosmic Light Force on Telegram

If you are going to watch ONE full length program today, PLEASE make it this (41 minutes audio only)
GLOBALIZATION VACCINATIONS by Dr. Leonard Horowitz hosted by John Moore on RBN

CLICK HERE 👉🏼 https://revolutiontelevision.net/video/globalization-vaccinations/?goal=0_a43d4516d2-d4046c233d-45571577&mc_cid=d4046c233d&mc_eid=84a708c8d1 👈🏼

WATCH THIS! The LAST TRUMP! William Henry on MORPH: The Secret of Light Body Activation

From the series called MORPH on Gaia. Please subscribe to view William Henry’s program. Totally worth it!

Poetry from the Treekeeper’s Blog


I See You

A messenger of the divine and unseen
Flying through the air after your visiting dreams

I caught your eye with the hope 
That you’d stop and think about your approach 

Focus, vision, intense intention,
Perspective, guidance and direction 

Determination demands no distractions
Patiently waiting, but swift to action 

-The Hawk



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~ Dilara 03.20.21

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  1. Looking forward to your new formats Dilara.
    Together we are strong.
    Love & light, WWG1WGA🙏🏻✨

  2. Love your emails. So much goodness they are the ones that I look forward to in my inbox. I can’t imagine how much time it all takes! Oh I know one should not get caught up in details but on the collage from Ben is David Icke and David Wilcock. Both who I listened to when I first went down the ‘hole’. Bit confused about David Wilcock as I have watched a lot of his work on Gaia but I guess things are not always as they seem? Just when you think your discernment is on it isn’t! lol

  3. You are a light in this dark place we all call home………Looking forward to the day all the evil gets exsposed and answered for.

    Thank you Dilara.
    God bless us all!

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