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  1. I am just dropping a comment to show some love!! ❤️ Thank you so much for all you do. This blog has been a HUGE help for me and my family!! We’re so excited about our future!! Thanks again for your hard work. WWG1WGA

  2. THANK YOU DILARA. Bless you and your team for the efforts you put into keeping us all up to date !!!!! It is so very much appreciated!. We are keeping the line, us few here in Denmark. Much love, Anjul

  3. Thank u so much for giving us this resource to search and learn. It’s been a blessing. Utmost respect for your hard work.

  4. Angel…The Lord strikes, again….And yes, I do see Him on Boten….I’m giggling  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/donald-trump-mocks-joe-bidens-air-force-one-fall-video/   – Below the photo of Boten’s wipe-out is a fabulous response to it by our dear POTUS….I’m rolling on the floor, laughing….There is a Tik-Tok video of Boten’s response under the video from POTUS, posted by Courtney Holland….Do you what he is saying, angel?….”Look at how he steps and look how I step”…”Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps, ok? C’mon”…..Sounds to me like he is he blatantly saying, we are two different actors….If this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will….Can’t stop laughing….I can just see one of your awesome comedy anons playing this video to the song, Wipeout….I love you, angel!!

  5. GREAT work D. Just dropping an article I found on another the Bill “DEATH” Gates and his Global Fund. We can turn blue in the face an still I get questions of How? Why? What do they gain? This little article was dropped in May 2020. Just another Tweet Bomb on my Twitter. lol 🙂


    My most recent post on Twitter is all about the CDC and you all are going to like this one. “The Proof is in the Pudding”

    Last September 1 2020 a small notice was put out but it didn’t spread much on MSM. The CDC “Because of the Cares Act Congress Bill that was passed by Congress, giving Hospitals a 20% Bonus on the diagnosis related group would be paid for my Medicare. “That meant Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and Pathologist were being paid for a listing deaths of Covid-19 Virus without any indications of an underlining disease that it was only actual be Covid related deaths.
    This brought me to another article and within I found a direct link to the CDC, link listed below. So out of the 540.000 DEATHS now listed and given by the CDC, 94% of those deaths were in-fact contributed by an underlining disease. Leaving the true Covid death rate at 6%. That mean 32,400 died from Covid-19 and ONLY Covid 19.

    This Link will bring you to the CDC Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics:

    Check out Table 3 and read in the paragraph, [Comorbidities and other conditions] within you will read [For 6% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate.] There’s the Pudding!!!

    If I might make a suggestion that people take this link and share, post it, show it to the people that MUST SEE IN BLACK AND WHITE. The Covid numbers were made to look worse then what it was. It’s straight from the horse mouth THE CDC, not so small town newspaper or local tv station. It’s right there in BLACK AND WHITE. Do with it as you please… The CDC website is so HUGE, that average person can’t find the info. It was by shear coincidence if found it. The more I dig D, the more I find. I’m going to need a new shovel soon. hahahahaaa

    Take care, stay well and keep your energy positive 😉

    Jim Morrison

  6. Dilara, must tell you that you’ve gone above and beyond. Anything a person needs to know is somewhere in all you blogs. Love John DeSousa, thx for putting his name out there, since I had never heard of him.
    Your info is sectioned in such a glorious way. Any question / meanings that needs to be answered are in your blogs.
    Thank you 😊 great Patriot. A fountain of knowledge.
    Looking forward to your podcast or wherever it leads you…

    • Thank you Kathy! I have tried and so have all the amazing people that have helped since the Twitter purge! I hope that one day people will find this as useful as you have. God BLESS you and #WWG1WGA!

  7. Angel, I discovered this YT video of a radio podcast with Bill Jenkins, host of the radio show, “Open Mind”….This is a gem, love, about the inventor, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife….I believe the med beds utilize this technology….Using the microscope that he invented, he could see the frequencies of different ailments…He was able to achieve very high magnifications of the ailments, with clarity, and stain various microorganisms using frequencies – As he peered through the microscope, the various viruses would illuminate in their own natural color….Absolutely amazing….I cannot wait for your upcoming podcasts on the topic of regenerative medicine….It is all so interesting and amazing to me….I have studied and utilized holistic medicine since I was a teenager….I am so interested in anything that has to do with healing the body….Apparently, so much of it has been suppressed….Imagine all of the lives that could have been saved, angel…..I love you!


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