Guess Whose Coming Back?

I have been blessed to have met many people throughout my lifetime and travels. Some have been very special and memorable.

But I have never met people like you patriots.

I cannot tell you how moved I am every day when I sit down to put together this effort brought to you by so many people who have literally dropped everything to help wake up others.

Selfless and beautiful, you all shine.

I am so grateful for this movement, for President Donald J. Trump.

Yes, He’s Still Your President. (There is good news in my video update).

What selfless patriots are doing for our human race will not only go down in history, but the ones who are standing up for the ones who are kneeling down are changing the course of humanity forever.

Your Voice Matters.

Not one is above the other. We must all do our part and speak the truth, tell the truth. Shout it from the rooftops. Take a stand for freedom. Every human needs to stand up to this tryanny. It is your duty as a human being to fight for liberty and life.


Supernatural Justice! is on the way and They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

It is of the highest honor to be a part of God’s graceful plan to take His children back from the evil that honestly, we let permeate our world. As we look to our leaders and truth speakers, in the face of extreme adversity, rebels to the matrix have emerged as our new role models. In addition to Potus, names like General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and one of my personal favorites, John DeSouza will ring with dignity and integrity throughout eternity.

If you are not familiar with John, I highly recommend watching the movie, A Thousand Pieces here:

If this link is not showing up for you on your device, note that this movie is being censored. Here is the actual URL:

URL to A Thousand Pieces:

John has kindly provided readers of this article a discount code for 20% of the rental price of this movie: desouzagift 🙏🏼 🇺🇸 You can also learn more about him in my article The Real Life Mulder 🛸.

It takes balls to stand up to the enemy. It takes unwavering faith to help bring down three letter agencies, worldwide pedophile rings, and organized crime on a level that no prosecutor, investigator or judge could even fathom.

The enemy hates the truth.

And I absolutely love it.

No one ever said that satan wasn’t smart. He preys on the faithless and weak. And there are far more sheep than lions in the world.

But the devil is not smarter than Father God. And certainly will never be as powerful. Weaker and weaker, the demons are falling and finished.

God is control. Enjoy His show. He is the ultimate Master, Creator, Almighty Father. While we all wait for the return of Potus, take time to reflect and be thankful for the grace God has granted us to be alive and serve His almighty will.

The real truth seekers have shed their spiritual skin of the weak minded, the faithless, the ones that have turned on us like Judas.

Programming is not an excuse.

Choices. We all have free will. Use it or lose it.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

Forgive, said Jesus, but he didn’t say you have to reconcile.

We, the real patriots, the real remnants have found each other. So “Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way”.

God has called His army, and gathered us, one nation, under Him, Father God. We, your children in this human race, stand indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


♥️ 🙏🏼

Now let’s get to some exciting news!


Those living in fear are not going to make it.

There is not much you can do except pray for them.

You cannot take their fear away. You cannot un-program them. You cannot save them. All you can do is provide a seed of information. A mustard seed. They must save themselves. Still trying to help others see the truth? Take a look at Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening.

The vaccine is going to take out alot of people. It’s part of the cabal’s plan. And there is not much you can do but literally save yourself. It is not a vaccine. It’s the mark of the beast. It changes your friggin DNA. In time, people will be dying off from this. And guess what? Their televisions and tech giants will tell them it’s something else most likely that is killing them: like global warming, or emissions or who knows what they will say but people like this will believe it. Take a look at Karen and her fear programming here:

Karen takes F.E.A.R. to a new level
Yes. You are reading this correctly.

And Karen is OUTSIDE wearing this shit. Sometimes, I think this is just God weeding out the stupid. Seriously, if at this point you are doing everything your television tells you to, you are not going to make it. And I don’t know if we even need these people around. They have truly become the enemy.


I was writing about this years ago, but Karen was too busy watching Friends or Oprah the Child Trafficker to read The New, Unprogrammed You. Oh wait, she probably thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist. Because that is what her television told her to think.

Honestly, at this point, you can’t help these ones.

Listen to what Jesus told us:

“If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” Matthew 10:14

My feet are dust free and I have moved on from all who do not receive me.

And I have found all of you.

Godspeed patriots. We are holding the line for those who cannot and will not see. One day, they will feel terrible. And we will forgive them. But in the meantime, will I ever trust them? Never. None of them will be invited to the party in my foxhole.

Like the Lord told us, forgive. But He was silent in reconciliation. That choice, will be yours.

From Dani. We are sick of this! REBUKE and BE GONE! Share with friends in Scotland!
Via Juan

Thank you Sharon L. 👆🏼

From Lin Wood on Telegram (

(1) We can decide to do nothing and go about our lives as if all is and will be well. Bad mistake in my opinion. We cannot pretend to live normally when things are not normal. So we must take action. And the action we take must be within the bounds of the law until the law totally fails us.

(2) We hope and pray that the United States Military will uphold its oath and defend our Constitution and protect the People. The military is not partisan.  

But what do we do until the military acts or what do we do in the event the military fails us? Surrender to the enemy is not an option. We must fight back for ourselves and our freedom (DISCLAIMER to the enemy which wants to falsely accuse me – I am not suggesting a “physical” fight back).

(3) While thoughts of a new political party and finding honest, good candidates has merit and must be seriously considered at some point in time, I do not believe it should be the focus of our present efforts. We must fix the core problem – we cannot put a band-aid on it in the false hope of a “better” result in 2022 or 2024. If the enemy bothers to hold elections in those years, the elections will again be rigged if we do not fix the core problem now.

(4) I have posed too many questions so I will propose some ideas for action. 

– Pray and strengthen your faith. God can change the world Himself but He really wants His children to help him. Search for His will for your life each day, find it, and do it. Remember, God plus one person is a majority.

– Continue to share the truth with others that Joey “Bribes” Biden did not win the election. It was not even close! Send your “blinded friends” articles and evidence that the election was a fraud. So what if you lose some “friends” in the process? Do you want “friends” who are willing to live a lie, especially a lie that threatens your freedom? Take a stand. Be principled. We must break out of the echo chamber and spread the truth.

(5) Ideas for action continued:

– Organize. Start in your communities. Every journey starts with one small step. Work up from local to state in order to have an impact on national. Tell your local leaders to follow the role model of the Governor of Florida. Engage in non-violent civil disobedience if necessary. 

– You have basic human rights. Make your own decision on whether you want to wear a mask, how far you will stand from your friends and family, how many people you wish to attend your church or other assemblies. If a business seeks to impose these unconstitutional requirements on you against your will, do business elsewhere.

– Street violence remains a distinct option for the enemy. Meet with your local law enforcement officials and make sure there is a plan for your community in the event of such trouble. Make sure you also discuss a plan with your friends and family.

(6) More ideas for action:

– Insist that your local and state officials perform legitimate audits of the November 2020 election results. You must expose the fraud in order to fix it and avoid its recurrence in the future. Demand that your local and state officials get rid of computer voting systems like Dominion. Paper ballots and hand counts are not difficult and are entirely manageable. And a lot cheaper in the long run. Sometimes the old way is the better way.

– I have said it before and I will say it again – inundate your local, state, and national newspapers, officials, and third party wrongdoers with letters and emails demanding corrective action. Let these people know in civil terms that you are angry and demand that your Constitutional rights be respected as well as the Constitutional rights of others you learn have been denied. Be a Good Samaritan – don’t walk by and ignore your mistreated fellow man. You might need the help of another one day.

(7) Final ideas for the night:

– Form your own ideas for lawful actions and circulate them. No one person has all the answers.

– Fly the American flag at your home and don’t be afraid to display a Trump sign or flag if you are so inclined. Do NOT be intimidated by the enemy. 

– Always and I emphasize always, remember that this is your country and ALL the power belongs to We The People. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

I hope you find my ideas and thoughts to be helpful or at a minimum, thought provoking.

I like to keep things simple. We have allowed our lives to get too complicated. In my opinion, We The People need to return to the basics now more than ever. Focus on family, friends, country and God. 

Freedom is worth fighting for. Once lost, it will be very difficult to regain.

The lie has already outlived its life and been repeated too many times. It is time to knock it down with TRUTH. Face it, embrace it, and live it. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Via Jimmy Mac, pages and pages of kids. Adrenachrome harvesting:

You can spend a few hours alone on this article here. It is packed with shocking information and it really lays it all out. Written in 2018 by NeonRevolt, make time to go down this entire rabbit tunnel system of just mind blowing cabal connections. This article should be archived:

Via 7Alon, Earthquake sparks tsunami warning for New Zealand, Lord Howe Island, Pacific Islands on 2/12 …

And today, Japan gets hit with a 7.3❗️

Linda Paris is bringing us from Dark to Light on What Is Going On? Tune in to her broadcast here:

SARGE FROM ICONS (Part One)! BIDEN Is NOT The President! There’s SOMETHING BIG Going ON! Click link here to watch the video as this site conveniently doesn’t recognize and will not embed videos 👇🏼

Here is clip from So I Married an Axe Murderer via @Swellbs on Gab – it’s only 2 min and 35 seconds – have a listen:

My video update for today – good news!



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LOL Selcuk LOL Thank you for this one!👆🏼
Thank you Bunnyfwend. @Jonessense on Twitter
Thank you Jimmy Mac (@AmericaHasBallsAgain on GAB)

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♥️ One of my most favorite photographs by MM. Thank you for sharing this with us. New Brighton Beach in Northern California. ♥️


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~ Dilara 02.12.21

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  1. Thank you so much D! I pray every day. I do have moments of despair and frustration with those in our country who go along with terrible things when they must sense it’s wrong. But I stay in faith. I believe God will help us to a better day. Thanks for our daily dose of encouragement.

  2. Thank you so much Dilara. I am pretty much alone now, all of my friends and some family are getting the shot, I can’t say anything to them or it is like bombs are going off they get so triggered. However, like you I have found a new circle of friends online through this work. I have stayed the course, there is no other path but the one of truth no matter how hard it can be. I wasn’t always like this, I too was deep asleep, but 9-11 woke me up and from there more and more every day. I appreciate all you do and love coming here for the latest news. Godspeed… WWG1WGA!

  3. I miss you, friend. I’m going to meet you someday, in the beautiful red state of California. I miss Twitter, but have heard all Patriots were expelled the same day I was. I am comfortable being in the same company as my Twitter friends.
    Personally, Jackass can kiss mine. I will never start another account. I am living in “faith not fear. “ Karma is God and God always wins.
    Thank you for all you do… you were my first red pill.
    Katie Ellis

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Sorry guys, but the news about Italy are not completely true. We still having all restrictions: masks in and outdoor, distancing and all that shit. It’s true the news about 50.000 restaurants open at the same time, but with masks and only for ONE day three weeks ago. Moreover, the “amazing” new Italian Mario Draghi’s government is the shit’s shit: Italian Deep State in full power. And here the people still sleeping…keep wearing masks…keep on obey to everything…and I dreaming a desert island…

  5. WOW D, Franklin Leonard was long but very informative, I didn’t know of him but I did know a whole lot of the others from digging. I can just see a HUGE convention center size room filled with index cards with names and lots of colored string connecting all the dots. Holy Moly what a corrupt SICK WEB they weave and live in. They are everywhere. I can just imagine how many are still in the cracks or in the lower pillars rising up… The Devil is hard at work and for a mighty long long long time.

    We The People need to trust “The Plan” I know this is big and everyone is getting antsy. But we want more than just the head of the snake. An this has been in the works for years. It maybe hard to wait because we live in a world where we want fast results.

    Jim Morrison said it. “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind,” an there are a whole lot of sheep.

    Brings me to my son who I’m always giving spoon fulls of info, he’s 27 Computer Meteorologist Geek type LOL. He hates to talk about the abuse of the children, but it’s happening and he needs to know and open his eyes. My most recent talk was about the vaccine. I understand it in the medical terminology, I needed to break it down to his level maybe someone out there may have to break it down for their family hope this helps. I told him how the Vaccine effects your DNA through the mRNA’s in the vaccine. How your own immune system will work against the Covid virus if or when you come across it. But it will also see the Covid Vaccine thats now in your cells through out your body and you immune system will start fighting those cell because you immune system see mRNA vaccine as foreign something thats be manufactured not natural HUMAN and doesn’t belong in your body and start fighting your own cells. It will be like a battle with in your own body. You will get septic and then your body will go into organ shut down. The Covid vaccines isn’t like the vaccines taken when you were an infant. This one is manufactured they (the CDC) never had the original host and they made up the DNA band of the Covid-19 with past Covid virus basically its a big fat guessing game. Both Pharma said their study of the Covid-19 will not be done till 2023. So this round going out to the public is human study #2. Forget they never did and animal study. The average vaccine is between 5-7 years to produce. Then the Media put the fear in place. The CDC sped up the cycles for false positive hence giving us more cases. The the CDC just said that 95% of the Covid case were not just Covid related. So when Bob’s mom died in July of a Stroke they wanted to put Covid related, we said no she had a stroke don’t even think of falsifying her death certificate. You had the SmallPox Vaccine shot and we had a break out of Smallpox a few years ago did we wear mask or get another vaccination, NO Right? Then it sunk in… I hope. Spoonfuls 🙂

    Most of all I tell him “I love you Chaz and I’m not scare of Covid and I’m 57 yrs old, but I’m sure as hell scare of what this vaccine will do your body and if not soon/but in time it will and you are too young and live is a gift. Please hold off. time will tell. I promise you, you will not be sorry sweetheart. I love you too much to let someone like Bill Gates take you away from me. When It took me 7 long years to get pregnant. Talk to your uncle about Bill Gates de-population plan, he knows because he told me about it and I researched it… ”

    Thank You for all your hard work
    An thank you to all your fellow Anons for the info.


  6. Angel….Happy Valentine’s Day, To You, And To All Of The Patriots!!….You selected a amazing track with a beautiful message….I found this version, too

    I hope you like it, as much…Ashley Beedle is an awesome DJ…His remixes are fabulous….Peace and Love

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