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  1. Angel….My pastor is John Lomacang….He adheres to “It is written” and “thus saith the Lord”….There is no deception in his sermons/teachings….I perceive him as one of the greatest biblical teachers, in history….He is absolutely amazing…..He teaches the truth and only the truth, especially, about the Sabbath….I posted a link to one of his sermons regarding the change of the Sabbath….Angel, the SDA Church is God’s remnant church….Every Saturday, I attend service, presently, via YouTube…The service is broadcasts on other platforms, as well, in case it is ever taken down….This week is “Spiritual Week”…There have been several different preachers, this past week….I’m not certain whether Pastor Lomacang will be preaching, today, but, regardless, all of the preachers from the SDA Church in Thompsonville, IL are amazing….I invite anyone that might have an interest to please join me, today (Saturday)….The service is live, in 10 minutes, CST….If you are unable to see the live broadcast, it will be posted, later, on the church’s YouTube channel…May God bless you and all of the patriots!!   


    20200613 | The Change of the Sabbath | Pastor John Lomacang (tvsdac)

    | | | 20200613 | The Change of the Sabbath | … |

    | | | | | |


    | | | | 20200613 | The Change of the Sabbath | Pastor John Lomacang (tvsdac)




  2. Angel….Happy Valentine’s Day, To You, And To All Of The Patriots!!….You selected a amazing Valentine’s Day track with a beautiful message….I found this version, too…I hope you like it, as much…Ashley Beedle is an awesome DJ…His remixes are fabulous….Peace and LoveBent – Magic Love ( Ashley Beedle’s Black Magic Vocal Mix )

    | | | Bent – Magic Love ( Ashley Beedle’s Bla… |

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