Happy President’s Day DJT!

Happy President’s Day President Donald J. Trump!

Acquitted again! Eat dicks Deep State!

In case you are wondering, yes He’s Still Your President. Wait ’till the morons start bleeding tears when they realize Biden is a cloned puppet show and not the president of anything. Oh wait, they won’t understand because The Truth Is Not For Everyone. But they will be crying their little beady eyes out when they realize Guess Whose Coming Back? Can’t wait. Get all your goodies ready. We will be enjoying this show for years to come. And I will never will talk to them again. Never.

Buh Bye Fake Friends. Take your Fake News with you.

Kindly take a look at my article from last President’s day called: Four Scores And A Five for a President’s Day read.


Now let’s get into the most recent news and events!


President Trump is acquitted yet again from the impeachment debacle. They must be drinking and drugging heavily today😂

Thank you Brad.

Via Selcuk thank you for the updates. Potus in FLORIDA and its MAGA energy!

Burn demon burn! This pedo freakshow is losing it like the rest of Pedowood. They are so scared. It’s hilarious! I’m loving it!

Thanks Jesse for the reminder. Yes they all are! @BossHoss2460 on Twitter
Thank you Kel! TRUTH! Read more at What Are You Going To Believe?
Thank you Brian. Pass this on!
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Thread from BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Thread Video:

Thread Gallery (Click on each image and scroll through)

Thread Links:






End of thread by BOOM BOOM BOOM! Thank you patriot!


Via Pamela, DS retaliation for doing justice. Their time is coming!



Still buying the cabal’s narrative of global warming? Here you go. Watch this. Snow that won’t melt. Thank you to Squirrels Are Great for this clip. Anons have actually tried this and yes, this is what is happening. You are watching a snow. Lol. Not funny but…

Snow That Burns

Another related video to #FakeSnow via Courtney thank you for this, have a look:

Still not convinced that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿? Check out the fake Biden and the actor wearing a mask. And the sheep keep on watching and believing. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Nothing to see here.  That most certainly isn’t a mask. 😬  Move along.

Another good one – Reptilian Actors!


Via Benjamin A. Bock, here are some stellar links to peruse:

  1. Interrogation of James Clapper starts @ 39:50 https://www.bitchute.com/video/PCLRvZxmWpGW/
  2. Explosions under the white house felt and heard: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dGMBklUqBbHu/
Via Bunnyfwend (@Jonessense on Twitter)

From 7alon, DEVIL WORSHIP – exposing satan’s underground



Romans 11:11

Amen! Thank you Bunny!


Via Juan. A serious downgrade.

Brian’s Meme Madness

SuperMike’s Meme Picks

Bill’s Hall of Infameme


My pencil sketch of Hummy.


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♥️ ~ Dilara 02.15.21

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