Let It Snow

Weather manipulation is real. Have you ever heard of a book called Angels Don’t Play This Harp? I highly recommend it.

In a recent post we showed you video of a patriot attempting to light a snowball on fire in New York. It simply wouldn’t melt. Why? Because it isn’t really snow. Real snow forms perfect snowflakes. Fake snow does not.

Fake snow is made of sodium polyacrylate, also known by the common name “waterlock.” The polymer is a sodium salt of acrylic acid with the chemical formula [−CH2−CH(CO2Na)−]n. The material is superabsorbent, with the capacity to absorb 100 to 1000 times its weight in water.

Watch the water.

Can you imagine what this does to snowfall and run off?

What is getting mixed into our water supply?

And why is Bill Gates and friends buying up the private water supply companies?

Did you also know that among the top gainers on the stock market after 9/11 was a privately held water supply company that was usurped by the Bush family? Ya. Do your own research. You can’t find much about that on the internet as it’s since been scrubbed.

There is more about this topic in today’s post so please make sure to check out the entries.

Just like the DEWS that the cabal has consistently used to start fires in my home state of California (wildfires my ass), the same technology is used to make it snow.

We have been living in a bubble of cabal controlled everything. Much like the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It is time to break free of the matrix.

What Are You Going To Believe?


Idk about you, but this sure does look like him! #JFKJrLives
Thank you Brad

Texas Snow

Take a look at the snow that will not melt with a lighter in the recent post on this blog called Happy President’s Day DJT! and now scroll through this thread gallery:


How do They Create Snow in the Movies?


Scene From The Walking Dead

Betcha these fkkrs are behind this. Sold out to commies, Biden is gonna pay bigly. Like Potus said, Chyna is not allowed to eat our lunch anymore. Nor our breakfast or dinner. CCP NO MORE!


JUST IN – Prince Philip has been admitted to a London hospital after feeling unwell – take a look at this cretin! No more baby blood, they are losing form! Lizzzzzards be gone!

Via Pamela, Rush Limbaugh has died. RIP.



This gem is via Ron and Rachel – from George News in 1959 – a must see about weather manipulation.

Thank you for this find!

Another snow-that-won’t-melt video:


SuperMike’s Meme Picks

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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  1. Never stop this blog. It’s too important. These eye-opening posts never fail to please. And thank you personally for all of your determined difficult work. Love you very much!

  2. I just took this pic of a snowball from my home in Texas ….it doesn’t melt but it does turn black in a flame.

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