Suffer Early

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would tell me stories. She was preparing me for the real world of shit that I was about to grow up and step into. She would tell me about people and the choices they would make. Some stories were fiction, some were true, but to a child, they all seemed like lore at the time.

However, the underlying message that she kept repeating to me over and over again was: suffer early.

Grandma was a wise woman. She had come from difficult circumstances, lost her husband very early and what didn’t kill her, made her a pillar of strength for generations to come.

What grandma was trying to teach my little self (I was about three when these stories were beginning to be instilled into my young mind) was that we all make mistakes and we learn from them (well, not all of us, sadly). To learn from our mistakes during our youth and to apply those lessons with our walk in faith would make a warrior out of me.

She would give me example after example (in story forms that a three year old would be able to understand and process) of people who didn’t learn from their mistakes and suffered at the end of their lives, paying for the decisions and bad ones at that, of the past. And she would give me examples of people who make wrong choices, or are even presented with uncontrollable circumstances (like losing a parent, a child, health issues, etc.) and how coping skills (that I didn’t even realize she was teaching me at the time) would create an even stronger warrior for Almighty God.

She would quiz me during the course of the day and point to people and their places in life. Showing me old people in regret from their actions left an ongoing mark of observation in my mind. Grandma would ask mini me, “Dilara, do you want to end up like that or do you want to end up like Grandma who is happy in the face of any adversity?”

I’d reply: suffer early Grandma suffer early! Imagine a three year old dancing up and down, singing suffer early. Lol

So I suffered early. Like we all do.

Except some people choose to extend their suffering their entire lives. They keep making the same choices and thus mistakes over and over again, becoming slaves to their suffering. We are watching this happen right before our eyes with those that are uninformed or misinformed and they continue to embrace hate, division and harbor resentment in their hearts. Sadly, they are not even aware of their own cognitive dissonance, their own suffering. You can’t change something until you are first aware of the issue, and next you must not be drowning in the famed river of denial. Hanging on to your egos for life is like hanging on to a cobra when you can’t swim and are drowning. These people are not just suffering early, they are suffering always. Some of them are just not going to make it. That’s their problem, not ours. Choices are to be made by each individual. The information, the truth is out there. You just have to seek it. It won’t be spoon fed to you. But it may hurt a little when the big pill comes.

I was beyond blessed to have such an amazing woman with such deep wisdom raise me.

The only way to salvation is through the truth. ✝️ This is what Christ teaches us.

Lin Wood’s love for truth is not foreign to me. It goes hand in hand with the love of God Almighty. I grew up in a world where all I saw was lies, lies, and more lies. I resented and rejected all lies. Intrincically, I hated television, news media and all forms of cabal controlled everything. I didn’t agree with most of what my schools taught me, so I did the work to get the grades, and spent most of my personal time immersed in books and teachings of a higher consciousness, a higher truth.

I’m not programmed like most people are. Why? Because I never plugged myself fully into their matrix. And hence, I never truly fit in. Most anons feel this way. The ones that are really awake. We all are the misfits that didn’t succumb to the controlled system. Good. We were put here by God to help this transition. To serve His will, for that will be done. Amen!

People are uncomfortable with the truth only when they are lying to themselves.

This is what we are experiencing now. Those who are living in a bubble. They are lost. So it is up to us to be the shepherds. We need them around. Everyone is connected. We really are all under one God Almighty. He will deliver judgment to the ones who deserve it. And how.

But until then, we have all been suffering. We are still suffering with these morons who are sold on the lies they lap up like thirsty dogs.

None of Us Are Free… Yet!

But remember, we have suffered early and for those who walk in faith, our Father God’s promise is well stated in Malachi:

Malachi 3:10

The reward is coming. Nesara is coming. Justice is coming. Freedom is coming. And Guess Whose Coming Back?

We are almost there and The Best is Yet To Come!

Yes and AMEN!


Thank you Bunnyfwend – here is how inversions are made. You can literally dose up a poor embryo with hormones to change the sex. Can you imagine? Finding out that your husband is a woman years later? Vile and disgusting baphomet agendas. This is how they flipped SOME of these kids in the womb. Like Brad Pitt and Brittney Spears. Take a look at their childhood photos – many have been scrubbed since they are inversions. They are controlling your mind. Read Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation.

So true. So many are idiots. Completely brainwashed sheep. Mutton.
Dirty. All of them. Pedo inversion Pence and crew.

Look what cabal controlled Wiki is saying about Q Anon to control the little brains of the idiots.



Via Frogman on Telegram ( ) Putin Announces Total Independence from ‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar

Via 7alon, if you are not super versed or comfy with the 8kun, (“the board”), this is a nifty site that enables you to see the notables of the day:

Via Donnie a link on Telegram:

Via Telegram channel, Putin has axed the Roth dollar! Anons know that this means!!! 🥳


Via Ron and Rachel – what is Gaven Newscum (aka #GloryHoleGaven) doing in this video? SKID ROW LOS ANGELES HELL ON EARTH – CALIFORNIA POVERTY – U.S. ECONOMY GETTING WORSE BY THE DAY

Via Juan, a MUST WATCH video about doctors from all around the globe telling you NOT to take the Moderna Vaccine!

🚨 🆘 Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE 🆘🚨

⁣Spread this far and WIDE. If this doesn’t wake your friends and family up, then they are under DEEP mind control and only someone who specializes in unbrainwashing cult worshipers can help them. 👇🏼

Via Benjamin A Bock, Ted Cruz ten minute speech at CPak:

And by the way, Bill Gates is next. Check this out – child porn and child RAPE evidence found at Bill’s HOUSE! This is just a soft way of disclosing this to the normies. They have to hear about it first, before they can be told that Gates is GUILTY. Crumbs are easy to swallow for their little shelled up small realities. Have a listen! White Hats are in control!

Bill Gates’s compound harboring child porn and child rape evidence. Hmmmm. KARMA IS COMING!⚖️🔥✝️


Amazing prophecy by Kim Clement! Snowing in Jerusalem, TWO Supreme Court Justices step down, great wealth unlocked, all wrapped up in a few minutes! Amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Thanks to the Telegram Channel

Thank you Jim for this reminder:

1 Timothy 4:1-5

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.


Via Jimmy Mac @AmericaHasBallsAgain on GAB

This is so true. And so funny. And so true.

Thank you Crystal Jones for forwarding this one: @Jonessense on Twitter

Brian’s Brave Memes

SuperMike’s Meme Picks

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes


“The Owl” Birds of a Feather

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~ Dilara 02.27.21

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  1. Your story about your Grandma reminds me of my Grandparents. 😍Thank you for sharing Dilara. Beautiful! Our best days are yet to come. I truly believe that. I’ve met some very special people at work lately. On board with what is going on. What is to come. Everyday I learn more about who I am and what my purpose is on this earth. Thank you for all your truth! You’ve helped me so much. Dilara is a Patriot of truth. ✝️❤️🇺🇸

  2. Hi, D
    Found another doctor talking about the vaccine in terms the average person can understand for anyone that get that family member to understand how this vaccine is more then a just a death sentence, but how they will track are blood sugar levels, menstraual cycles and even track us etc. So I was thinking if what in the vaccine can send signals out whats stopping signals from come in???? This vaccines even make men and women infertile in two ways so they can’t produce another generation (Agenda21). It changes our DNA band, well that band makes us human and changing the DNA would make us a form of (1) experiment (2) Robot or a form of an A.I.
    SCOTUS had approved that when genetic code has been placed inside something that “thing” then becomes the property of that owner of that genetic code. Hope I explained that properly. I generally check once a week. An I found this video I found VERY VERY INTERESTING and maybe your followers will too.

    I also read that this Nano dust has been found on the swabs that they use for covid testing whether up the nose or inside of the cheek of your mouth, a Johns Hopkins article.

    I’ve emailed this link below to my family members, Bob’s side are all taking the shot, no talking them out of if all because Bob’s sister-law is a nurse. She’s been in administration for the past 15 years and hasn’t taken any CE course, just administration. But they all bow at her like she’s the God of MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE. Oh well, I can lead them to the water but I can’t make them drink it. Do you find it frustrating at times when people are so, lack of a better term DUMB?

  3. Dear Dilara!!!
    Wow! Your latest posting is absolutely so beautiful – – touches the core, your story Of you Together with your grandma’s wisdom!!! Warming portrait of you at three at your grandma’s side as she shares her stories to you. Read your post here 5x’s, it was so good! Bookmarked too. Also thanking you for today’s Sunday posting too! Wishing you a restful good night. Aloha, n

  4. P.S.: kudos to Ash for her willingness to share her experience and ditto to you both on that!
    specially sharing in common [*family members too*] with Ash,
    RE: “the God of MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE. Oh well, I can lead them to the water but I can’t make them drink it. Do you find it frustrating at times when people are so, lack of a better term DUMB?” ~ 👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️

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