Birds of a Feather

I recently had a multiple, supernatural encounters with various birds of prey.

It started with a hawk which was a sign from God. I had asked Him to free me of slave labor. He sent me a massive red-tailed hawk that hovered a few feet over my head on a mountain top. He circled higher and higher until he flew out of my vision. The next day I was laid off from a job that had no soul and spirit. Thank you Lord.

This would be the first of many encounters over the next few weeks of the summer of 2020. So I decided to draw all these magnificent creatures.


Next, I would be met eye to eye at dusk by a falcon passing by. The intensity at which he stared into my eyes will never be forgotten. So much meaning!

That same week, I met a magnificent Blue Heron. The most patient hunter.

I have never seen a bald eagle in Southern California. Originally, I am from NorCal where a sighting of our national bird is not unfamiliar. But a bald eagle sitting on a lamp post while driving down the PCH is, well, rare to say the least!

Finally, the most supernatural experience of all was again, at dusk. I was driving through a canyon in Southern California and it was almost as if time stopped. All I could hear was silence when massive great horned owl swooped down in front of my windshield – I had to stop so suddenly! And there he was – in his full grand glory, he turned and looked at me, eye to eye once again. This was no ordinary sighting, but a message: #StayTheCourse !

I have learned to draw from these experiences, using references of course.

What gifts God gives us! Be wise like the owl, bold like the eagle, still as the heron, patient as the falcon and focused as the hawk.

Godspeed patriots!


~ Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Images are property of the author and protected.

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