The Thoughtasaurus

He was no Horton,

Nor was he a Boris,

He was a one-of-a-kind,

Intricately woven,

Dashingly dapper,



He wondered what happened,

To all of his brethren,

Did the ice age freeze them?

Or was it just armageddon?


The people who made him,

Took no account,

Of his deeper emotions,

And personal clout,


Though a reptile he was,

He hated his clan,

Most did not understand,

How he wished to be,


Not so scaly and grand,


You think way too much!

His mama would tell him,

And so would the other,

Saurus friends at his school,

But this Thoughtasaurus, 

Was no lizard’s fool!


Though he tried to fit in,

With the other schoolasaurus,

They were very cruel and jealous,

Of his stardom in chorus,


While the others played chase,

And bought justice with rocks,

This over thinker,

Was lost deep in his thoughts,


His opinions were strong,

Crass at times too,

Didn’t give a feck,

About his peer group’s poo-poo,


Most Saurus were liberals,

By nature of course,

But not this big fella,

Who had disdain and remorse,


He didn’t agree,

With Pelosi or Schumer,

He didn’t eat meat,

Didn’t trust Laura Loomer,


Their rules made him sick,

These despicable Saurus,

Their penchant for fame,

Their fake eyes of Horace,


So ashamed of his family,

Was this Thoughtasaurus,

He found a plastic surgeon,

On his way to the florist, 


Make me handsome!

He said,

Like the men in the movies, 

But make sure you let me,

Keep my sausage and goonies!


But no matter how hard he tried,

To his own dark dismay,

He just couldn’t hide,

His Thoughtasaurus-ness away,


So he packed up his books,

His tea and knapsack,

And headed for the Arctic,

To a cavern at that,


And there he awaited,

The fall of the lizards,

He endured the isolation, 

Through the freezing cold blizzards,


The pain was near,

For the rest of his kind,

He knew he was one of them,

And just didn’t mind,


Their inevitable demise,

Their total extinction,

The justice much needed,

He awaited with conviction,


And forever he lived,

To be old and gray,

Alone but so happy,

He thought freely,

For the rest of his days.


~ The End.

Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

Image not property of the author.

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    • I have read this over & over…and I’m stumped 🤔 But that is why I love you so much, Dilara…your deep dives, your beautiful artwork, and your not-so-obvious mind-bending writings!

  1. Hi – I recently became aware of you and wanted to message you privately to ask you a question but I didn’t find where to do that so hopefully you will see this. It is something I want to ask privately though. Maybe you could DM me on IG? @penelopekorff It’s about Laura Loomer. Thanks! PS I’m a patriot, not a troll. 🙂

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