Review Part #7: Wednesday Wisdom

The review continues.


Many people are just not able to get the whole picture.

Please take the time to understand what is really going on.

There is only so many times we can tell you that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿. It’s getting frustrating.

Alan Fountain posted something spectacular today so I’ll share it:

Those who follow closely can discern how Covid 19 was the perfect Pysop to allow dignity to Failed Corrupt Institutions after Trump White Hats had them capitulate secretly for Crimes to Humanity related to Child harvesting crimes. The cv19 allowed military to secretly secure arrests without disturbing the psyche of the public who would reject knowledge of child sacrifice as part of our global political blackmail bribery system for central banking family to control earth wide political systems. White Hats reversed gamed the cabal to use their sinister agenda against humanity to also conduct war game theory strategy  against the Satanic Institutions.

Are you seeing it yet? Can you grasp what Alan is saying? If you can’t that is ok. You just need more time.

In the meantime, you can follow Alan on Telegram:

Here is the review for today.

Dark to Light

The Invisible Enemy

If The Lights Should Go Out

Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation

Birds of a Feather

If you are not enjoying the show, you are not in the know. Do your research and help others. Godspeed!

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~ Dilara 04.14.21

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  1. The public needs to know what these monsters have done to children. Especially the adrenochrome part. Anything less is a disservice to the children that were tortured. And how can we move into the Light of Truth if these things are kept hidden because the public will have a hard time accepting them? If the public is continuously lied to, we will never get anywhere. EVERYTHING must be revealed. NO MORE LYING to the public!

  2. Thank you Dilara. Alan is great. He is a survivor of Ritual Abuse so I pay close attention to him too. 🙏

  3. People need to understand how to help others too and one of the skills needed is figuring out where they are in their awakening process and then feeding them the right crumbs of information that will help them along. I tend to use humor, but in a serious way because you get the idea in there and then they think about it later. But if you’re awakened and you want to relate to people, it’s a worthwhile skill that you will use for the rest of your life. I also programmed myself to just be baseline very calm, decent and kind to offset all the chaotic energy out there.

  4. Hi D, Well I’m locked out for 12 hours on Twitter for giving options over the vaccine. I gave out Dr. Stella Immanuel website and her vitamins she offers to take and how HCQ and Ivermectin with Zink are meds that can be used to treat Covid-19 since it has a 99.97x cure rate. Blocked for giving misleading information! WTF
    LOL 🙂

    I wrote my appeal, with my p’s and q’s how the CDC mislead the public about Covid-19 deaths were added up mixing the dead with people that were Covid-19 associated with another illness that ultimately killed them, that was misleading did you lock the CDC out? Oh NO…. Dr. Fauci for months has said one thing and contradicted himself weeks later. The mask issue was a major skew-up. First it was you don’t need a mask. We need to flatten the curve, where a mask. Up is down and down is up. Give me a break Twitter. BTW get your Fact Checkers off my back. People have a right to now that the vaccine is NOT 100% and the MSM is tweeting you may need a boaster shot, May need, well I think thats misleading in my opinion, and since the vaccine is still in the trial stage. How can the MSM be tweeting misinformation???? Double Standards I see we have @ Twitter.

    12 Hour oh well
    That will not stop me from putting out the info. If I’m being blocked then I know I’m on to something they don’t want out. I know my ways of putting in the word DOT for .com, an using symbols. I’ll get my word out… One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya I’m gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya.



    Ive read all you past Blogs during the lock down, but finding stuff I missed…
    Take care and stay safe


      • Dr. Stella is awesome. I actually had my parents call her office and she sent them the HCQ just doing a phone appt. Wonderful woman.

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