Review Part #6: Throwback Tuesday

Often, it is important to look back on the road which you have travelled and see how the dots have connected for you to end up where you are.

The Great Awakening is a self-taught journey. No one can do it for you. You must realize the truth by yourself.

Although you can research, learn and seek answers from others and the experience of the past, ultimately the realization of not only the truth, but what you are must come from within.

Some of you have been complaining that we are taking this time to review what we have learned.

Step back and look at why you are feeling this way.

Others may not know what you know.

You may have missed a few things.

Every time you revisit past knowledge from a different vantage point in time, you see different things.

Share your knowledge accordingly with others who are ready to receive it.

Knowledge is power.

Be a shepherd.

Here is the next series of articles to review on our journey.

The 12 Steps of Late Awakening

No Mercy

Saving The Children

Blood Currency

The Pedovirus

Cabal Takedown

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~ Dilara 04.13.21

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  1. back to the basics is key in many things. I appreciate so much what your doing for so many of us..

    • Thank you Bobby. Just putting out the truth, seeds. Let the watering be done by those who wish to know. So many will never know. That is so sad to me. Basics are the key. There isn’t much more to this story than we already really know. So many in denial!

  2. I can’t get anyone around me to READ… so sad to see the state of mind people are stuck in. Everyone at church is getting the vaccine, I just pray for all!

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