Saving The Children


“We need more ventilators, and are ready to move to any hot spot. We are mobilized and ready to go.”

Today, Potus addressed the nation and his speech was loaded with clues.

Many people who are new to the Q movement are not going to get what he is saying. If you suffer from TDS, you are not going to get what I’m saying either. This article is geared towards anons and then some. Those paying attention know.

Although we are undergoing a quarantine for this Coronavirus, (which is part of a very complex military operation in order to get done what we need to get done), we must not make fear or microbes our focus.

Instead, let us turn our attention to what is really going on: the rescue of trafficked human beings worldwide.

Potus has ordered many hospitals and companies to build ventilators for many purposes, but primarily it is for the millions of trafficked children that have in been kept and/or bred, and trafficked underground.

This is why the hospitals seem empty. They will be full of recovered victims. The ships too are for this reason. However, there are double meanings and of course, the ships can also hold prisoners (including, but not limited to, the Mercy and the Comfort both have prison cells built in below) and float on down to Gitmo once their recovery missions are complete.

Yes, this is going to shock many people who have been asleep but these horrific truths will soon be undeniable.

Messages Image(338818387)

I could spend all day decoding this loaded address to the nation but I will focus today on the children.

This Luciferian cabal who is engaged in global trafficking and growing of humans as “crop” (remember the movie The Matrix?) has been busted by Potus and Q Team and friends. This silent war has been going on for decades and Potus is now at the helm of this operation since his election. The hot spots he refers to are where the trafficking areas are heavy and loaded with captive victims.


I will write another article explaining the history and sickness of this entire operation soon so stay tuned. If you have questions, are in disbelief, or simply cannot grasp the magnitude of this sick criminal organization, don’t fret. Give yourself time. There is a lot to learn and it simply cannot be absorbed overnight. You are not alone. At least you are here, reading this and searching for answers.

Asking questions is the first step towards your awakening.

“The cure can’t be worse than the problem itself.” ~ DJT

The cure is the arrest and end of these sick evil demons.

The real problem and the invisible enemy we are facing is not the coronavirus. A large part of the problem is the millions of trafficked babies teens and humans that have been kept underground as sex slaves, food, and other unimaginable crimes of the cabal. If you’re new to this information, please do your own research. Google and other search engines have been recently freed by Potus and team from the Mark (Rothschild) Zuckerberg regime. Start with the term “adrenachrome”, the lack of which is causing these celebrity monsters to freak out. They too are finished. Watching them self destruct to this former entertainment and criminal attorney is more than satisfying.

Many people are confused as to why these hospitals are empty – they are for the children. The many hundreds and thousands and millions of souls that have been trapped for years underground.

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Imagine the horror of the first responders, medical staff, LEOS, and military personnel that is taking place when they are rescuing these souls. Imagine what the people who are going into the tunnels to extract children kept in unimaginable cages and conditions are seeing. Imagine the smell, the atmosphere, the air quality.

When you go from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest, what happens?

You can’t breathe.

This is why we need more ventilators.

It is impossible for us to even imagine what it would be like to live deep underground in captivity. It is even harder to imagine coming up to the surface for air. Like a fish out of murky waters, these trafficked victims need to breathe.

We need the ventilators for the kids, for the people rescuing the kids, and for the people tending to the kids. Imagine the contagions and precautions that must be taken.

Today Potus asked the rhetorical question: “How long can it live on surfaces?”

How long can these children survive on the surface? From the caverns from which they have been extracted by our brave men and women who have been selflessly working to free our human race from these monsters?

Are you starting to see why we are having this quarantine?

Yes, the Coronavirus is real and was a bio weapon created by Bill Gates and criminal friends through evil communist China – activated and controlled by frequencies (like 5G which can be programmed to be good OR bad – more later on this topic but not now). In my humble opinion, the virus is NOT as deadly as we are being told. Yes, people who get the flu can die from it. Look at past statistics, this is nothing different. Yes, this flu is nasty. So was the swine flu, so was the bird flu, so was SARS: all of which were and are biological cabal controlled weapons. But their time is up. We have Potus to thank for this.

Trust the plan.

My previous article, No Mercy, can provide you with more answers and lead you to more information should you need more clarity.

And surely, clarity will come.

No shaking hands said Potus. This means No Deals for the evil cretin whose time is up. Tic Tock.

Potus also made references to free energy, gas prices getting lowered to 90 cents a gallon and how “states are countries” alluding to the abolishment of the bipartisan system and the restoration of America as a republic.

In the next week (or sooner), I anticipate a total shut down of our regular communications as we know it. This is the only way our President can address the nation without the clown owned and operated #FakeNews media. Time for the truth!

President Trump also emphasized the upcoming Easter weekend. I anticipate great things for Christians and Christ lovers across the globe. The end of the Luciferian, baby eating ones are DONE! Praise God!

We Are With You.

What we are experiencing, living and witnessing is biblical !


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  1. This was fantastic, thank you. I am praying every day for us, this battle, and for POTUS, and all Patriots.

  2. Xx1745xX here. Love your blog! I’m having a crisis of faith. I really want those who have done this to children to burn in hell for eternity. With no chance of repentance or forgiveness. That negates Jesus’ sacrifice. I’m locked up. Any Biblical words of wisdom?

  3. Thank you, Dilara…You have a wonderful writing sense…you never sensationalize the information, but rather feed us piece by piece until we have get the picture, and then lead us gently to see all of the good coming out of all the sadness! God have mercy on these poor children…and NO MERCY on these animals who preyed on the most innocent. What I now know is far worse than that imagined but, by the grace of God Almighty and President Trump, we can expect some good outcomes….Thank you again… You remain in my prayers💕

  4. I just found this site & love it, great for ‘redpilling’…..God is cleaning house thru our genius Pres. Trump, Q, Anons, Military Alliance…& it’s worldwide…so amazing, all in our prayers, TY Lord

  5. I normally read your feed on Twitter and don’t have an account there. Your name no longer pops up in the search, figured I’d let you know. God Bless you, things are going to get better.

  6. Holy Spirit just revealed to me the riot at the capitol building on Jan. 6th was a distraction for what the military was doing that day. They were freeing all the children in D.C.

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