More Choppers Over Celebrity Homes in LA!

It’s habbening!

They are arresting them!

Last night, again, the skies over Los Angeles County were riddled with low flying vertical lift helos. Blacked-out mini choppers with almost no lights, almost no sounds and one little red light blinking like a fake, ghetto car alarm. There they were when I ran outside to look at the skies as myself and others (nieghbors) could hear a low vibrational frequency hovering over private, gated communities where these stars are sleeping in their cabal owned homes, purchased with the Blood Currency of our children.

I couldn’t sleep again with excitement as Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! continue to sweep the neighborhoods for these vile vermin.

Once Upon A Time In Pedowood The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood were slumbering away until a big, bad knock sounded on their door. Remember everyone: They can’t sleep! Good!

So many patriots and anons have reached out after reading the blog and listening to the podcast, all reporting these little flying gnats all over our the skies of LA.

In fact, it’s happening again right now as I type this article – the choppers are there. You can hear them and yes, they have the ability to go dark and silent! These types of craft are only owned by the military! This means that The Military Is In Control! and patriots, get excited because Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Once all the information is released about these lowlife losers, They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

I live in a residential area with lots of celebrity homes. These people are all going down.

The NSA has it all.

Don’t think for one minute that anyone is safe.

There are no deals. These People Are Sick (And Stupid) and added bonus?

They are all gonna die or at the very least, get locked up forever.

That’s what they all get for not Saving The Children and worse, eating us!

Monsters, sick narcissistic demonic false idols who feed off your support, money, blood, meat and loosh.

Cannibalgate is real and The World Is Watching!

So do yourself a favor, and Unfollow Them.

They aren’t even worth the dried up dog shit on the sidewalk on a hot summer day.

And they are about to get served Supernatural Justice! with No Vaseline.

That’s right.

And I can’t wait.

God is letting us witness this epic Cabal Takedown.

So stay tuned to the podcast and blog daily as this is it folks! What we are starting to witness is the end of pedowood and all it’s dirty players forever!

And guess what?

We are going to get to watch all of them suffer like they made their victims suffer.

That’s right folks: The Best is Yet To Come!

🚁 ⚖️ ✝️ 🔥💥🥳 🙏🏼


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And then there was this cover story to make up for whatever else was going on in LA last night.

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall!

This just happens to be the big rig that was um, stolen and chased down the LA freeways last night?


Suspect in custody following overnight big rig pursuit across 2 counties, standoff


Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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Dr. Thomas Lewis and Dr. Michael Carter

Dr. Stella Immanuel

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~ Dilara 11.04.21

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  1. You should have tried to take a video of these helicopters …. Just sayin …. So many claims based entirely on I said so … I tried to find you on Apple Podcasts but your name or the show doesn’t come up … FYI

    • Not on Apple yet. Too much work Im swamped to even get this info out daily but will work on it when there is some time. FYI – I DO have video – but it gives away my location. You don’t live and work in this town w a bunch of dead people around you. 😉 Think before you leave comments like this. God bless. #WWG1WGA

  2. Well, I do believe, ALL helo’s are vertical lift. Thats why they don’t need runways to take off or to land Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • I do think and did think … The Matrix knows who each one of us are and where we live and a lot more.
      I sent you a long email once about the Black Goo but it disappeared. When you’re targeted you get used to it. God will protect His children …. it’s all I have because I have seen the power of the Matrix. I know it is also being destroyed … but will go down swinging. Shalom

  3. Hi DiLara!! My name is Kevin Eslinger, and I came to realize one day earlier this year, that when I took the letters in your last name and re arranged them, that they almost spell out my last name completely. except for the letter “R” in my last name. lol. I discovered you on Linda Jeans channel earlier this year and just wanted to say how awesome and beautiful you are, and that you both mesh well together whenever your on her channel!! Do you have an email address i could correspond with you on it?

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