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  1. Thank you so much Dilara! Great to hear from you and nice to see your uplifting message in these super exciting times!!!! Lot’s of love from the Netherlands Mariska

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  2. I can’t wait D, my boyfriend says it’s like a Christmas count down when you were so excited about Christmas day and as each day passed the excitement became HUGE… ” I can’t wait to open my gifts” I’m sure others can relate to those childhood memories. This what it feels like now, a count down to taking down the Evil. The anticipation is killing you but the smile in side is roaring like a lion. Stay safe and healthy and watch you 6 people. Have enough water and food 10-14 day just in case chaos rises in your area. Have a communication system for family, friends and elder neighbors that can’t get out, check on them as well.

  3. Hi guys, there is a bad news here in Italy: Mike Pence has gave his OK to impeach Trump.
    It’s a fake? I hope so…thanks in advance


  4. Hi D, thank you! I know that about Pence…but, honestly, the fear that “the plan” could be an immense “black psy-op”, is ever with me. Too scams collected over the years, ah ah!

    I’m sure that in USA there is a completely different “understanding” about Q, but in Italy very few ones know something about that, and almost all Italian Q groups have bad guys infiltrated in, so the misunderstanding always lurking, and it’s very difficult to obtain some truth…

    Italy is a rotten country…fake everywhere. And plus, we have the Vatican inside: the head of Deep State, probably.
    Well, while I wish the worst things for all those pedo-murders too (starting from the white penguin-pope Francis ! :-),
    I send instead my best wishes for all american brothers and sisters!

    Thank you again and take care, guys!


  5. Just popping in to say thank you for your daily updates and inspirational posts. Lets keep praying so that we can all rejoice very soon for Christ will Rise again very soon!

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