Review Part # 9: Fresh Friday

I have actually really been enjoying reading through my older articles. It reminds me of just how much has really happened over this year. People thought back when Q showed up, that things were going happen at the snap of our fingers. That justice would be served quick and easy.

But not when you are dealing with a criminal, worldwide cabal.

This organized crime family is so massive, so huge, and so well integrated into our psyche, our society and our programming that it is a miracle that we have come this far.

Being able to talk about these things was nearly impossible just a few years ago.

And although there are still many sleepers, slumberers, and stupiders who won’t even listen, we move forward together, sharing as much as we can.

Those who seek shall find.

The rest?

Don’t worry about them.

Free will.

The choice to know will be theirs.

Let’s review the next articles. This is when things started heating up after the Twitter suspension and we started posting here daily ever since.

Once Upon A Time In Pedowood

Trust Kansas! Remember the Alamo!

Picnic Table Talk (w/ Bear).


They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street

The Good, The Bad and the DECLAS!

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~ Dilara 04.16.21

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  1. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.  I don’t belong here on this earth and certainly not in Washington State.  I work at a high school and you wouldn’t believe the insanity here.  U turn signs…U-TURN SIGNS Dilara…… Do not enter signs, hallways split in half with ONE WAY signs taped all over the floor. The place is covered in signs and everything roped off and their herding kids like cattle.  Kids have to sit in their separate desk to eat lunch because they can’t sit together.  I feel like I’m losing my mind.  It’s getting WORSE here not better.  I truly feel like anger and all out insanity is growing by the day.

  2. Always a wonderful informative blog! Especially love the vlog parts at the end. Looking forward to your regular podcasts or radio show

    Thank you Dilara ❤️

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