They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street

There will come a time they will not be safe walking down the street.

Q anon said that.

And it’s all on target.

Today. as the house moves towards impeachment and we are hearing of the stepping down of Mike Pompeo, I cannot urge you enough to Trust Kansas!

This is all orchestrated and going according to plan. Yesterday, I posted an article called Remember the Alamo! where Potus was talking about The Invisible Enemy.

This video was going around and even though they are not the vermin we are yet waiting for per walks, it does feel great to watch these recent ARRESTS ARE HABBENING:

George – thanks for this one as well originally from this Twitter account @Spindlegrind:

Today, we have some updates.

First and foremost, we heard from President Trump! MY FELLOW AMERICANS!

This just in from Dan Scavino:

Also, I am hearing of blackouts going on and phones and comms going down. Here is a post and I will talk about this briefly in my video:

My vlog for the day (or moment) – if anything more urgent happens, I will do my best to keep you up here. However, be aware, and prepared for all comms to go down. That is when you will have only God to guide you. That is actually who is in charge of this show! God wins! Praise Him!

Video 1/2 from me today:

Video 2/2

Threads of the day

Here is a thread from Benjamin Bock:

Also via Ben notable on the chans:

A post from one of my favorite patriots, BOOM:

This just in from a friend (thank you George ~ follow 👉🏼 @Pittman_George on Twitter & Clouthub. Gab: @Pittbull745) but we do not know if this source is really Clint. However, I will say that I was his neighbor for a while and know him fairly well from events where I worked with Clint. He’s one hell of a patriot (and he’s super tall!). And he’s not, in my opinion, nor was ever, one of them or part of the club. Why do you think it took him until he was 40 years old to really make it? The spaghetti westerns were filmed in Spain and Europe. There was a reason for that beyond what meets the eye.

Anyway – I love you Clint! God bless you and your good friends that I was blessed to get to know over the course of my lifetime.

Video Updates

The military is the only way. Watch this! Only ten minutes. Thank you Linda @af_warrior on Twitter.

Here is a good video to remind you how to control your mind and stay in tune with God. Very important to listen to these messages during these times:

I was in tears listening to this holy man. Please have a listen its not long and very good about our President and the future of America, and humanity. Uplifting. Must hear. Please share.

Also, please make sure to sign up for updates by clicking “Follow” below and entering your email. There are no ads here and no money to donate. This is a free information flow for patriots.



~ Dilara 01.13.2021

PS: Sometimes this blog shows these posts as being posted a day in advance and times may be off. That is why I leave a date on the bottom of each post which is when I wrote and posted it. Thank you.


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  1. Thank God I found you on Twitter years ago. I lost my account and I’m still trying to find some of my favorites on telegram. I’m thankful I subscribed to your email a few weeks ago. Thank you for keeping me updated and excited for the future. God Bless

  2. You naild it!!!!! Sleep? Ive been praying a ton! Ive been taking your advice and i feel real good about things . I had a good visit with a fellow freedom fighter today and wow did i need that . We shared Intel face to face. A couple guys from Saskatchewan. Hard working and raised proper . Im sure after the dust settles you will have have time to respond . I never celebrate a win till im holding the Banner so God speed Dilara.

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  3. Hey Hey, D hope you got Potus message tonight, I received a message on my Telegram, Potus sent out at 9:29 p.m. EST Put it on my Twitter page @Ash74617757

  4. You give me HOPE everyday and every day after that. Thank you. God WINS. I am praying always. I appreciate all your suggestions. I don’t “pick up” or get involved in conversations with others about the fake news, and I have not watched MSM for months. I have studied, followed, checked, avoided, and educated myself. I notice patterns and connect the dots when I can. I appreciate your radiance of love, truth, and belief in GOD. Yours in FAITH. GODSPEED. (Mark 3 – “Is it a day to save lives or destroy them?….[Jesus] was deeply disturbed by their indifference to human need….’Reach out your hand.’ He did and he was instantly healed…Anyone who does God’s will is my brother, and my sister, and my mother.” God bless ALL who have chosen to make a difference for humanity. God Bless. ✝️❤️ Our POTUS = DJT was born on FLAG DAY…🇺🇸 June 14! No coincidences…)

  5. Keep on speaking the truth sis.
    Bcz this disinformation and lies which we are getting right now is messing with the best of the minds.

    Thanking you for your work.

    Add me on twitter please and where did your Aum locket go.
    God bless u!

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