What Will It Take?

It seems like we are stuck in this waiting game. Although there is much chatter about Potus coming back, I have my reservations about the timing.

In my opinion, Potus is not returning until all (or most) of America actually see what is going on. This is not going to be an easy task. How do you show a sleeping population that they are being manipulated by the very media that they indeed tune into 24/7?

Do you realize that all social media tech giants and all programming is geared at controlling their minds? What Are You Going To Believe? The New, Unprogrammed You and in an older article called The Fable of Cable, I discuss the way that the media has been shaped to control their minds.

After all, that is what satan wants: control of your mind.

The only way to take back your personal freedom and sovereignty over your mental processes is to unplug from the matrix. But how? How do you do this when you are not even aware of the alternate reality that is so often mentioned?

You can’t.

The only way to make these sleeping sheeple aware of this is by consequences. It’s almost like training a dog: you can’t teach it to stop doing something unless it faces some sort of consequences. You can’t just expect the dog to learn on its own. You have to show it, teach it by experience that the behavior is either tolerated or not.

This is sadly what needs to happen to this public at large. They are programmed, triggered, and just puppets of the cabal. This is why my instincts say that Potus is not just going to jump back into the driver’s seat of leading our great nation until the idiots are awake. Or else they will continue to be controlled by their puppet masters. You all saw what happened when we tried to tell them what is going on. We are met with resistance, anger, hatred and even violence. The only way to get them to stop is to let them experience for themselves what kind of evil is controlling them.

What’s it gonna take?

That part, I’m almost afraid to answer. If you missed the excellent documentary posted this weekend called The Conspiracy Theory of Everything, please take the time to watch this entire thing and recommend it to others. It covers all the topics of this election, the fraud, 9/11, the vaccines, the nanite technology being used to control the human population, Epstein, how the minds of the masses are being controlled with such precise and evil masterful manipulation and more.

The military is supposedly in control. If this is truly the case, we need to stay in faith.

If you are stuck in a box of indoctrination, this article is not for you. If you have an open mind and heart and are willing and ready to receive truths, read on. The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

The truth, is the only way.

Lies will keep you in darkness, exactly where the cabal wants you to stay.

Truth will bring you from Dark to Light.

Godspeed. God help us. We sure need it. Pray patriots. Pray incessantly. It is the best we can truly do.

🙏🏼 ♥️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ ✝️


I was just asking myself this question the other day. It is such an evil plan. Eventually, most of the population will be infected with this shitty blood supply of idiots. This is a mass death event that will take it’s toll over time. Every idiot who has been vaccinated will be dying of something that the evil powers will convince them is of something else. They will blame everything but the vaccine. Sadly, at this point, there is no helping stupid. Really, Darwin is working here. So is God. Realize that the cabal needs human sacrifice, loose, and literally human blood and meat to survive. Read my article called Blood Currency. You are not dealing with a human evil race of elite rich; you are dealing with a reptilian order of scum. This is after all, The Invisible Enemy. But don’t worry, soon They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

An older mini thread of mine pre #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension

Links to thread: https://newspunch.com/did-putin-just-out-the-worlds-ruling-class-as-reptilians/


Trump knows about the Med Bed that’s why he said, “The BEST is yet to come!”

A message from Lin Wood via Telegram: https://t.me/linwoodspeakstruth (which I think is LOADED with clues):

How many of you feel like you are living in a movie these days? Hard to believe that what is happening to our country is real. Hint: some of it is, much of it is not.

Remember that you have the power to decide the type of the movie in which you find yourself. A drama. A spy movie. A war movie. An action packed thriller. A movie about faith. 

Probably best described as being in a documentary. 

In the documentary, you still get to choose the nature of and scenes in the movie. And you are not stuck with one script gist. Life is what you choose it to be. So can be your documentary.

Remember to include some comedy scenes in it.

Like Ted Cruz going to Cancun while Texas is frozen and covered in snow. Ted can guarantee his re-election by adopting every voter. Next snow disaster, Ted will take all of his children to Cancun! Great father. So-so Senator. 

Include some scenes like Saturday Night Live. Include Joey “Bribes” Biden playing President from a Castle Rock movie set. Several actors can play his role. The makeup is fabulous and relatively cheap. And they make such life-like masks in Hollywood these days!

Consider producing some scenes from a present day version of the Untouchables – Eliot Ness pursuing and arresting members of the FBI and the CIA. Ness knew how to catch the criminals! Where is Ol’ Eliot when you need him? Bring him to life on the big screen of your documentary!

Seriously, remember to laugh. Despite the anxiety and concerns over the country, life is still good. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy your puppies (or the pets of your choice) and the beautiful world around you. Help a friend. It will make you feel better and make your burdens a little lighter.

Always remember to laugh because laughter is so often the best medicine. 

I laugh often these days. The State Bar of Georgia, Dominion, the comic books printed by the propaganda media, etc. provide an almost unlimited supply of jokes and jokers. Some of their comedy skits are hilarious!

In time, I will return to the Perry Mason scenes in my documentary. Maybe throw in some more Atticus Finch moments too.

I love My Followers. Don’t forget to smile even if you feel like your heart is breaking. It is not. Neither is your country. All will be well. Wait on the Lord. 

Talk again soon. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Healing Technology of the SSP and Science of Manifestation



Via Bradly thank you!

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~ Dilara  02.22.21

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  1. I couldn’t say when Trump is coming back. I follow a few channeled blogs that I trust and they all say the same thing. Regardless of when that happens, the people that are awake need to start removing and insulating themselves from society, grow your own food, herbs, detox yourself and generally just get more self reliant. These people are going to have the cognitive dissonance of realizing their idols and heroes are really depraved monsters…… it’s an ascension for some, an extinction for others.

  2. Some excellent advice Ben. I follow a few people myself and they were all saying the same thing. This is such a huge operation but we still have to trust and pray and know that God will win and is winning. Some days are harder than others of course. Humanity will come together and we will get through this together. Thank you Dilara for always taking the time to post for us Patriots. God bless.


  3. Just an honest question here out of EXTREME frustration….Why is it that the entire rest of the planet has to wait to get on with our lives until the fuck heads still left are ready to get in the Ark?  Even God let them drown.  Why are we so terrified of what they will do??  Instead, the rest of the world waits on them while the can is forever kicked down the road next month , next month, next month and in the meantime the rest of the world suffers.

  4. Angel, how are you?….Just came up for a little air from this move….Just wanted to check in and send you and all of the patriots love and blessings….Should be settled on the 1st, at least, for the short term….Trying to check in and read, angel, in the interim….I have to catch up….Will you, maybe, play a fabulous track for me to listen to?…..Thank you, beautiful!….I love you, D!!

  5. I believe there is a timeline for POTUS’ return. Could it be an 8 year plan with us enduring the reelection of Fake Joe? The way they’re slow rolling out the disclosure makes me wonder. We haven’t been subjected to all that communism has to offer. What do you think?

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