These People Are Sick (And Stupid)

Once Upon A Time In Pedowood, I was an attorney working mostly in the music industry.

I had an executive client who was an amazing man that I adored. He was not one of them.

Sometimes, when we would go to meetings in Pedowood, he would tell me to put the cross away on my neck, and hide it in my shirt. I didn’t understand why. But then, I started to realize what was wrong: many of these people hated Christ and hated God.

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall.

I tried to save as many artists as I could, from them. Young kids would come to me, with visions of tinsel town in their eyes. I chose to work with musicians because I myself had a music background and had many friends that were musicians. I met alot of young folks who had amazing and real talent, and they weren’t clones or baphomet creations. They were just Johnnies and Betties from all over the country who came to this pissing hole to find fame, fortune and make a living. Many of the musicians were not interested in fame, and were truly about their art. The actors were almost all douchebag moron beefcakes or beeftits with unfixable personality disorders. With the exception of a few, actors are puppets and are very dumb people in general. Complete idiots. Anyone can learn to memorize scripts and spread their legs or bend over (or both). Try going to law school and memorizing volumes of dictionary thickness fine print books with laws instead of shitty lines. Not everyone can write songs, put lyrics together, and make music that moves your soul.

Having worked in music studios in San Fransisco at the inception of the electronic music industry (while it was still an underground thing), I had a strong background and legal knowledge (as well as practical) with music, musicians and entertainment.

Added bonus?

I had an SVU criminal prosecution background which would come in handy years later in Pedowood: a career I had put away and thought I would never revisit would again become a part of my daily life in the Great Awakening.

My fire for justice was burning out of control after only a few years in this evil town. I sat at meetings and watched what I now know are handlers solicit artists to suck a dick or drink their piss. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine my fury after hearing story after story from people running to my office about cannibalism, sex trafficking, fake news stories and inversions.

This went on until people around me started to die of unnatural causes.

From famous artists who didn’t buy into their shit (and made wrong deals), to innocent people just getting offed for no reason other than their desire to expose The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood, these demons had The Agency behind them to do their dirty work. If you took their deal and didn’t fulfill their sick agendas, you ended up with a red scarf around your neck or in a single car accident with no witnesses or worse.

(If you haven’t seen A Thousand Pieces, you need to. It explains how Pedowood is the third arm of the C👁A. Also, Team America is a lighter, more comical but very truth laden effort to show you about the dick sucking that goes on in Pedowood for famefagging and moar).

These people were sick. Eventually, we would all learn about the insane scale of human trafficking, adrenachrome harvesting, and pedophelia to name just a few of these incorrigible crimes against humanity.

My friend would also tell me to never eat the meat at any events we attended. That made me wonder too. Being health conscious, I always thought he was just making sure we weren’t eating low grade food. My goodness, was he right! Dear Lord, these people were eating us. Cannibalgate is real folks.

And Conquering Cognitive Dissonance is not an easy task when What Are You Going To Believe? is a constant struggle for the programmed masses.

What Will It Take? for the masses to see the truth?

What does it take for people to become Sheep No More?

Only time and God can tell.

RIP dear friend. You left too early, but Supernatural Justice! will be served.

And until then?

Stay The Course and know that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.


Godspeed patriots.

#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸⚖️



Deltas for June 4 : Infiltration instead of invasion. ⚡️Tonight in D.C.  Remember your oath. Remember why you joined. It’s about the person standing next to you. Biblical. via Telegram Channel: Telegram tps://


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Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB

Airbnb, Inc. sold by co-founder/Chief Product Officer: $248.99m-June 1

Alphabet Inc sold by co-founder Larry Page: $65.82m-June 3

Walt Disney Co. sold by Exec. Chair/COB Bob Iger: $98.66m-June 1

Ackman’s Pershing Square SPAC nearing $40-billion deal with Universal Music Group

Walmart, Inc sold by Walton Family Trust: $489.20m-June 1,2,3

Robson S Walton

Jim Walton

Alice Walton

Sun Country Airlines sold by Apollo Global Mgmt: $36.01m-June 1

Ex-Apollo CEO Leon Black accused of rape, defamation in lawsuit

Fauci Kept Funding Peter Daszak’s Wuhan ‘Gain of Function’ Experiments with $7.5 Million after Trump Canceled Grant

AMC to ask shareholders for right to issue 25 million more shares

End of Notables by Benjamin


Press 🍿, if you are going to be one of the survivors. Via Boom

This mother in Carmel, NY is not taking any grief in her fight against critical race theory. The board even tries to tone police her, and she had none of it. Wait ’til the mic drop at the end. View full video here:

👉🏼 👈🏼

Are you ready?  The show is about to begin!



Lake Tahoe, California By MM


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~ Dilara 06.04.21

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  1. Oh I believe you, because I saw a lot what you described when I lived in Hell A. I felt like I was stuck in a real bad David Lynch movie. I had my life threatened there for 7 years. I didn’t even know the lord back then, but those demons knew I had a connection to him. I am so glad I escaped Hell A and not targeted anymore by those scumbags. I’ve had an amazing peaceful life since 2010. God has an amazing plan, so glad to be a part of it. You hang in there Dilara, there’s a great light at the end of this tunnel. Be safe, God bless.

  2. Dilara,

    Bless you for all the research you do and knowledge you give us. The more my husband and I learn the more we withdraw from the world and do the best we can to relay this information to people around us. And separate ourselves from the world to follow Christ whole heartedly coming against all the pagan traditions of man.

    We learned years ago to research and question everything and with Q we’ve learned even more.

    We turned off the tv last year, refuse to get vaccinated or wear the God forsaken “face diaper” as one lady put it. We’re learning about the benefits of MMS and how to make homemade quinine if we need it.

    I have a question for you. What I would like to know is which Christian artists are evil? My ultimate favorite is TobyMac and Newsboys. Nothing to red flag them at this point.

    My husband pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago the demonic symbolism on Michael W Smith’s album. I hope that’s not true. Ive followed him since the 80s. I’ve heard possibly Lauren Dagle (for some reason I’ve always hated hearing her sing and don’t know why). I change stations when she comes on. I love Enya music. But it’s new age for one and I’ve always enjoyed listening to it. Is she satanist too? I can only find one pic of her online that leads me to believe she may be. What others are there?

    As a fellow musician are you aware of the 432 hz frequency we should have our music tuned too? 440 which is what all music is tuned to is satans frequency and until I find a tuner with 432 I won’t play my music.

    Then there’s preachers and prophets. Evil – Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Richard Roberts, and Joyce Meyer. And others.

    I’m not sure what I think about prophets like Robin Bullock. I like Hank Kunneman and Amanda Grace and Mark Taylor. Not sure who to trust or listen to these days since we don’t go to church for many reasons and it’s been infiltrated as well.

    Anyhow, if you have time to enlighten me on any of these let me know. I’ve been following you since early on in the Twitter days.

    You’re fellow follower of Christ, Dana

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