The Gruesome Newsoms Feat. Harvey Weinstein And His Fish-Like Choad

I have been talking about this forever.

Pedophiles in SVU cases often have strange genitalia. Namely, choads, and loads of “eggstein” like features.

I know it’s an ugly subject, but so is Blood Currency, Blood Diamonds and Cannibalgate.

Tune in to the latest two episodes of A Fistful of Truth covering the gruesome Newsom details of Harvey and his three ways with the gubernatorial couple on Secrets Of The Celebrities. 🤮

You can hear my predictive testimony of Jennifer Newsom describe Weisntien’s “fish-like” penis that looked more like a vagina than a choad. How did I know this? Because sick pedophiles always are lacking in that department and are usually deformed. Ask an SVU detective or prosecutor! Why do you think they are predators? It’s vile but true! Added truth? These people are not even human for they have altered their DNA so much that they have really embraced the demons who possess their souls.

Those who have bought harm to innocent victims, especially minors and children, need to face public shaming and punishment. A great article and episode to check out about this subject and more is featured in LA Non-Confidential: A Millstone Around The Neck.

As for Weinstein and his sick crimes?

They are making a public mockery of him. Don’t forget about Ray Chandler: Child Handler and Allison Mack from Smallville. They both sang like a bird… 😉 And named alot of names. So did Weinstein by the way. And so did many more in Pedowood.

These People Are Sick (And Stupid).

We are dealing with a sick crowd of non elite scumbags who are a huge pedophile network.

I have been trying to bring this subject from Dark to Light forever in Pedowood.

Finally, we are seeing the Weinstein trial continue, while old Choad Harvey is already facing decades of sentencing for his crimes in New York, the trial goes on in California.

Although No One Cares About Celebrities Anymore and Babylon Falling! Pedowood is Going Down! we are seeing staged Pedowood Arrests! as we are strung along in this never ending horror film.

And this is just the beginning of the rabbit hole!

They are all going down and we will get to see it just takes a long time to clean up this mess.

Stay the course and know that The Best is Yet To Come!


Listen to A Fistful Of Truth Weinstein episodes here:

Secrets Of The Celebrities: Weinstein Trial Begins In LA – Babylon’s Falling!

This episode is also available on my Rumble channel here:

On Rumble you can hear this episode here:


Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife breaks down describing Harvey Weinstein’s ‘fish-like’ penis in court

Jeffrey Eggstein 30 second video footage of Eggstein’s trial and penis here:

My article Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood


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  1. Looking at nasty weinstein just makes me want to VOMIT!!! Those chicks in P-wood must have been pretty desperate to want to sit on his….”couch”!! Just disgusting!! I am so frickin ready for this show to be OVER!! But, I keep focusing on Jesus and I keep telling myself GOD IS IN CONTROL!! In my lifetime, I just hope I get to see some justice happen!! THANK YOU DILARA for everything you do to tell the TRUTH!!!!! Blessings to you friend!!

    • I fully agree! I throw up in my mouth a little every time I see this vermin! There are THOUSANDS like him! If not millions! Take em to the gallows! That would be worth the wait! Thank you for your feedback. I’m all alone in the blog world and hearing from patriots like you helps! Keep praying that they BURN in the name of Jesus for their crimes against humanity amen! ✝️🔥⚖️

      • Just curious, Dilara, do you think they are born with deformities or are they mutilated by their parents or the sick belief systems they are born into? Also, do you think there is a lot of garbage distraction stories coming out of Hweird to distract us? Thanks for continuously educating us!!!! I just keep putting this stuff out there for people and hope others are paying attention but I do think it’s making a difference. People seem to be discussing things more than before on a number of platforms.

      • Hi Sondra. Great question! I believe it is a combination of things, among which include the ancestral and incestual relationships that produce these people! We are talking “let’s keep it in the family” closeness 🤢🤮 The parents are also known to mutilate kids – and this is why POTUS keeps talking about 18 USC 166 (remember how he kept saying: 1/8 of a second and 1/16 of a second? See the Snack Anon decodes we have gone over so much of this!) – well, here is again for your reference: 18 U.S. Code § 116 – Female genital mutilation They are trying to do to us what they do to themselves. They are SICK and need to be gone forever in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. And yes, the distractions are part of the “plan” – to keep people busy from the good guys end, and to keep people from knowing the truth from the bad guy’s end (for both sides still exist and we are STILL at war which is why it is SO important to PRAY!!!! PRAY 24/7 !!!) I am glad to hear that you see others discussing things more. MAN are the SLOW! 🐌Thank you for sharing my blog posts and the info that you find useful for others! I am very grateful for you your efforts and message. God bless you and may you have a thanksgiving filled with gratitude and love, Dilara. ♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸✝️

  2. Incest was a key factor I was missing. Makes sense! Of course those nasty relationships would bring about strange deformities. I’ll catch up on the podcasts. My husband and I occasionally take weekend getaways and during our hours in the car we like to listen to you. It’s some of the best info I’ve ever encountered in my years of searching. When I went through the explanatory stage (for doubters) I often referred to your video of the Standard Hotel. That’s my proof that I’ve clung to and that I’ve shared so others will move along with their journey. I know from your videos that Hollywood has dried up and so I reference it and that point alone gets taken seriously because people have a hard time explaining the lack of movies, etc. coming out as well as the hidden movie stars’ (ugh I hate calling them that) whereabouts. When the big studios don’t have money anymore they can’t pay those big salaries. On another note, watched (reluctantly) the American Music Awards a few nights ago with our 15 year old daughter who hears all of this but thinks most of it is crazy. It was hard to stomach the constant in-your-face trans BS but I do think that white hats might be controlling some of this stuff by now. Am I wishful thinking though? Because I ain’t believing that was Stevie Wonder at the end and I’ve never believed that’s Lionel Ritchie on American Idol. Can you shed any light?

    Thank God for you, Dilara!! You’ve helped me keep my sanity. Can’t tell you how many years I had subscriptions to Star ragmag and believed the shoveled feces only to get schooled by you many years later. I can’t thank you enough.

    I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving and I’ll be sure to mention you at our family dinner as someone I’m thankful for.

    • Thank you for your great message and feedback Sondra. I don’t watch any TV or movies anymore. But I can tell you that most of these characters are cloned. Some are just actors playing the parts. But the rabbit hole is super deep. Think Epstein, underground clown labs and human cloning. It’s very real. Have you taken a look at Ringo Starr? Its insane. I think he is like 85 years old but he looks like hes 55. NOT HIM! May god bless you and your family always. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for standing with the TRUTH!

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