Babylon Falling! Pedowood is Going Down!

Tonight is Friday Night Movie Night!

Before you watch tonight’s feature, Fourteen ExtraTerrestrial Beings, make sure to tune into A Fistful of Truth and check out what Linda Paris and I discussed today on Movie Night. We cover the movie Intolerance which is memorialized by the reptilian statues of their dark rituals at the Hollywood and Highland center.

This oh so creepy 1916 Babylonian silent film was in its entirety a ritual performed and iconized shortly after the very inception of Hollywood.

The arches you will see in these photos and videos have been the portal under which they hold many of their event, including their once popular academy awards.

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall!

This yuge relic is completely shrouded in black!

Be sure to listen to the Deplorable McAllister’s broadcast featured here in this blog post called HOLLYWOOD GONE BLACK! RUNNING AND HIDING! HELICOPTERS! POWER OUTAGES!

The blog post where this Snarky broadcast can be located is here: Hollywood Makeover.

Thank you to the anon who sent a link to this article in the comments: Itโ€™s About Time Hollywoodโ€™s D.W. Griffith Monument Came Down.

Link to article:

Sadly, the article calls D.W. Griffith a racist while leaving out the fact that he was a pedophile and satanic cult member who engaged in the dark activities of what we are learning today. If you haven’t checked it out yet, give a read but keep in mind the controlled narrative.

You have to read between the lines here folks. No one is going to come out from the White Hats (not yet anyway) and start telling you what is happening.

You have use your discernment and The Choice To Know Will Be Yours.

The streets of Hollywood used to be filled with people all of the time, every day of the week. Here is some original footage of what the streets look like today. The Sunset strip and Hollywood Boulevard once littered with unsuspecting tourists looked like a mini version of the Las Vegas strip on any given day.

Take a look at what it looks like now:

The empty streets of Hollywood

This was once the busiest intersection in Hollywood – and I used to live right up the street before Potus took office! Thank God I left! I knew it was going down! I knew from the very day someone walked into my office late at night and started telling me about everything from fake news to child sacrifice in this shithole.

Moar empty streets – Vine and Sunset – NO crowds. Ever! Where is everyone?!

There is even less homeless people which is really strange. The once riddled streets of tent cities that were so out of control, seem to have lessened as I drove through my old stomping grounds in this almost deserted metropolis.

Where did all the homeless go?

Yes, they are still there, but it’s nothing like it used to be even six months ago.

A friend of mine, Maria Benardis, has also reported homeless camps being escorted off the streets in New York City. By fire personel. For a personal testimonial from Maria, tune into her report from from New York City on last Monday Matters with Maria Benardis on a Fistful of Truth here

And here is the Hollywood sign. Did you know that you are not allowed anywhere near this thing? Think about that! WHY? The public excuses range anywhere from vandalism attempts (who cares? bring it!) to people trying to commit suicide off this sign. Lol. Like that would ever happen and don’t we wish it would happen to these baby eaters. Instead, people are most likely being trafficked and/or eaten somewhere under this thing as the tunnels spread far and wide in this rusted tinsel town of Blood Diamonds and Cannibalgate.

The Hollywood and Highland Complex – homage to the movie Intolerance – Before Photo


And here is a full video clip of this black shroud over Hollywood’s KODAK theatre folks! Yes, what used to be the Kodak theatre where they held all their awards and walked on the red carpet is now covered in this black shroud and it is being taken down! So pay attention to these huge indications of this epic Cabal Takedown.

Full video clip of the takedown of their reptilian overlords!

But oh look! Don’t forget what overlooks this monstrosity across the street? Coincidence? ๐Ÿฆ–

๐Ÿฆ– Draco Gotta Eat Too ๐Ÿฆ–

They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street much less their stupid shitty red carpet where they have to gloat and be looked at and idolized to have any self worth. Cheap vile scum. These People Are Sick (And Stupid) Can’t wait till God steps in to Judge Them By Fire!

There have been many moar reports of Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunterโ€™s Moon! and More Choppers Over Celebrity Homes in LA! Anons and patriots worldwide have been reporting helos flying low and hovering over their cities and neighborhoods. Think this is all normal?

Think again!

If you cannot understand this type of reasoning or are having a hard time putting this all together, you need to go back and do your homework. Many of us have been living and breathing this movement from day one and I can only imagine how those who know what is going on behind the scenes must feel with us.

So stay the course and make sure to join me on Telegram for the daily discussion.

God bless you all and …

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Fourteen Extraterrestrial Beings

In the third 1948 UFO incident in Aztec, New Mexico, Fourteen extraterrestrial bodies were found. The event begins as a patrol car arrives at the scene where a ship had just descended upon a plateau. They came across twenty people surrounding the craft. Soon the military swoops in to confiscate cameras and silence the witnesses, many of whom mysteriously became millionaires. Jaime Maussรกn investigates the crash site and interviews Scott and Susan Ramsey, who have studied this case for decades.



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  1. Found your blog after listening to You Linda and Sarge! Awesome articles! It’s so peaceful to know there are so many of us around who are awakened (not crazy!) desperately trying to wake up the sleeping masses. My daughter lives in LA but thinks I am delusional. Luckily we still have a good relationship. I was stuck in India during the lockdown but somehow managed to come back to Canada through a third country in spite of the travel bans. I almost died but my inner core beliefs and strength kept me alive. I can’t wait for the med beds so I can rejuvenate myself not to mention train myself on the holographic pods to help humanity. There was a time when I got the academy award in Canada, that I was desperate to get to Hollywood and pursue towards getting an Oscar but not anymore. I will rise up again once a new Hollywood shines on this planet Gaia. Listening to you and reading your content has been comforting that things certainly are happening. I always believed that messing with Nature or playing God is the beginning of the end and these people are now gone for ever. I just wish more people would wake up in California Illinois and New York. BC in Canada is the same. Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

  2. Hi Dilara,
    Thank you for posting the videos.
    I have been studying the decadent and perverse Hollywood for some time. Hopefully, things will unravel sooner than later.
    I was not aware of this crash and recovery of the aliens.
    Be well

  3. I believe the portal was set up/designed to be used for transcendence by certain individuals as well. Here’s a video I put together after reading this blog post, showing the energy lines from the portal to the grave’s of ‘A’ list celebrities.

    No sound on this, sorry, but it speaks for itself. The rabbit hole runs deeper than this for those who want to dig deeper.

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