Do you know why they call us goyim?

Because we are sheep to them. Mutton. Lamb shanks and roast. Yes, they eat us. If you are not up to speed on this sick and vile demonic practice going on, Cannibalgate is real. I have an older thread that I am posting here today about Pedowood and the rest of these vermin that eat us. Please go back to my recent post called I Have A Dream as well and view the Rabbi Finkelstein video talking about human meat in McDonald’s. It’s not just McDonald’s FYI. It’s massive food supply chains that has been affected by this sick demonic organization.

Take a look at the reptilian eye in the Taco Bell logo. Guess what they are serving up to you:

Wait till the public finds out they have been eating processed human meat everywhere. Just wait.

They won’t be able to walk down the streets.

Good. I can’t wait for that day. It will be open season for all of them to go down. Justice served cold.

Judge them by fire! Amen!


#Cannibalgate Thread 👇🏼

My thread was not properly archived from Twitter about the cannibals and vile cretin eating us. But I did keep the photos. At this point it needs no further explanation. I will used the captions to describe what is going on. Some are self-explanatory.

Here you go:

Proverbs 23:20
Why do you think the created Covid? Potus cut off their food supply. They need blood and flesh. They eat us. We are goyim to them. #GoyimNoMore
U2 and Bozo’s Merch. Yep. Fake Christian evil demons BURN!
He is gonna have one hell of an eternity in flames this one.

You can click on all the above images to expand them. They are all fkkkkd. All of them are gonna get it. End of this post.

Both of these guys are IMO DS plants. Never liked either one of them. Good riddance. We will see a cleaning of house soon. Trust no one but God!

A message from Lin Wood- love this man! I understand! I have been in trouble for telling the truth my entire life and I am proud of it! For I work for God and no man! AMEN!

God bless and protect this man! In Jesus name, AMEN!


Fauci the dirty little cabal rat. Did you know he is the spawn of one of the most vile human traffickers? Mother Theresa. Sick vile demons BURN! 🔥✝️🔥

Fauci and his cabal paycheck ~ paid to kill us. #GoyimNoMore:

Watch God make them pay. They will. Trust in the Lord.

This article The Pedovirus has a post about Cabal rat dicknose Fauci. Check it out and here is the clip for your easy reference:

I have seen better looking sewer rats in my lifetime.


Here is a good one from Linda Paris via Bill (thank you) that is about human body parts found at Roswell: (ignore the warning that this isn’t safe to watch – more cabal)

This one is from Lin Wood called Always Speak the Truth ! Thank you Bunny for this one.

An older one from Jan 19 from And We Know about how You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 (my article). This is the video link here to his show 👇🏼…

This is via Kel (Grateful) thank you – it is about how Hollywood VFX cannot save fool us anymore. They are done. Biden and his hobag sidekick will be gone soon:

This video is via one of my favorite patriots, Selcuk, in regards to Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation – take a look (and again, ignore the Bitchute warning that may display when attempting to access truth):

My video update for the day:


A prayer to cancel the evil plans of the enemy. Ten minute watch and audio. Beautiful. Put this on 👇🏼

AMEN! 🙏🏼 ✝️ ♥️ 🔥


It’s never gonna end. 😆


Thank you 7Alon. I loved this:

Guy Sebastian – too bad he was caballed but talent is real. God help him.

Thank you for reading this blog post.

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~ Dilara 01.26.21

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  1. My heart grieves heavily on this information. I’ve heard it before (not until this past year) but it just hit me extra hard reading it tonight. I pray God will avenge their vile crimes on this side of heaven. This can’t wait til judgment day. God please correct this now and punish these evil people ASAP. Amen 😔

  2. just wonderful and shocking. we have to see the truth, we have to pluck out the cancer completely. thank you1

  3. Thank you. God Bless You. Would you ever consider being a representative in our government for WE THE PEOPLE? I think you would rock the TRUTH. With gratitude for your TRUTH, even as difficult it is to see. The truth will set us free.

    • Thank you Sue. But no thank you. I can’t stand politics nor the vileness of it. I will work for the people through Father God forever though. He will always provide. Amen.

  4. I just wanted to say that I found you just before the Twitter purge and feel so blessed to have you as an info source! I’ve been awake and praying against SRA, kids in cages, the pedo cabal for more than a decade. God bless you- please know I will be praying for you- for strength, endurance, protection, to continue to grow in Christ! THANK YOU!

  5. Dilara, where can I find more information on Mother Theresa being Nasty Rat Faced Fauci Mother?? This doesn’t surprise me at all! I just need to prove it to certain people in my life that said this is outrageous!! I keep trying to red pill people but I’m afraid they will have to fall on their face before they will listen to me! Thank You for EVERYTHING you are doing!! WWG1WGA!!!

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