The World Is Watching!

So I went to Pedowood and filmed what is going on so everyone can see it!

There is no one on the streets.

Tinsel town is a ghost town.

It’s almost Halloween: their sick, ritual holiday. Usually, the streets are crowded for a good week before this necromancy festival with people dressed up for what we once believed to be a Hallmark holiday (for the most part). At any given day through a stench-filled stroll through the piss and poop filled streets of Hollywood Boulevard, one could see Halloweeners running amuck, taking every possible opportunity to get noticed in this once-upon-a-time-ill-do-anything-to-be-famous plastic parasitic paradise.

Wait till you see for yourself the epic evidence of the greatest Cabal Takedown ever.

Although parts of Hell-A offers visitors and tourists some of the prettiest streets and scenery in the world, its dark and dingy undercurrent flows with rivers of adrenachrome and suffering from some of the most unfathomable crimes against humanity.

Not too long ago, night times in Pedowood were filled with young people (and old, rich predators with bad accents) lined up to get into the latest clubs, see the latest bands, or just feed their habits of the night. From 40 Deuce to the Roxbury down to the dirty of the Viper Room, you could go anywhere in this den of sin and see pretty much, well, anything.

And not all of it seemed sinful.

There were coffee shops, stores, attractions and funky, cool places to visit in this city.

But the Hollywood I documented earlier this week feels nothing like the Pedowood of past. Check out Hollywood Makeover!

The streets are empty, day and night.

Filming is at an all time low. Movie crews are not littering the streets, flood lights are not lighting up the skies, and these vermin who think they are better than you, aren’t getting their fame faggot fixes by having some douchetard paparazzi loser chasing their inverted ass down a ritualistic red carpet.

Look at me! Look at me!


Unfollow Them.

Their baby eating, blood sucking lifestyles will soon be come to known as Cannibalgate.

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall as the world gets to watch them shrivel up, die and rot as a distant stain in human history past, never to be thought of, remembered or mentioned again.

Blame it on the Rona, or the fear induced frenzy of The Walking, Shedding Jabbers, something is up in this place and you can bet your last shekel that ARRESTS ARE HABBENING.

That’s right folks! The other night, the Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! were surely military operations, taking down some of these blood sucking sick and vile celebrities – the non elite dickwarts like Alec Baldwin = F.A.G.. I live in a residential area and be still and know patriots that Hollywood Arrests! are surely taking place. I have received eye witness reports from people who live in nice neighborhoods where they have seen unmarked vehicles pull up to luxury homes and literally grab people out of their abodes.

That’s right.

Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood and They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

I can’t wait for this show to go fully public.

It’s time.

There Is No Escape and Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

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  1. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. I was watching Maltese Falcon the other night with Humphrey Bogart doing the devil’s sign twice in the movie (that i noticed) When watching the Mirror Has Two Faces with Streisand, she did it at least 5 times. Also noticed a black & white checkerboard floor in the kitchen. Even see that sign in most Hallmark movies and they are all Canadian.

  2. Unfortunately Alec Baldwin was in Manchester center, vt last weekend ….I live in nh and wish he would stay away from this area. The shooting makes no sense at all …was pointing a colt revolver at videographer and pulling trigger part of the script? U never point a gun at anyone loaded or unloaded unless it is life or death

  3. Dilara, I would like to share this video with the readership about the foreboding situation in Australia regarding new legislation before the Victorian parliament:

    This is a video that was created in response to this situation for the people of Australia and the world:

    Please keep the people of Australia in your prayers.

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