Saturday Night Specials: Videos, Movies and Moar!

The truth is coming.

The tipping point is near.

I spent the week chasing Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! and The World Is Watching!

And, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

I am also leaving you all a free link to watch on Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger that is part of the series Hidden Origins w/ Michael Tellinger and Ancient Sound Healing Technologies.

Off to rant on A Fistful of Truth where I’m so excited to have Linda join me every Friday for Movie Night where we will talk about how Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall and the The Transhuman Agenda that is evident in decades of programming us with their dark agenda. Check out also Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation and The New, Unprogrammed You.

Enjoy your Saturday night!

God bless you patriots!

#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼⚖️


My Video Update Today


Michael Tellinger builds a connection from ancient Sumerian texts and the Annunaki to sacred sites in South Africa. An analysis of Adam’s calendar reveals that it was once buried beneath 30 meters of sea sand; an indication that it may be older than the accepted timeframe for the origin of humanity. It is the findings at Great Zimbabwe and the Dravidian mines which may confirm what the Sumerian texts have to say about the ancient workings of the Annunaki, but in South Africa.

📺 WATCH HERE:[]=en&utm_source=share 📺


(Thank you Selcuk)

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~ Dilara 10.30.21

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  1. Thank you so much for your good works. I appreciate everything you are doing for the good of the whole. Great Divine blessingss to you Dilare thou art the daughter of THE MOST HIGH. THUS, MAY YOU EVER NE SO HAPPY ALWAYS. GOD ABUNDANTLY BLESS YOU.

    Most regard.

  2. Dilara you are so wonderful and my whole small awake circle around me hangs on your every word! Love you solo and with Linda and Sarge. Thanks SO much for the pictures of the funeral shroud over the Hollywood Babylon Death Arch at Highland. Appreciate your efforts! Please keep up your amazing and inspiring work! I am not impressed by Pink October, it was not Red in any sort of even semi obvious fashion. I am sick of all of the deception and delays of the white hats, they seem almost as dishonest as the cabal at this point. I sincerely hope to wake up to a completely changed world tomorrow. Even Halloween was allowed to happen at this point in tbe day. November 11 is very close and I keep hearing so much incorrect gematria and misinterpreted q drops promising dates where nothing manifests at least that can be quantified or verified as i basically trust and believe in nothing except Jesus/Source at this point, too much lying all around, I would love some truth amongst all the snake tongues. It is exhausting, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I will never give up hope, we all love you, thank you , lets have some ebs and qfs for November 1!!#



    • Hahahhaha. PINK October. Try PALE PINK! Im SO with you. Although the shroud, the choppers, the blackouts, the cell service and HAMs being scrambled and/or out – all of these things mean that yes! Arrests are taking place (add to that ALL the job vacancies in pedowood)- but SHOW ME THE MONEY! This sleeping, stupid, shameless public needs to be SHOWN or they are never EVER going to wake the FK up! SICK OF THEM! Thank you patriot I am so with you. Your comments and feelings are SO appreciated. Im alone over here in my head every day but for people like you and trust me, there are MILLIONS of us who are FED UP! Stay with Jesus, the truth, the way! God bless you! #WWG1WGA

  3. Dilara. You are a truth speaker, an inspiration to take action, and a spiritual warrior. I would love to connect and engage with you for legal services. How can I do that?

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