Ancient Sound Healing Technologies

If you haven’t seen the series I have been posting called Hidden Origins w/ Michael Tellinger, this link πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ will allow you to see the first two episodes.

Here is the next two. These are not to be missed and simply amazing truths and information for our times!

Enjoy the show!

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Michael Tellinger describes the importance of sound and symbolism for many cultures throughout the world. Across the ages many civilizations bore many commonalities, such as the prevalence of gold and many similar symbols shared throughout their unique cultures. It is the predominance of sound with sacred practices and architectural designs which this points toward a common origin, or at least to the many links which interweave these civilization across the centuries.

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Michael Tellinger explains that one of the most powerful tools in the ancient world is buzzing all about us. In our modern world, we are inundated with sounds scattered everywhere. Its prevalence is so dominant in our everyday lives that many of us can scarcely imagine that it was once a source of sacred power. If the ancient societies knew how to utilize the resonant properties of sound, then they may have been able to perform feats from miraculous healings to levitating massive stones.

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