Modern Uses For Sacred Sound Technology

If you are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, you will love this episode.

And if you are not, you will love learning about it!

You can learn more about my dear friend Dr. Masaru Emoto here:

Thank you Dr. Emoto. We love you!

Everything you see, touch, feel and experience is a frequency.

Let that sink in.

Once you truly come to this profound, simple and truth-filled realization, you can accomplish anything!

Join me for tonight’s Friday Night Movie and check out Michael Tellinger’s presentation on how sound and frequency are key to our survival.

Make sure to check out Hidden Origins w/ Michael Tellinger and Ancient Sound Healing Technologies that are the first four episodes of this series. Hopefully, the links still work. The links usually expire within 72 hours from this post but sometime, they seem to be available longer.

Also, make sure to tune into tonight’s podcast on A Fistful of Truth where we will discuss sound resonance and healing technologies inspired by tonight’s blog post.

God bless and enjoy your evening!

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Michael Tellinger explains how ancient sound technology has made its way into modern sciences. Ancient cultures were able to use sound technology because they understood how primal resonance is critical to creation of all things. Once lost to the ravages of time, some of these applications were recovered in the forbidden sciences of Nikola Tesla. Now, clandestine organizations may be making use of this sacred science to their own benefit, regardless of the detriments to the rest of humanity.

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  1. Dilara, The Tellinger series is so interesting. It reminded me of the video I watched recently by Ewaranon “The Lost History of Earth”. If you haven’t watched it, I am sure you will like it. It is on YouTube and was posted by Quantum Truths JC Kay 3 months ago. It is 5 hours long and very technical so you would probably like to watch in parts. It actually seems to show that the Tartania Story of the mud flood is true. I was completely amazed by the information presented.
    This is the link:

  2. Dilara, a post in GhostEzra’s chat today, 10/23, has a 960×1280 cell phone snapshot with the caption “4 humongous helicopter to LA centro”. Timestamp (PDT) 2:33 p.m. Three choppers are clearly visible, the fourth is not. Would you like the jpg?

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