The Fallacy of Fate & Sunday Comics

There is no such thing as fate.

You make your own destiny.

God has given you independence to shut out His power or let it in.

You have more strength to overcome difficulties than you have troubles to overcome.

You can remedy your mistakes because God has given you reason and will.

First you must make up your mind; then hold your will steadily to your purpose until it is completed.

Discipline yourself to develop your sleeping spiritual powers.

Claim your divinity!

United your consciousness with God and receive blessings direct from His hand!

~ Paramahansa Yoganda



by Bill

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  1. Hello again. Thanks for persevering but there is still an issue with the CHANNEL on Telegram. Even though it says “Leave a Comment” at the bottom, when we click on that it says “Writing messages isn’t allowed in this group” Same as many others eg Q The Storm Rider who I figured don’t actually WANT comments.. I have no idea how to help you but this is what is happening Sarge has a friend who is involved at Telegram

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