Who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried?

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Gen. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried.

So does W.H.O. === > The World Health Organization who helped the UN stack and hide the bodies for the draconian lizards who are eating us. Check out my article called The Human Meat Industry and Cannibalgate and Blood Currency. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Draco Gotta Eat Too

Speaking of ice, we were warned about a The Qold Winter over a year ago.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

How do you transport post mortem bodies?

How do you store them?

Do you realize how quickly bodies decompose?

How do you get rid of an overflow of dead bodies from the death jab?

You have to do it in the winter.

Weather manipulation is real. I was married to someone who knew about all of this.

Where are we seeing loads and loads of reefers (refrigerated trucks)?

Why at the Canadian border of course!

What a distraction! While The Military Is In Control! and Lockdowns and Military Activated! are a thing, You Are Watching a Show ðŸŽ¥ðŸ¿!

I cover this theory of how Realities and Fatalities of those who did not Do Your Vaccine Homework! are ending up dead in hospitals all around the nation. The news media is not reporting this so that there is no mass panic. At this point, realize that He’s Still Your President and this is a military operation. In order to continue this operation, we are silently removing those who have passed from their own choosing to jab away. They are being, in my opinion, taken on trucks, planes and other types of transport up to the colder climates where they will be shipped most likely to some draconian cold storage center.

I discuss this in moar detail on my new show on my podcast A Fistful of Truth called You Heard It Here First. for a further discussion of this difficult but true topic, please join me on my telegram channel here:


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Join me next week for a mini audio series about Cannabis and how hemp has been criminalized by the cabal. I worked on Proposition 215 some years ago as a young intern. Our laws about cannabis are going to change nationwide in the future. Stay tuned for the announcement upcoming this week on my podcast!


Dr. Thomas Lewis & Dr. Michael Carter http://www.healthrevivalpartners.com

Dr. Brian Lemper https://thenicecliniclv.com/

Dr. Stella Immanuel https://drstellamd.com

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  1. Thanks Dilara for all you do (esp Maria chats!).

    No need to write back. Appreciate you’re swamped outing the icky deep Swamp!

    When I get my next job will sign up for monthly support.

    Game Theory. A deep dive into that could be intriguing?? :))

    Much love and prayers,

    Kk aka double key on Tgram Xxoo!!

  2. Love the memes! On this weeks MM, you must have read my inner thoughts LOL! The holographic skies, cloaking technology, feeling younger (age regressing all of a sudden) and much more.. I thought it was me, just being hopeful that I was feeling and witnessing these events! ThanQ!

  3. In the Washington State where I live they started allowing human corpse composting in 2019.
    That may be another way they are getting rid of bodies, soilant green on our food.

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