Monday Matters: The Road Less Traveled

Are you still not convinced that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿?

Well buckle up because there is going to be moar room soon everywhere. The roads in Los Angeles are so empty. Businesses are boarding up in both New York and in California. The lack of cars on the road on the 405 during rush hour is almost uncanny. We are seeing more parking spots, more life insurance policies being cashed out (see less food on shelves and even less cars and major supply chain interruptions). There are no more new cars, no new money being printed by the banks (did you catch that on last week’s show?). Why? Because there are less people. Where they go one, they go all.

Telling the world what is really happening would cause a mass panic. That is why you are seeing all these controlled narratives from both sides. As we know indeed that The Military Is In Control!,

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

You Must Show Them.

We are witnessing (with those with eyes to see) a highly calculated and secretive worldwide military operation so we don’t disturb The Walking, Shedding Jabbers. If everyone knew how dangerous they really are, They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

Remember: the masks and the six feet apart rule is there to protect you, not them.

If you haven’t yet done so, Do Your Vaccine Homework! and please, Don’t Shed On Me.

Even though we understand that this is a massive effort that must be kept from not only the public eye, but from the enemy, many of us are tired of the lies.

Jesus told us that choosing lies over truth is not the way to God.

The only way to the Father is through Him.

We have to embrace these truths in order to start our new journey into what awaits us: a beautiful, unlimited, grateful and peaceful humanity; one that lives only in love and gratitude.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for an amazing project involving patriots worldwide. In an effort to bring peace, love and harmony to all children of the Most High, I will be announcing a new endeavor involving Hiro Emoto that will surely help our transition us from Dark to Light.

God bless you patriots.

You are on the right road, the road less traveled.



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The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost

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~ Dilara 01.26.21

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  1. Hi D, Thank You and everyone for your prayers.
    For the past 19 days I’ve been talking to handfuls of doctors. My dads kidneys failing, ER cat scan from vascular doc finding a VERY large blood clot in his Aorta. within 8 hours he was having leg pain and no blood flow to his legs. Surgery was an option but he would have lost his legs. Dad was a true believe a body in motion stays in motion. He built walls, gardening and still splitting wood at 82. With only a 90% chance his kidneys are going to fail because of the Acidity that happens after surgery. They asked do you want him Intubated, yes, put him on pain meds and fluids so I can get the my mom and brother and his 2 grand children to say our goodbyes right in the middle of the New England Blizzard we drove in. The next day they called and told me he had past. While I was making funeral arrangement the hospital call. They’ve said it’s VERY RARE, you’re dads his heart started back up. The nurse kept repeating “I’m so sorry, but it wont be long”. 6 hours later no call. So I called I talked to his nurse she said he’s fighting. I told her he has a strong heart and I believe he’s waiting for me, I said I’m on my way. I asked for pain meds, hospice care. I sat with him watched the football playoffs and talked to him, held his hand, and meditated with him, from my body to his to calm him down. The nurse was nice in the hospice ward they asked “are you staying the night? Yes, I staying till his last breath. That last breath had came and asked for a stethoscope, my dads heart had stopped January 31 at 1:30 a.m. The on call ER doc came up by 2 am and he asked me what time would you like 2 or the 1:30, I replied 1:30, Thank you. I kept checking during those 30 minutes. His warm hands became cold and color had changed. I new he was gone. I remained there till 2:30 a.m till my boyfriend came to pick me up.

    I know in my heart, when I talked to his nurse, my dad was thinking he wasn’t going to go out of this world alone and he wanted me to be by his side. I felt like he was asking me to be there for his last breath. So I comforted him by rubbing his head and holding his hand the entire 10 hours. I told dad he is a great father, I love you dad. I also told him Fred his son, brother was here as well ( my brother couldn’t handle it, my brother text me “I don’t know how or where you get this strength but I know dad loves you so much and its you he wants there with him”) My Daddy you worked two jobs one 8 hours and a second 4 hours later 5 days a week and working with my mothers uncle on Saturday. We, Fred and I never wanted for anything you always gave us the best. I remember Dad, you made a deal with me at 16. Dad you said “you work all summer an Ill buy you a car” ok. At the end of summer he purchased my first car a blue 1967 Chevy Nova, she was old dad said, I loved it Dad thank you. Dad you taught me everything I would need to know being an owner of car and the maintenance of being an that owner. Dad you also taught me the value of working hard and saving. I told him you built your dream restaurants. He handmade all the booths and woodwork. Dad you taught me everything about gardening and flowers. An with each tomato I plant and pick the fruit it bares you will be with me in memory and in my heart forever. I love you Daddy ❤

    Thank You


    • I am sorry Ash! God is with you and may He bring peace to you and your family sooner than later. My heart goes out to you. What a journey. You hang in there. Sending you love and prayers. ♥️🙏🏼✝️

  2. Hi Dilara. Many thanks for all you do. There are several blogs I make sure to visit daily. In todays update, Feb. 4, Judy Byington states that there are currently military exercises going on in L A. I was hoping you could tell us what is really going on. Btw, I miss listening and watching your conversations with Linda Paris. Love her. Love you too. Please take care and God Bless You. Terry

  3. Listening to you both brought me great joy, peace, and a super high vibe. SO many things resonated with me. YES – Jesus is the way! “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.” John 10:9 I am glad you mentioned “the Storm” – and what is coming and what can’t be stopped. I love learning about frequency healing! I read Dr. Emoto’s book over ten years ago and it had profound impact on me. I suppose there are no coincidences that we are all here vibrating love in Agapi! Thank you for all your share, your time, your humor, your rants, and your truth! ❤️🙌🏼😎

  4. Thank you Dilara, you are endearing and certainly a beautiful and living soul…

    As the final chapter of this ultimate pantomime unfolds, however, we note that the blows of fate are multiplying, as we approach the end…
    You make me laugh, during your podcasts, despite the singular and fascinating circumstances that affect us all…

    Diseases are only the symptoms and the expression of an organism poisoned by an often unhealthy lifestyle, a body under acidosis, or intoxicated by radio-frequency microwaves…
    Viruses don’t exist by themselves, they are just breakdown products of degenerate cellular environment by acidification of intersticial fluid…The body is alkaline by design and acidic by function…
    Managing the delicate alkaline Ph of the body fluids is the cure for alldiseases…
    This so-called Virus, in fact a computer model (aka a viraltemplate in silico), is just a TOTALITARIAN “exosome” of MindControl…. a mind poison, called Wetico, “infecting” spiritually, insane criminal degenerate politicians and inducing a kind of cytokinespirit storm in their disturbed evil mind…
    This simulated ViRUS, is a “spell”, on the population of manipulative pseudo-scientists and totalitarian technocrats…
    There’s NO such thing as a covid-19 Virus, that has been ISOLATED, PURIFIED andSHOWN TO CAUSE DISEASE.
    The dicod-19 fakevirus, as a standalone pathogen, is a WORK OF PURE FICTION AND FALSIFICATION.
    But the virus of the mind — i.e. the p(l)andemic of fear — is producing very real effects (surge of mass psychosis…)in the real world…
    There’s NO such thing as a dicod-19 Virus that has been ISOLATED, PURIFIED and SHOWN TO CAUSE DISEASE, according to Koch’s four postulates or the Hill’s Criteria…
    Well fake Viruses are simply excretions of toxic cells, which are called EXOSOMES, and are merely the symptom of an organism that needs to detoxify itself and it occurs during the winter period (we called it improperly “flu”).
    Therefore, it’s an OUTfection, not an INfection…
    The pasteurian dogma of vaxxxnation is an intellectual sham. And this falsification has induced more deaths by injection than any other so-called disease.

    Exosomes are viral RNA transporters, that stimulate innate immunity. Exosomes contain proteins, messenger and microRNAs and suggests a role as mediators in cell-to-cell communication.
    Exosomes can be transported between different cells and influence physiological pathways in the recipientcells.
    Therefore the pasteurian dogma of vaxxxnation is an intellectualsham. And this falsification has induced more deaths by injection thanany other disease.
    Pasteur was part of the Rothschild’s inner circle and had totally devastated Antoine Béchamp’s career.
    During the19th century, Professor Antoine Béchamp ( microzymas, pleomorphism…) had made it clear that the microbe (germ) is nothing, the terrain is Everything.
    Microzymas are little known to date … or under various names: Microscopic granulations before Pr. Antoine Béchamp, Somatides for Gaston Naessens, Endobionts for Enderlein, Nanobes or nanobacteriafor the modern geologists, Mycoplasmas for Pr. Montagnier…
    Rudolf Steiner said about viruses : Well, viruses are simply excretions of toxic cells. viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins they brought out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned.They’re not the cause of anything. Even worse, ALL diseases are inherent to a poisoning of the cells of our body…So (Omi-CON) MORONIC is the illness of Multi-jabbed neurotic/paranoid and hypochondrial zombies…Omicron could refer to Operative Machine Intelligence from Cortical Network OMICrN…

    The totalitarian technocratic system of this cabalist globalist cult, whose Sabbatean-Frankist creed is the infernal doctrine
    of Satan’s Synagogue for the Revolution has no autority and is illusionary… Because the power has no autority.
    The degenerate co-humans of the cabal have enslaved us in this Orwello-Huxlian dystopia… They have created a web of lies
    and trapped our souls on this third density Planet… But, by connecting to our higher self (our soul), by practicing unconditional love,
    first and for most for ourselves, then for others (empathy), and by recalibrating, every day, our moral compass, we can heal from

    For my part, I’ve desintegrated the tenuous veil of this pseudo-reality… In which my enslavement was too intolerable and painful… By a con-TORSION of this soreness fake-reality, I’ve twisted this failed-matrix of third density, to access another Realm… The increadible atavism and the unconditional submission of Humanity, are the only causes, of this distortion, in this altered reality… (because of our
    sole and absolute consent…).
    I faced eternity, without flinching, and explored other timelines, and God, the Source guided me, in this journey and in the choice of the Reality, which freed my living and eternal Soul from this diabolic trap…

    We are biophotonic and hyper-dimensional beings, in a wave function interacting with the wave function of the universe. In reality, We
    are, in fact, the Creators of this underlying reality, and we can make it fluctuate according to our disposition and open-mindedness…

      • I have this tenacious feeling that our souls have known each other for a very long time, and this fills my heart with a great felicity… For God is great and allows us to share these moments, in the eternal flow of the Universe…
        I have always been connected with the Nature, in this way, perhaps because I practice earthing, tree hugging, I like to deal with nature even if it is sometimes unchained, because I have flown over, and traveled the Planet and this Universe and especially, because my connection to God is fluid… Like Air and Water…
        All the souls, who converge in this temporality, have already experienced this feeling, but human consciousness has been hijacked by the cabal and is reluctant, also, by design, by modesty, by shyness to express it…
        We are living such fascinating and transcendent events, that it would be incongruous and inappropriate, as far as I am concerned, to lock myself up in the silence of infinite spaces…

        I have also felt that your life has been full of afflictions and hard experiences. I will pray accordingly, that you find the optimal path on this new Planet…
        God bless you, I hope we will keep in touch…

  5. Dilara, against all odds, I did not receive the message (in its full extension, a priori). The level of censorship, which Humanity is experiencing is disturbing including, for our rebellious and indomitable souls, but is inherent to the fact, that occult and nefarious forces are literally conspiring
    to trap our consciousnesses in this holographic reality, in order to defer the ascension of the souls…
    However, The cabal is already defeated, and it’s just a matter of unfolding events, in reverse.

    The chronologies are now, intricated and even antinomic. Disentangled, the different perspectives, is our main concern…
    Different timelines overlap in the moment, and condense in the Now, affecting our perception of what is called Reality,
    creating a tension, a suture, in what we experience…
    By reversing the spells, inverting the occult language of the beast, and alchemizing the darkness into Light, we will erase the language of SIGN of the fallen angel… The true cause of all causes…

    All this evil, all these ignominious sacrifices of the Children, Human traficking, wars on Humanity, must Stop,
    in order to make this awakening, this salvation and rebirth day, perfect and better, than we could imagine…
    And to allow the necessary readjustments, in our conceptions and existential foundations…

    The unfolding pantomime will soon find its outlet…
    Very soon, the Punisher will (re)decapitate the Beast (for the Normies), in a reverse script…

    Blackmailed and programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control faked, cloned individuals
    like Obama, Bush, Clinton (already all executed with Biden…) worked like CEOs corporation executives masquerading their government…

    It’s a “movie” which is unfolding. Steven Mnuchin, who served as the 77th United States secretary of the treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump from 2017 to 2021, was a film producer… for this unfolding and sublime
    super production, where his talents were obviously appreciated…
    Zelenskiy, the comedian-turned president of Ukraine…
    In this subtle inversion of the Reality, that the normies cannot disentangle, our Earth Alliance is governing, in the shadow of the Globalists…

    Obviouly this “false” and inverted narrative is just a pantomime, a movie that turns out to be almost obscene, so exacerbated is it, for Us…
    Because all this damn “World of Gotham” created by the fallen cabal, has already been drained…

    But this penultimate act, before the acme, is intended to awaken the last fringe of souls, undoubtedly the most refractory and the most conditioned by the matrix of subversion, and infiltration…

    This super production, is the Greatest Story ever told, ever revealed…

    This could be also, in fine, a “spoofing” of the Revelation, A master Plan orchestrated a long time ago, and finally realized, in order to defeat these parasitic co-human entities, which were frighteningly enslaving us… A Sun Tzu’s art of war merged with the Bible, and the mastery of esotericism, numerology, and luciferian symbolism … sticking to Astronomy (one of my passions…), and God, to wake
    Humanity, all up to the ferocity of the khazarian mafia and appaling lurianic kabbalah cult…

    This is the precious gift (and according to I innerstand, this is how it should be received) offered to Humanity, for all the afflictionsand anomia, for which the illuminati cabal, the Vatican Jesuits (grey pape), and the highly degenerate satanic crowns are entirely guilty…

    We are coming to the end of this pantomime, I am saddened for the afflictions, and abominations that have affected our Humanity,
    but it took this long for a reason… The current tribulations are the Sacrifice, that we had to accept, in order, to erase the ignorance
    and the egoism that previously prevailed on this Planet… It is also the price of the Resurrection, and it is also the gift that has been
    offered to us, so that the souls can extract themselves from this terrible dilemma…
    This world of vampires cannibals is over, and We never, ever allow this happen again.

    God bless you, Dilara.
    I love your pure intention, your energy and your beautiful soul, so vibrant…

    “Be thou faithful unto death, and I’ll give thee a crown of life.”
    Humility and patience are virtues, trust in our Almighty God, and we’ll be delivered…


    • Thank you Harold. So beautifully put and stated. You are gift to all of us. God is within you and may you receive as many blessings as you bring to others with you pure spirit. Aum. Amen.

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