The Hidden Messages In Water: An Exclusive Interview with Hiro Emoto

I am honored to announce a new vlogcast on A Fistful of Truth featuring a dear friend, Hiro Emoto, son of Dr. Masaru Emoto and President of the Office of Masaru Emoto, LLC and of I.H.M Corporation, both located in Tokyo, Japan.

Now more than ever, we are the precipice of a new humanity emerging from the ways of the old into the era of a human renaissance.

In this interview, Hiro and I reconnect to discuss The Hidden Messages In Water and introduce to you his father’s work which is now his life journey.

Join us in our discussion of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, the consciousness of water as well as that of our humanity and how we need to keep our vibratory rate in synergy with the right hado frequency. As Hiro expresses in this segment, we must work together in order to unite our collective consciousness in the ultimate vibratory rates of love and gratitude.

Happiness is living in constant love and gratitude.

Dr. Emoto said that.

This was gifted to me by Hiro and Dr. Emoto years ago when I was working in their office here in southern California. Here is a picture of one of their original gifts I treasure so dearly:

You can view this fantastic episode featuring Hiro here on Spotify as a video vlogcast or you can listen to it on audio on Anchor.FM here:


ANCHOR.FM LINK (AUDIO ONLY):–Hiro-Emoto-e1dk9gg

(Other platforms featuring A Fistful of Truth can be located at the bottom of this post).

For years, I studied human consciousness and neuroscience at one of America’s top educational institutions and eventually, majored in philosophy as it was the only department that allowed me focus on this subject.

Little did I know that my early studies would provide a foundation for the life work that God had in store for me.

Years later, I would find myself in a hospital bed and given a (wrong) death sentence by a bunch of caballed doctors. My refusal to believe in what other people told me and this book that someone had handed me to read while I was in ICU called The Hidden Messages In Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto would change my life forever.

My television was broken in the ER room (by no coincidence, since I despised The Fable of Cable), and being an avid reader, I dove right into this small but magical book.

I will never forget the profound realizations that were downloaded to me by the author through this reading: that my body was mostly made of water and that I was indeed in control of the vibratory rate of all of my cells. This meant that love and gratitude were the ultimate healing vibratory rates at which I needed to operate all of the time.

Three weeks later, to the shock and surprise of all the hospital staff, I walked out of the ICU unit and went home, against the hospital’s orders.

It was by no further coincidence that God would place me into an old theater in my hometown only months later where a gentleman named Dr. Emoto was speaking about the very book that had motivated me to get out of that hospital bed.

As miracles happen by His Almighty Grace, I received a phone call later that year, from the offices of Dr. Emoto. I was (and still am) an attorney in California and they needed my help. Needless to say, I was there in a flash and not only had the honor of serving the man who had changed my thinking, my life and my health, but also, I became a patient of his.

Three months later, I was completely cured of a life threatening condition by Dr. Emoto.

What Western medicine had tried to fix and failed at, this amazing man was able to resolve within a matter of months. I will never forget those days in his office, with his tuning forks and his energy. His humming and the water with the correct Hado frequency that he would send me home with would serve as the starting point to the rest of my life’s work.

My healing through Dr. Emoto’s personal efforts and philosophies led me to where I am today. Although I was very young (in my mid 30s) when this happened, Dr. Emoto always told me this would become my professional journey and duty to others. I was too deep into running a nationwide company and practicing law at that time to fully comprehend what my teacher, healer and friend had meant.

My illness was very serious. And here I am today, completely free of the condition that was plaguing my body and hado.

The word hado is defined as the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter.

This is very similar to chi (qi) energy and what the vedic texts describe as prana energy.

“Hado reates words.
Words are the vibrations of nature.
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature.
Ugly words create ugly nature.
This is the root of the universe.”

~ Masaru Emoto

You can read more about Dr. Emoto here:

Although I could infinitely immerse my spirit and consciousness in the materials presented in Dr. Emoto’s website, here is a quick link to all the beautiful original photographs of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals when exposed to specific words and thus, intentions:

Love and Gratitude Water Crystal

Recently, I had a vision with Dr. Emoto and it was so significant, I reached out to Hiro. I had been working with a bunch of different organizations and projects that of course, were in harmony with Dr. Emoto’s message: to bring healing and peace to our human race and planet.

So here we are today, together again, pursuing what Dr. Emoto healed not only me with, but thousands of others who sought his help.

This latest book published by Hiro Emoto on behalf of his father’s life work is available here and is also presented in English as well as his native language, Japanese:

The following excerpt from this final publication explains more about the value of this publication:

The Messages from Water The Final introduces the culmination of twenty years of work, focusing on new crystal photographs that have not been published so far, along with the teachings of Masaru Emoto. We have also introduced wonderful messages from researchers and celebrities who have resonated with Masaru Emoto’s activities. In addition, the latest research results of water science that were not included in the previous series have been included. Thanks to the development of this field of “water science,” the theory of “water memory” that Masaru Emoto had been conveying to everyone in his book “Messages from Water” has been proven.
Masaru Emoto used to always say this: “We are water, but we don’t know much about water. So, we don’t understand ourselves either. If we could understand water better, we would also come to know ourselves, where we have come from and where we are going. That is why we must study water.”
Now, with the development of “water science,” we are finally getting closer to the day when we can really understand ourselves. I invite everyone to join us in understanding the truth of water, to accept the messages that water conveys, and to advance together into a new era. May your encounter with this book be a key to unlock a new door in life for you and your loved ones.

A complete collection of all of Dr. Emoto’s books can be found on the official website here:


Hiro Emoto Bio
Hiro Emoto is presently President of the Office of Masaru Emoto, LLC in Tokyo, Japan and of I.H.M Corporation, also located in Tokyo.

After graduating from college in the U.S., Hiro began working at I.H.M as a staff member in the laboratory, where he was involved in research on water crystal photography. Later, he was transferred to Los Angeles where he organized various events with his father, the late Masaru Emoto, to spread the concept of Hado and “Messages from water” in the U.S.

Hiro and I both look forward to continuing to share with the world the hidden messages in water and to spread the peace through love and gratitude that his father Dr. Emoto has instilled within us to carry throughout an eternity.

As Hiro has stated in his message to us, “let us learn the essence of water, understand its message, and create a beautiful world together!

God bless you Hiro.

God bless Dr. Emoto and all children of the Most High.

We love you.

We thank you.

With love and gratitude forever.

♥️ 🙏🏼 ♥️


Announcement of “Masaru Emoto’s Hado World”

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