The Conspiracy Theory of Everything

I just finished watching this incredible documentary.

It’s four hours long so you have to set aside some time to absorb and enjoy this vast and excellent effort. Production quality is stellar, information is current and vital to your knowledge base. WordPress won’t let me upload certain content that is featured in this film. So you know it’s good. 😂💥

If you are a truth seeker, an anon, or just anyone who is questioning the narrative, this is a must watch.

Don’t wait, do it now.

From Q, to 9/11 to the emerald tablets to the cabal’s vaccine agenda, this movie covers it all. Here is the instructions on how to access this program for free. Do not watch the YT version. This version is the full, uncut, unedited complete package.

This is free if you follow the instructions carefully.

Share it with others, keep your mind open and unplug from the matrix.



  1. Go to
  2. Click “Programs” at the top
  3. Scroll down to where you see “Spirit Conspiracies” on the left
  4. Click the yellow box: “Learn More”
  5. Click the yellow box: “Get Free Access”
  6. Enter your name and email address
  7. Check your email (it may take a few minutes depending on your email provider/connection)
  8. You will be provided with a password to watch this film and other content.
  9. Click on “Spirit Conspiracies”
  10. Scroll down to The Conspiracy Theory of Everything in the Ascension Bonus content
  11. Press “Play”


~ Dilara 02.20.21

PS: For the record, I am only recommending to watch this one documentary on this channel. If you are someone who freaks out when you see unwanted content and lacks the discernment to use your own judgement, you don’t belong here, nor do you belong on my blog. Peace.

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  1. The Conspiracy Theory of Everything can easily be found on YouTube and on Bitchute. Just type the title into your regular browser and many options will come up.

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