Bags of Dicks

Sometimes you just have to laugh at all of this madness.

Although this has turned into a shitty video game pretty quickly where your survival is the only thing that will matter soon, rest assured the military is in control.

But no one ever said there wouldn’t be casualties.

Many are not ready to hear that this massive worldwide operation better known to anons as the Cabal Takedown is going to take time.

I wish we could just Skip To The End, but this show is just one seemingly endless episode after another.

It’s not easy dismantling, arresting, destroying, and terminating a very old and super evil cabal.

Most people can and simply will not accept the truth: that we are prisoners of this planet under an evil reptilian rule (which has been destroyed) from the top and on the way down, real fast.

This is why you haven’t seen some of our least favorite scumbag non-elite actors arrested yet. They are not as important as the bigger more evil rulers at the top.

But they will be.

They can’t sleep! Good! because They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

Do your part and Unfollow Them.

Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood

I see it every day.

So does Potus, in a way bigger way.

We know what is coming for them.

Until then, Stay The Course. Stay Informed and Be Grateful and if someone asks you to Show Me Your Papers, tell them go eat bags of dicks.



Via Donnie

Oh this show just keeps getting better every darn day! Can’t wait! Watch the water!

Gates in the news. Let’s take a look at what RICO and asset liquidation can do. But wait, I think Gates forgot that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Nothing. They are all dirty sewer rats going down for treason. Transferring money to your man wife won’t matter. Lucifer is not coming to save you. Burn.

Thank you Ron & Rachel

This is how they should swoop down and round up these deep state shit tards. One swoop with thousands of these men in Pedowood. Booyah. What a show that would be!


Via Danielle on Telegram (NOT endorsed by this blog FYI)

Big Pharma Labs is owned by?

The 2 Wuhan Labs are owned by?

Really Simple.

The Same People are behind Bitcoin.

The Same People who are Big Pharma

The Same People who have the Wuhan Labs.

The labs where Viruses are Man Made just like AIDS & many others 


The Bolshevic/Khazarian/Zionist Rothschilds put Israel on the Map.

Rothschilds arteficially inseminated the UK Royals. 

Future Proves Past.

You must understand the past.

The Reversal Of The Act of 1871 has major ramifications for PLANET EARTH. 

No more Crown, Commonwealth, Constitutions, Balfour Declaration, Big Pharma, Big Tech etc.

The World As You Know it is leaving…

Use search bar to find info on all off the above.



Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB:

Facebook becomes the central nexus of human-smuggling cartel operations, Florida congresswoman says

End of notables.

Via Telegram Channel

Speaking of cults.

Colin: Scientologist

Joy Villa: Scientologist

John Mappin(Owner of Camelot castle): SCIENTOLOGIST

Starseeds: Vril Cult (Channeling/Medium shit)

Welcome to the “QAnon” Cult. 

There is only Q and Anons…. there is no “QAnon”



THE ANTIDOTE w/ Dr. Mikovits via Benjamin A. Bock

👉🏼 👈🏼

Make sure to watch the video of the prosecutor at the bottom on this page: The New Nuremberg Trials 2021 – Please Share this info!


Full 2021 Nuremberg trial Lawyer intro video

End of Ben’s submissions


Arrival. And older piece of mine.


Today’s Meme Gallery

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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~ Dilara 05.06.21

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  1. A conversation with Polyamorous Androgynous Man about PUBERTY BLOCKERS

    Here is the entire conversation with this half-wit.

    Here is this fellows Website:

    “Please do subscribe on YouTube. I have a series of 5-minute videos coming in the next few months, hitting different topics that will be great to share. We must first educate people about what is happening before we ever get any change. I’ll upload more conversations as I go.”

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