Digital Soldiers: Future Proves Past

Tonight’s comic comes to you via Crystal Jones aka my favorite Bunnyfwend @Jonessense on Twitter.

I just love this one so much.

We are living history!

These times and graphics will go down in the history of the world anons!

So it was written! God wins!

Goodnight patriots!

Try and get some sleep. 😴

~ #WWG1WGA ♥️🙏🏼

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  1. Hi lovely patriot Dilara.

    Twitter blocked me a week ago, when I shared gen Flynn post and said “WWG1WGA” they sensor me Instagram, Facebook etc. Even I got message on my IPhone to accept and agreed terms of conditions for Apple or return the phone 🤣
    They are finished. They are scared.. we are the digital soldiers.. I love Trump, I love Gen Flynn, I love each and all of you, who add and help in this God’s war. End the end God will win.. everything will be amazing. Thank you all your input and help to people see the truth. God bless you🙏🏻😘

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