Those Who Cannot Hear the Music

Is it possible that the Trump administration is in power and controlling this entire show?


That is what you are watching! A puppeteer show where for the next four years, a pretend dead President (Biden) is being used in a holographic/actor/clone visual effects by the Trump administration and our military operation.

Remember, The Truth Is Not For Everyone and people’s ego’s get hurt when they hear things that don’t fit into their belief patterns. Too bad for them!

Ego has no place where we are headed. Well, some of us anyway…

The white hats in control are going to keep this charade up for many reasons.

The first and foremost reason is that military operations are still underway. Kids are still being rescued, DUMBS are still being destroyed and there are many more arrests that need to be made. From controlled demolition to the flooding of tunnels in D.C. used for sex and human trafficking, our entire infrastructure is being changed.

Many countries are cooperating with this plan (hundreds).

The White House is finished and being destroyed. The new capital of the People’s Republic of America is already being relocated to Texas (not my pick, but this makes sense since many operations have been underway in the Lone Star state from before Potus become president in 2016).

This takes time.

This is why Potus says that he may run for election for 2024. Although He’s Still Your President. the dopes and morons out there won’t believe it and they are clinging to their shitty matrix and fake Biden administration.

Biden is dead.

Kamala is dead.

How many more times do you need to be told You Are Watching a Show ðŸŽ¥ðŸ¿?

I can’t wait till they Shake and Wake the stupid sheep and the reality is jabbed into them.

The Truth Hurts and frankly, I’m looking forward to their little minds blowing! They needs a massive karmic slap of reality with No Vaseline. These shit heads are truly making our lives miserable. They are the problem. They are so programmed they just need to either take their jab eat their fkn donought or just GTFO out of our way.

“Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way”

We are dealing with a major alien presence, The Invisible Enemy that Potus referred to over and over again.

Most people cannot and simply will not grasp this. The truth will blow them away, put them in the hospital. Weak, feeble and just plain old stupid.

Too bad for them. They can stay in the dark and just dwell in their ignorance forever. For these lost idiots, I have No Mercy.

It was Friedrich Nietzsche who said:

The mindless mutton cannot breathe, cannot think for themselves and they cannot hear the music. Good riddance. They can’t take the jab fast enough. James Woods is right.

Anyone wanna tango?

💃🏼 🕺 💃🏼


Partial list of pedo child eating scum at Epstein’s island. Think they are gonna get away with it? NOT! They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood is going to BURN. Sick, vile shiteaters. Pure shit.

Incoming false flag <ff> : a fake alien invasion

👉🏼 👈🏼


Santa Cruz, California by MM


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~ Dilara 04.24.21

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  1. Dilara, I’d just interested to hear from you, if you like: do you think that old guys in the music scene like Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles and many others (to name a few) are ALL part of this pedo-shit-cabal? I know that they are into some masonic environments (OTO, Golden Dawn, like the great Chick Corea was for sure…), but in your opinion are they part of that pedo-scum at the same level of shit-men like Kevin Spacey or Woody Allen, for example? Thanks

  2. False Flag, huh — incoming alien invasion? Will it be holographic or will they just blow the cloaking off all the current traffic in our skies? If it’s projection, will it be from the ISS? Moon? Satellite System? The new Wall out there should hold any hostiles at bay, and if they fired from afar, it would return that fire back on them, probably with a twist. So good to know it’s a FF. Wouldn’t want to send things spiraling unnecessarily.

    First time here — Enjoyed it — found you watching Linda Paris. I’m going to follow. –AA

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