Shake and Wake

That’s what they need now: a good shaking.

Those who are awake are “living in a land of dopes and dumbasses!”

Linda Paris said that on yesterday’s show about Hello George! And she’s right!

Seriously, how are we dealing with them at this point?

It’s simply intolerable!

Not only is the mask the easy evidence of their stupidity (and I’m not talking people who are being given a choice to wear the mask or quit their jobs) but those that are just wearing it for fun, fashion and fear! Sick of them!

Yes, this is really going on folks.

If we were to tell them to put on the hijab and the burka, that’s next! They would! Idiots! Morons! Dopes!

So all we can hope for at this point is a serious Shake & Wake!

Let the #ShakeAwakening begin for this numb nuts! Please! We have all had it with them!



I ♥️ Clint Eastwood! A great man and NOT one of them. And I had the pleasure of working with him!

There are truly Two Types of People

Twitter used to have some value and fun once upon a time…

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~ Dilara 04.21.21

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  1. Thank you for the info on Clint Eastwood, I have always liked him. Ugh Racheal Maddcow, so many of my girlfriends listen to that garbage, I can only practice deep breathing and calming thoughts at those moments that they talk about what that MadCow said… and I also pray that they wake up… they are good people who have been horribly tricked. One of those friends was ready to get the Moderna Vax, I at least got her to wait a while and look at the side effects. The carrot is that she can see her clients in person again… and she has immune issues that I have helped her with using pure essential oils. We all need to pray for our deceived friends who are really good folks. I was TO, but I woke up, 9/11 was the big one, before that, even as a child (born 1958) I sensed the lie about the President Kennedy assassination. But then as a teenager I fell into the Rock N Roll deception. Fell as low as I personally ever want to go, now the only way out is UP!!

    • The same scum that did 9/11 are doing Convid19! A NWO coup’ to Destroy America & kill off white America to forever, be run by the🔯’s! The poison Shot is an Mrna Gene Sequencer that reverses the spike protein! As soon a those who have taken it, get any 1 of the other 12 Corona Flu’s in the world, their body’s will shut down! Then millions will die within a Year or so..Resistance & preparation are all we can do. They want our guns & all whites dead! Have any friends or family listen to Dr.Tenpenny & they won’t ever get the Poison Shot!⏳Turn off the LSD📺& Conjob19 goes away! 911theball/Dr.Judy Wood “Where did the Tower’s Go”? 911theball Where 2cgi ✈’s Brought down 3 Tower’s! 911=INSURANCE FRAUD

  2. Love Clint from his first spaghetti westerns to now. If there is such a thing as man crush, this is it :))))))

    Thanks for everything you do Dilara!

  3. Hey D,
    Great video shared by Benjamin, The Law of War The Storm Super Proof. Wow. I also understand the plan is going to take much longer, but hoping before November 2022 elections. It was long but I did take down my notes and going to read further as he suggests on certain areas of DOD Manual War of Law Chapter 11, 18.
    Funny that slows you, that people like Zuckerbooger is in deep shit and the FAKE NEWS falling under Chapter 18.22 Psychological Projection of Conspiracy and how the Law of War was so cleared up for me. Now I see with Project Veritas and the big CNN bust of his video shows that they falsified the news to psychological set up the minds of the Freak’n SHEEP and place fear into them.

    The lies of Fake Flags to get these people to believe that there is an injustice towards black people in America. It’s been proved that there is more black on black crime thats never makes the news, unless it involves a Police Officer. They’ve got these sheep wrapped up.

    Like the shooting now in Ohio, with live police cam video of a chick attacking girls and wielding a knife was shot 4 times. That was a justified shooting in my eye. A Police Officer has only seconds to react and every seconds counts. This Police Office chose to shoot of the assailant an save the life of the girl in pink who was about to get stabbed, possibly a fatal stabbing. A call to the police to help “PROTECT & SERVE.” So instinctively your choice would be to shoot the assailant and protect the victims that surrounded the assailant. This is media bullshit.

    Does anyone remember the man wielding 12″ knife with several calls that day, and his mother screaming don’t shoot following her son into the street, I do! What ever happens to that White Officer shooting? It didn’t fit the MSM narrative because the man was mentally unstable with a background of mental illness for years. Oh, we can’t us this police officer shooting the guy was a NUT CASE. Now the case of Adam Toledo aka “Lil Homicide 13 year old, they call him a little boy, no NO. That “little” boy was a Latin Kings Gang Member and if he was ordered to shoot you he would no questioned asked. His allegiance was to his only family The Latin Kings. PERIOD!!! What happen to MSM’s narrative there? ahhhh he was a gang member can’t us this, move one to the next bullshit Police Officer shooting. Sheep wake up!

    It’s like Q stated the people need to see, but the SHEEP, they forget about the crimes of Black/Black, Brown/Black White/Black, Brown, Asian, Rich/Poor vise versa or gang related killing are only a blip because the MSM chooses and will continue to choose what they air and how much air time the story gets. This weekend Jaslyn Adams 7 years old black girl shot and killed at a McDonalds Drive and 22 other shootings over the weekend through just a Blip on the MSM radar; MSM doesn’t put it out there because it doesn’t fit their needs for RATINGS or CABAL AGENDA. I guess Jaslyn’s life didn’t matter enough because it wasn’t a Police Officers bullet. I could go on and on all the different scenarios. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    Mayor Lightfoot thinks putting out a Tweet; “I am heartbroken and angered that a 7-year-old child was killed this afternoon on Chicago’s West Side. This unthinkable act of violence has no place here. The epidemic of gun violence cutting our children’s lives short cannot go on.” Really as she walks around with her private security. Another thing the Sheep are so blind to, is seeing the Black Elite; Oprah, Meghan Markle (I didn’t even have a clue It was Black when I watched it on Suits. I believe It uses It’s lighter pigmentation to pass as white and brings up It’s dark for convince. Nice using It’s Elite status to push an agenda for poor poor Meghan.) Lebron James, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Maxine Waters, Obama’s put out these tweets to incite America. But in reality they don’t care or do anything about the black crime or the situations they live in. The Black Elite live in Rich White neighborhoods and send their kids too Expensive Private School’s and have nannies to take care of their children. This group of Elites have no idea what its like to live in the shoes of these gang bang neighborhoods.

    Sometimes I wonder how some people can be so IGNORANT.

    It’s is not a misspelling, I just can’t figure if it’s a XX or XY.


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