Sunday Comics and A Movie

Back by popular demand, Picnic Table Talk (w/ Bear). part 2 from Bill!

You can find Bill on GAB: @swellbs

Meanwhile, here is a documentary for your perusal this evening. Open your mind.


Jim Nichols is an essential part of everyone’s awakening. Views are his, not mine.

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~ Dilara 04.25.21

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  1. Dilara is a delight!!! Love those comics. Glorious. You just make my day- every day 😍👏👍🇺🇸❤️🙏🦅. The best info anywhere.

  2. You’re the greatest! The laughs are just nonstop.😂
    It is getting so hard for Patriots to find truth now.
    You are a beacon in an incredibly dark world.
    Thank you for posting things daily. It helps !

  3. I’ve been wondering just what was an Archon. I know of all kinds of species from a lot of different planets, but had to scratch my head over that one. So it’s a general term, could be any species, particularly predatory? On humans only, or other planets as well? The ancient Greek for “ruler” or “leader,” he said. He said spirit entities, can’t get an incarnation?

    Not arguing here, now — just adding to… What I know about Sophia, if that’s an example of one of the Archons, then that’s easy.. She was an Anunnaki. Wayyyyyy, wayyyyyy back there. Her name is actually almost unpronounceable in English, kind of like Isis’ name. (It is actually pronounced Sss-Sss in Anunnaki.) Sophia’s name was more like TH-Z. That’s pronounced with a very hard Thhh long O hard Zzzz, At the time of this story, she was the highest ranking female, whatever that meant at the time. Legend that I heard, she was like a very competent executive secretary to a high-ranking military official, so she had a lot of power and presence as such. Later she became known as the “First Harlot.”

    So I’d probably argue that she did not become Earth. All Creation is chock full of Sentience. Why would it be weird or out of the ordinary for a planet, galaxy, solar system, star, black hole, nebula, ad infinitum, to have a consciousness, a cognition, energy exchanges, births, deaths, a life, if you will. Plants do, and we’ve proved it. Water has memory, and water is a life need, integrally, and otherwise. These are the wonders of Creation.

    The texts of the Nag Hammadi finds? I wonder if those are some of the writings of the Essenes that have mysteriously vanished from the time of Immanuel. He did say disciples’ works that had not been corrupted. Sounds like exactly what the Akurians are saying and have been saying since all along. I’d probably take into account that people of the day may have had a limited means to describe what they knew, or were seeing up in the Planes. They were also battling the Anunnaki for control of the narrative, so there’s that.

    We should also stay cognizant that since Nibiru came to be, that planet has probably had about 20 Kings. Or so — saying I’m not sure exactly but close to 20. One of them served for 23 million of their years, which is 1 of their years is 3600 of our years. That’s a long time, so Sophia is back there somewhere, and any of the Anunnaki could take her legend, contort it and tell Mankind anything. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the knowledge we’ve gained of their entire civilization, which goes back to the 350th Creation. The Great Fall didn’t happen until the 360th, which is the one we’re in now. Still. That’s the Nephilim, the Anunnaki are out of, from Sirius. Then for folks to also know, the Pleaeidians — however they spell it — I’m too lazy to look it up, so correct me if it’s wrong — they are also out of the Nephilim, and they are not really our friends. Their Love and Light act is another gar hole, but that’s another day.

    Thank you, Dilara, for the movie — I learned a lot that I’ve been asking about. –AA

  4. This is my first post I became aware of you from following Linda Paris at McAlister TV.

    That video was excellent, it started off slow but then got really good.

    At the 16:32 minute point he says something that I think is very important:

    “In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged a stupendous maneuver-stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist; a horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind.

    So what I take this to mean is that is our “Reptile Brain”, our fight or flight brain, the brain between our spinal cord and our real brain.

    That’s how arrogant our masters are, they actually come right out and say that it is them that are responsible for this, by naming it the Reptile brain.

    He even touches on one of my favorite topics, the psychopath, and I couldn’t agree more with what he’s saying, they are our leaders and the tools of our masters, they are a type of hybrid and have been purposely created to maintain control over us.

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