The Great Mistakening

I could write what I want to say today, but most of it comes from Danielle on Telegram below. Exactly my thoughts.

There is also a video update I am leaving for all of you.

Don’t be short sighted, open your mind and be open to alternative belief systems.

If you think you know everything, you are already dead to this evolving world.

If you cannot open your mind, you are part of the Great Mistakening and back to the matrix you go.

In fact, you never left.

Don’t be a part of the deception.

Choose to be free.

Sheep No More.

God bless the patriots.

God bless humanity.

God bless the lost and let them find their way back to source.


🙏🏼 ♥️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ ✝️ 🕉


From Danielle on Telegram (Follow her here:

The Event that we are all craving for right now, to end this crazyness on earth, will actually be a series of smaller events.

Like a Ripple effect, one wave after another will result in a major Storm.

That is why you see Whip and me reporting on such various topics.

But if you know the bigger picture, you can connect the Dots and be one of the first to see that the Ripple effects are getting stronger and stronger.

Dates and timmimg are both frustrating and essential. The orchestration of the harmony of Ripples that lead up to the Event of the century is what is called Divine timming. This is in God,s hands.

We can only observe, discern, speculate and connect to the Ripples of the outcome that is our highest timeline:

Freedom and Peace on Earth.

It is essential that we connect to this higher timeline together.

Even if it has not manifested yet, we must remember to work with the divine energetic tools that were given to us but that we lost in centuries of being hijacked by the Dark.

We create our own reality by manifesting our desired outcome through our thoughts and emotions.

It is essential to stay in the “knowing” not the “doubting”, to stay high in “We can” and “We are” instead of the negative fearful connotations.

That is exactly how the fear matrix works. Fight against it by contributing to the massive energy ripples of Light.

The energies in your field connect to the collective field, connect to the earth grid, connect to the Wifi grid, connect to Source; the field of the God force energy that creates All there is.

The energies are pushing hard on us with a Full Moon, manipulation of the field by Fear spread on MsM, people being vaccinated that divide us….

So keep your energy high. Go outside to connect with nature. Drink plenty of water. Rest. Cuddle your pets and loved ones. Enjoy life.

And connect to the knowing and feeling that all will be well.

Try not to go into discussions with those that are a sleep around you. Respect their free will and own life path in this orchestration. Send them love and wish them well. Don,t let it affect your field. Only this way you will be able to make a difference. Just shine your light. 

And keep your eyes on all the possible 

Ripples looking out for the Event:

– Arizona audit = Treason = Military

– Sec case on Ripple = Swith to QFS

– Ukraine / Russia / China / Israel / Iran etc  = Scare event = Military = Internet MsM down = Project Odin

– Solar Storm = scare event Internet down.

Sending Love Danïelle 


From Whiplash on Telegram (Follow him here )tree

For those that dont know On The Clock means Cyber to shutdown all systems on the Planet. I believe the NSA will Flood the internet with a whole heap of incriminating evidence. 

The SpaceForce will turn the whole planets power off. Switching over to Free Tesla Energy.

Mr Pool showed us all Trains will be halted. They work on big Electrical Grids.

All Social Media Platforms will be removed and New Ones will be replacing them with the new Quantum Internet controlled in space. It is Unhackable. Download your Data if you don’t have 2nd copies of photos etc. We have been warned of the Global CyberSecurity Crisis.

Thanks Donnie. 👆🏼👇🏼
Via Ron & Rachel
Via Telegram Channel


🗳Watch the Arizona Audit live here: 🗳


Again from Danielle on Telegram:

Maxwell Family

Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley

Understand how the Maxwell,s link to the Isrealian Mossad, FBI & CIA and the elite.

Via honeytrapping, trafficking and treason.

By moving in “the same circles as her father” and vowing to “work only on things involving Israel,” Isabel Maxwell became a pivotal liaison for the entry of Israeli intelligence-linked tech firms into Silicon Valley with the help of Microsoft’s two co-founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

End of post from Danielle


Floppy Mike swinging that dick! For moar inversion shitshows, see Trannygate

#MandingoMike and his massive beef between leg. Sick and vile. BURN! (PS: I do NOT support Fat Shill Alex Jones and InfoWhores)

This nurse is telling us about how the vaccinated shitheads are spreading the spike proteins to us and we need to stay away from these idiots who are so controlled SO selfish and so STUPID that they are putting all of humanity are risk. THEY are the REAL enemy! MUST WATCH!

👉🏼 👈🏼

My video update today



Spring by Daniel


Today’s Meme Gallery

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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~ Dilara 04.26.21

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  1. D-
    I don’t know If I should ask here or take it offline…When you said to not follow the bible it gave me pause. I TOTALLY get how the evil satan could skew it, but you said to listen to the words of Jesus (which are in the bible). The way I understand the Bible, it is the story of the fall of mankind, including all the meanderings to get there, and God’s plan and provision for man to be restored to God, in the Kingdom of God, free of sin, through the journey of using our free will, and by His grace. I have a strong relationship with God, through Jesus. I’m just curious what your meaning was. Like, which parts do you think should be left out?

    Thank you for the tons of research you do and for sharing it on your blog with us/me. Love you!

    • The best answer I can give you is to do your own research. No one can answer questions for us until we find our own truth. First, your mind has to be open. Yes, the words of Jesus ARE in the Bible. And they so beautiful. BUT – there is much of the Bible MISSING and hidden. And the KING JAMES and ALL THESE KINGS are all skewed. I would start with reading the Book of Enoch. That is a good beginning. And the work of William Henry is quit good. Use discernment. Bless you Rene. Always.

      • Oh yes, I will definitely research. I was wondering what direction you could point me in, and you answered it! Thank you.
        Believe me when I say that I have gained spiritual, God-given, insight that is from the Holy Spirit and not directly “spoken to me through the Bible”. I have an open mind, but there is some cognitive dissonance I’m sure, as I know the bible stories and they paint an amazing timeline. Perhaps there is something “extra” that you are referring to (like start with “Enoch”) that could answer some other questions (like about those “people from another land” that is mentioned in Genesis). Thank you friend. ❤

    • The Most High Himself will testify to the veracity of only 9 (nine) books of the Bible — the First Five, known as the Pentateuch, wherein is contained All Holy Law as given to Moses, and the history of the bloodlines; the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, and The Revelation. That’s it. With the words of Immanuel concerning his miracles, “…and greater things than these shall ye do …”. Well, he multiplied food and fed 5000 people with 2 fish and five loaves. So where are the instructions? That’d be a great skill to have, don’t you think? Heal the sick, and raise the proven dead? Is medical science there yet? Certainly not for the commoner, the victim of their diseases. That game is: bleed the insurance, bleed the Estate, then let them die. Next! —

      Then there’s the controversy of Saul/Paul. Paul is a total forgery, and the parts that are true are the thievery of Peter’s story, who became the Anointed after Immanuel’s crucifixion. Peter was illiterate, and depended on scribes. Hence the contradictions against Immanuel’s teachings from “Paul.” I.e., Immanuel said to give it all up, Paul says you can keep it all. That’s a direct contradiction. Can’t have both …

      All these changes and forgeries were made at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD under the Emperor Constantine, and the Priest Flavius Josephus. They confiscated all scripts and writings under the guise of translating them from the original Greek and Aramaic into Latin, which “task” took over 500 years, by which time they had conveniently made certain that Latin was a dead language.

      And on and on. So I agree with Dilara that the Bible is deliberately flawed. The Book of Enoch still recalls when ET roamed openly, ships come and go, Balbec was a landing site. That’s why it was left out, that and the part scolding people for mixing with the ETs, as in contaminating both sets of bloodlines. Certainly can’t have that out there! You’re on the right path to some great discovery — happy trails!

  2. Have been following you for several months, Dilara, and l simply would like to mention how impressed l am with all of your content. Great work and all the best.

  3. I imagine your comment on the Bible is going to throw many for a loop. I pray they not be discouraged. I flagged a few inquiries regarding your comments on the Bible being interpreted as Not to follow it or even some now questioning wether or Not to believe it. I was caught a bit off guard for I don’t recall you stating this opinion prior to this blog. Sure we can send them to the book of Enoch, The Catholic Bible includes it Why ? Did they tweak it for There purposes, if some of the Bible is Tweaked who’s to say That the whole thing is not Tweaked. Personally today I Question every single thing that man puts his hands on! My relationship with Father God and my Savior is stronger than ever. I ask the Father aGodstantly for guidance and. Strengtp. This is not a new Scenario for me. But can’t help but pray for Father God to Bestow Discernment upon those who may no longer seek your word For Now They are asked to Question it! If told to now question the Bible what’s to not have them Question Mr DeSousa’s Book? I would cause I question everything now. Disinfo appears to be in Season.
    As Always Thank you Ms. Dilara for your blog and info. Much appreciated….Ciao!

  4. Dilara thank you for your posts and great awakening wisdom. I’ve only been aware and following your posts since your interview with Linda Paris which l found on Bitchute. Although Q aware and doing my own research for over four years, l have become addicted to your daily posts, movies, memes and humour.

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