No Vaseline

They are all freaking out so bad. 😂

You should see all the undesirables of Pedowood hitting the bottle, the streets, and the hookers! They are a mess! So many of these vile cretin are panicking!

You know why?

They know that Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood.

Most of these used up, dried out, prune-pickled vaginal actresses and tiny-nubbed freak show tranny tits are really losing their shit. Work is not as lucrative for them and many of them are on their last life vest in the river of denial.

As their false idyllic worlds crumble around them, their bank accounts are getting smaller and smaller as their viewership and boomer vaxxed fanbases die off, their feigned popularity is at stake.

Remember their Biggest Fear: Public Awakening.

Most of these losers are grasping on to any job, commercial and product they can endorse for a quick buck. Soon, they will have nothing left to be remembered by but a small smear of shit staining human history. For generations to come, humanity will mock and laugh at them and they will never be remembered for anything but their crimes against humanity.

RICO will scoop up the ones who didn’t partake in the baby eating and blood drinking, because no matter which way you turn in this town, someone you are working for, in a contract with, or just f*cking is guilty. Which makes them guilty co-conspirators under this wonderful law, wether they like it or not.

Watching this happen before our very eyes is truly biblical.

You can do your part now and Unfollow Them.

The once fake elite (scum) who paraded around with paparazzi chasing them and their designer jeans and cars will soon be running from the same press who once pampered them with compliments when the big, bad law comes a knockin’ at their doors. Realistically, they won’t be knocking. Many of them will be caught off guard. The plan is not what most think: alot of what is going to happen is not going to happen publicly. At least not at first. Later, we will get to see the aftermath. I heard early on in this operation that Potus and team ordered a media blackout per the cooperation of some of these heavy hitters (think Epstein and Weinstein … funny how the last names always seem to end the same way, eh?).

Many of them have no idea what is coming for them.

They think they can keep living their little matrix lives and that the world will always worship them. Well, they are all in for a big surprise. Their little worlds are about to shatter into A Thousand Pieces.

It’s Going To Be Biblical

The beauty of this operation is that it is so covert that no one really knows the hour, the day or the time when those wonderful feds and military will show up at their dinner party, their red carpet, their set or their stupid whatever and take their asses away.

Remember what I keep telling you in all my videos about pedowood?

They are all guilty.

Every last one of them. They all know what and who they work for, but a like a drug addict, they are addicted to their false personas, their fame, their money and their lifestyles.

Luxuries they are surely not going to have when they get to prison or to the firing squads.

In fact, I don’t think they will even have any lube when Bubba is ready to greet them at Gitmo.

Though many of these clown owned and operated celebrities are ready to bend over for the G-damn cracker every day for fame and fortune, I don’t think they will enjoy the experiences and the company that awaits them.

I can’t wait to watch.

Can you imagine the ratings?

Ricky Gervais warned them.

Remember this?

Ricky Golden Balls Final Farewell to the Pedophile Scum. Good riddance sick shits!

It was the last Golden Globes and award shows. All of these satanic rituals are over. Remember You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 It’s all fake and just optics to keep the numbnuts at bay and busy with their matrix. Why? Because their little brains can’t take too much truth at once. They are so frail and easily controlled, they won’t even take their masks off while jogging. We have to Suffer Early simply because The Truth Hurts and The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

As much as I would like to Skip To The End, we have to Hold The Line! and know that when they do get arrested, publicly ridiculed, They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

In the meantime?

No vaseline for you Pedowood scum.


Judge Them By Fire 🔥 ✝️ ⚖️

The law is coming.

So is God. He’s been waiting for all of you.



AMEN! 🙏🏼 ✝️ ♥️ Thank you Brian

Looks like natural selection to me! Buh Bye! 🍩💉☠️👋🏼🥳

Still having trouble believing that you can’t be cloned? Still in denial? I worked on projects that involved DNA and human cell regeneration. I have seen it with my own eyes, how a human cell from a single hair strand can create a human being. Take a look at this! Now do you understand how Hollywood has multiple clones of the same cretin?

Make sure you read and watch the material in Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation

Thank you Brad for this post.

That’s alot of ships! Wish they would inspect them all!

From Study.

The real vaccine that Potus was referring to. See my article The Parasitic Invasion


Via Dr. Stella on Telegram Meanwhile DNA tattoos to track vaccines published in What is the tracking nano particles used??? Luciferase.

Optimization of Intradermal Vaccination by DNA Tattooing in Human Skin

The Path Brightens for Vaccine Researchers: Luminescent Reporter Viruses Detect Neutralizing Antibodies – Promega Connections

The Biden administration is developing a national coronavirus ‘vaccine-passport’ program for Americans

Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB

Dan tweet COMMS to Anons Buckle Up – Locked and Loaded

Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged “secret husband”, Scott Borgerson, is the CEO of a maritime analytics company CargoMetrics

The fuckers are up to something huge LARGE SELL OFF OF CHINESE STOCKS AND US MEDIA COMPANIES Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Reportedly Sold a Massive $19 Billion Worth of Shares in Chinese Tech and US Media Companies

l;;gmlxzssaw == Q Acquitted

Ship seized in $1.3 billion cocaine bust is owned by JP Morgan Chase

NEW – Superseding Indictment hits Ghislaine Maxwell with charges for “sex trafficking of a minor”

YouTube REMOVES the Dislike Button Because Biden Keeps Getting NUKED With Dislikes

Brazil coup?

End of notables by Ben.


BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW! What FBI Agent JOHN DESOUZA Just Told Us Will Amaze You! 2021

You can learn more about John in my articles called The Real Life Mulder 🛸, What Is Going On?

and A Thousand Pieces (👈🏼 make sure you watch this documentary!)

And you will never believe this. Straight from Pedowood and super cabal pedo series Dexter, here’s a scene!

(Dexter) Child saved from EVERGREEN shipping container. No coincidences. part 1


“He that shall endure unto the end shall be saved. Because I will put and end to my adversary’s activity and put him into chains along with his adherents!”


Nature’s Pharmacy: Early spring magnolia flowers in Pennsylvania from Ben Kostka


Thank you Selcuk!

Today’s Meme Gallery

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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~ Dilara 03.31.21

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  1. Hi D, I found something worth sharing to all your legals. Case 1:18-CV-032150JMF Document 18 Filed 07/09/2018. Conformed Consent Action Network (plaintiff) vs United States Department of Health and Human Services (Defendant)
    J F K jr. representing plaintiff.

    I found it on Telegram Q Full Disclosure 17, Link below This link has a bunch of Vaccine info and other sites too long to copy by hand, sorry long day. I’ll check the site tomorrow. Anyone else game!!!



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