Watch The Water

How do you expose a worldwide human trafficking cabal?

Peru, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, USA, Nigeria, Oman, Uganda, India, New Zealand, China, Colombia, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, UK, and Belgium are all undergoing major flooding.

How do you make a dead body float?

Start with the DUMBS by Saving The Children .

Flood the tunnels with water.

What would eventually happen to bodies buried underground or underwater?

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

This post was circulating today around Telegram channels form this account 👇🏼

You guys know about the McAfee ‘KillSwitch’ yeah? 

A fellow yogini warrior sister 

Jeanette Ulbl Yoga shared this with me. These are her personal thoughts on what’s to come. I had the most intense goosebumps as I read it so I’m not sure what that means. I have her blessing to share it here. 

Here it is (not for the faint of heart …) 


As waters recede, riverbeds reveal: 

1) As soon as the water floods are over, the many corpses become visible.

2) Once the floods are over, the DUMBS will become visible.

3) Once the floods are over, the satanic ritual child abuses will come to light.

4) Once the floods are over, we will find the corpses of the non-human beings.

5) As soon as the water floods are over, the release of data from McAfee’s inventory will begin.

6) As soon as the water floods are over, the crypto-currencies will crash.

All I can say is they did tell us ‘It’s going to be BIBLICAL’ 🔥

End of post.

All of these things are indeed possible. And if so, intricately planned.

Among these nations and cities, Washington D.C. has been flooded. Reports of children being rescued beneath DC have been circulating among alternate news channels. The capitol will never be in DC again. Some say Texas will be the new capital of we the People’s Republic of America and that’s fine by me.

The rumors of underground tunnels in DC are not just hearsay. In fact, the tunnels run globally. All of the countries experiencing flooding right now are connected, underground and beneath the sea.

From the Vatican to Antarctica, our meager existence on the crust of this spinning globe is just a part of the life forms and systems that make this world, this existence go around.

Just what lies below this crust?

Do we really know what is underneath the sea?

Have you ever seen Friday Night Movie: The Abyss? A great movie and good timing to Expand Your Thinking.

Your survival depends on the amount of ego controlling your belief patterns as well as your programming and your willingness to Change Yourself.

What Are You Going To Believe?

Let The Divine Wisdom of Will Power guide you in Christ’s truth through the Almighty Father God’s will and align yourself with what is truthful, what is right. And never forget His promise: I Have Plans To Prosper You.

There is little time left to choose between good and evil. Ignorance can literally get you killed. So Do Your Vaccine Homework! and realize that the truth is what will truly set you free. Though The Truth Is Not For Everyone, lies will lead to your demise. Facts can be difficult when faced with truths that have been well hidden from our knowledge. To control us. To farm us. To enslave us.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Ultimately, The Choice To Know Will Be Yours, so choose truth; choose God. All of the time. Faith is not a part time job. Harbor no resentments and stay away from snakes.

In seeking real news, Be Careful Who You Follow.

Analyze events and data.

Pay attention to patterns in current events and connect the dots looking backwards. Future Proves Past.

Look at all the Global Uprising events taking place! Why won’t MSM report this?!

You Have Moar Than You Know .

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

How many more floods do you need before you realize that this is one gigantic operation and that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿?

Use common sense – think for yourself. Analyze and realize that The Military Is In Control!

Most likely, it is the military who is aiding in the execution of these events.

The White Hats have control of the cabal’s systems from weather manipulation to cloaking skies. And all of these things are now being used against them! Soon, They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street. I can’t wait!

One day, when this is all said and done, those that can hear the music are going to be flabbergasted at the level of chess that is being played by the White Hats.

We are not alone.

We have never been alone.

We have some amazing help.

They are not of human origin.

Just ask The Real Life Mulder 🛸 and Snark With Sarge and Linda Part 1.

Are We There Yet?

I don’t think so. But those who walk alone seeking truth and refuse to follow a crowd going in the wrong direction are surely headed in the right one.

🙏🏼 ♥️ W W G 1 W G A ♥️ 🙏🏼

Tune of The Day

Tomorrow we resume the regular blog format! Stay tuned!

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~ Dilara 07.21.2021

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  1. Thank you Dilara for sharing Jeanette’s insight on possible future occurrences. I must admit I found myself in harmony with her vision. To have the reality of what has been the real Truth revealed before all, (well, at least all that refused the Jab) But the unpleasantness of the Truth is exactly that Unpleasant and that’s putting it very mildly. We know the truth of the almost unspeakable activity of demon seed warriors..They will defeated and destroyed. And I long for that day when we realize that “It’s Morning in America” Morning! Joy comes in the Morning!!! Hallelujah hallelujah Hallelujah!!! All Glory to Father God!!! Ciao “Ice Angel”!!

  2. So, if this really is a show, then that means there really is no crisis at the border? The DS isn’t taking all those children for their andrenechrome? Because I find it extremely hard to believe our beautiful President would let all those kids be taken.

    • There IS a crisis at the border, but we ARE taking care of it. 😉 Just not publicly. Trust this plan. Stay the course. God bless you patriot. You will see the results one day. Love and light.

  3. Hey, Dilara, I’ve found interesting info supposedly from Gene Decode about the mRNA shots that are posted by someone on telegram. It was about how they affect humans and “mankind” differently. Sarge said something similar about the differences in DNA between humans, and those who are not in his recent interview with Linda. You may want to look more in this.💉

    And The 💉… mRNA Shot.
    Reported by Gene CoSensei Decode

    Humanity: Has at least 52% or more human genes.
    Gene CoSensei said, Studies prove MK Ultra Mind Controlling, will NOT hold, if an individual has more than 75% human DNA.
    The higher levels of your soul will get the lower levels to rebel. And you will wake up, and overide the MK Ultra Programing.
    Mankind: Has higher percentage of non human dominant genes.
    Which allows the individual to be MK Ultra Mind Controlled.
    Gene CoSensei, discovered there are millions of MK Ultra Mind Controlled mankind individuals in the US
    At least one on every block, in all major cities throughout the US.
    These MK Ultra individuals, can be called to riot, burn, destroy their cities, when activated by the Deep State, any time the deep state, makes the call.
    If an individual has 75%, 90% or higher mankind DNA. They likely will not survive the mRNA Shot (COVID-19 Shot) 💉… and die.
    If the person is 75% Human DNA, they may get slightly sick.
    If the person is 80% – 90% Human DNA, they will not even notice the shot.
    52% -75% human DNA. They may get sick for a couple days, while the mRNA Shot (COVID-19 Shot 💉) restores their DNA to 100% human. Afterwards, they will be more kind and have more compassion for others, with their human restored DNA.
    The military’s version of the vaccine may be a placebo?

    Gene CoSensei, said, MMS Chlorine Dioxide, is a powerful anti microbial compound to combat the AI.
    Additionally Glutathione, and Zinc are beneficial.

  4. all your posts lean on fantastic; however, today’s was even heavily more so fantastical !!!
    your help with bringing clarity to our world IS much appreciated. again. dear dilara. thank you a millions~fold for uplifting us.

  5. If we are to look deeply into all rabbit holes….we need to, with an open mind, consider we are not a 666 ball earth
    speeding around the sun and propelling forward….more lies….most everything is a lie.

  6. Hi lovey! Sooo what do you think it’s happening with new COVID cases? I’m hearing about new delta variant etc since I don’t watch news lol what’s the deal? Also I’m hearing the ones that got the COVID shot are getting it first! Ugh!

  7. Hi Miss Dalara, it’s me again.
    I have been hearing some very scary things, that the UN is set up in Virginia, I believe. Is this true??
    Love and ligt to you. Stay safe!!

  8. No offense but I do not believe in mythical white hats doing anything ….I like your vids with Linda Paris , regards Leo in nh

  9. I may be a nobody, but I’ve been watching this unfold and have been patiently waiting… and I just really want in. I want to help. I want to join the white hats… I don’t know how to help but I want to. Come pick me up lol

  10. I AM a nobody, but just imagine a head count of all the nobody’s world wide standing together for the Truth to conquer evil!…..That’s a lot of Nobody’s!!! Ciao!

  11. Hi all! Just a quick note. I am not sure the talk of the “white hats” is productive or not because saying “stay the course” is vague. What do we do? Just sit around and do nothing?I am learning to not trust anyone who says things are “handled” completely. I am less worried about who is inverted and what on tv is cgi or not, than I am about DOING something ourselves.. Dilara, you use the word discernment alot. In doing so, I have realized that EVEN IF there are white hats out there (I don’t think there are, I believe there are mainly gray hats and then plain old black hats) we will get nowhere if we just sit around on the internet reasearching things. I will not be the HOSEA you speak of, and seek knowledge everyday. In my opinion Dilara, you should focus on telling us WHAT you think we should be DOING to take this country back. Maybe we can help the white hats! What about making sure we buy from the USA only, or shop local, etc etc. I have never in my life felt like anything is won by just sitting around and “trusting the plan.” Absolutely anyone who says that is suspect in my opinion. Dilara, I appreciate your information and wonderful, beautiful self and what you bring to us, but understand that every time you give a vague answer and say, “Dont worry, God Bless Patriot, Stay the course!”….it gets a bit worrisome. What can we DO? I am interested in the future of your health show. THAT I cannot wait for. My point is, I LOVE your info and the knowledge you bring, but can you please pepper in ACTION items for us normal people who still have brains!? lol Love to all.

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