New Podcast: A Fistful Of Truth!

Guess what patriots?

I have a new podcast!

A Fistful Of Truth is now on AnchorFM as well as Spotify! Soon, this podcast will be available across all platforms, like Apple Music and much moar! And it’s all mine! No censorship, no one telling me what to say or how to say it.

You will get the raw, unfiltered truth, all of the time.

Here is the link to listen (always free) on Anchor FM.

Moar Censorship! Urgent Message To A Fistful Of Truth Listeners! A Fistful Of Truth

Please make sure to subscribe to this podcast and copy and share any links you find useful with others and on other social platforms! Help spread A Fistful Of Truth!   Support A Fistful Of Truth here 👉🏼: A Fistful of Truth Weekly Program: MONDAYS: Monday Matters w/ Special Guests (weekly) TUESDAYS: Secrets Of The Celebrities  WEDNESDAYS: Fistful Of Laughs feat. Special Guests  THURSDAYS: Health Matters  FRIDAYS: Snack To The Future (weekly)  SATURDAY: SNR: Saturday Night Rant! or SNS: Saturday Night Special (Weekly) SUNDAYS: Spiritual Sundays  A Fistful Of Snacks! coming soon! A FISTFUL OF TRUTH OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Find me daily on my blog! Spotify: Twitter: (@AFistfulOfTruth) – Old Account is: @DilaraEsengll  My Telegram Channel: On Rumble: Truth Social: *THE* BEST 5G PROTECTION FOR YOUR HOME AND OFFICE: PURCHASE SOMAVEDIC HERE and USE DILARA for 10% OFF USE THIS LINK: 👉🏼💎 💎👈🏼 MISSION DARKNESS FARADAY PHONE PROTECTION Use discount code: DILARA for 5% OFF total purchase price. THE BEST COLLAGEN I USE DAILY: OP2 LABS PRO T AND FROG FUEL! Get 10% Off with code: DILARA10:💪🏼 👉🏼👈🏼💪🏼 HEMP THERAPIES The Purest CBD Oil; 50% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE ONLY USE THIS LINK & ENTER CODE “DILARA” for DISCOUNT: ! 👉🏼👈🏼 *For a more episodes, please visit Anchor.FM where you can listen to A Fistful Of Truth on many public platforms, all listed on the Anchor.FM portal here: 👉🏼 👈🏼 Thank you for spreading, speaking and walking with A Fistful of Truth! #WWG1WGA — Support this podcast:
  1. Moar Censorship! Urgent Message To A Fistful Of Truth Listeners!
  2. Monday Matters: The First Arrest, Disinformation, Reparations & Changes In Cali!
  3. Secrets Of The Celebrities: Kill Switch Oscars And Dead Celebrities! 🏆 ☠️
  4. Monday Matters: March Madne$$ – The Gruesome Newsom$, POTUS in Iowa and My Coffee?
  5. Spiritual Sunday: Hope And Belief

In the meantime, we will always have the regular daily blog format so Stay The Course and spread the news!

🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸


The Art of Winning

Watch The Water

Remember this map from earlier this week? 👀

Picture on left: flooding area marked with redPicture on right: underground tunnel red lineCOINCIDENCE? 

What Are You Going To Believe?

From CodeMonkeyZ! 

China has used Covid-19 testing kits to collect the DNA of a large amount of people from all around the world.

Now China can more easily create diseases that target their enemies specifically while minimizing the effect on their own citizens.



Video of aircraft shooting at other aircraft above civ space US.

WATCH: Whitmer Kidnapping REVEALED AS F.B.I. PLOT – The True Reporter

🔥 🔥 🔥 8kun DIGZ 🔥 🔥 🔥





334 earthquakes in the last 10 days in Europe alone —  floods all over the world now. DUMBS & tunnels are being blown up. Old energies & its physical creations are being dissolved. Natural order is coming back. New Earth is arising. ✨🙏🏽✨

When the vaccine kill-switch is activated

🇩🇪 This reporter in southern Germany is talking about the traumatic experience of local residents finding bodies/corpses of children in their own homes left by the floods. 

600 corpses of babies and children

In case you missed it, here is Potus’ speech in Arizona

LIVE: President Trump Speech in Phoenix, AZ  || Trump Rally in Arizona (7/24/21)



This is probably my most favorite piece of art that I currently own. It was made for me by my Bunnyfwend, Crystal Jones. Thank you so much. I love it dearly.

Follow Crystal on Twitter: @Jonessense


Today’s Meme Parade

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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~ Dilara 07.26.21

You can follow me on GAB: @DilaraEsengil or Twitter @EsengilDilara (my old account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) but I’m mostly here on the blog. ♥️ 

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  1. Ms. Dilara! Way to Go!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!! You truly are now The Vessel!…

  2. Re: Audio Podcast Announcement

    That’s Right Dilara!! You stick to your guns my Friend. They’ll never censor you! I’ve got your six on that one! If you ever do a podcast on censorship Im Seeing ….”Censorship, And The DICKS Who promote It.!” LoL Ciao!

  3. Don’t know if you remember me, but I’m a big follower. I reached out with a message that I thought was from my Grandmother, but it was actually a message to you from yours. Someone brought me here tonight. You guess who. This was a beautiful example of who you are and we need more of you. Some of us are just born to always do the right thing, some of us like you can make a difference. Hope Birdie is doing great.

  4. Dilara ; I LOVED LOVED LOVED💕💕💕💕💕💕 your first podcast episode of Fist Full of TRUTH .!
    You are Truly gifted & BLESSED by GOD in sooooo many forms. Brilliantly, beautiful, the tone you set, your speaking & writing skills, ……down to your choice of capturing music . Can’t wait for the next ones💕👍

    • Loved your rant because I totally agree and feel that same way. As my father always said put up and tell the truth. Or shut up and move along. Thanks for sharing and may God bless you and your family.

  5. I am drawn to what you have to say. Thankful to have found you Dilara. Think of the difficult times like a hard workout. Think on the Exhilaration that comes when its over. Focus on the growth you’ll achieve.
    You are going to be needed ….more than you are now….if your mission is to stay here on/in the battlefield….
    2 most important things to have is love and faith.
    You are special Dilara. The light you possess is healing and humility. Know your worth


  6. Dilara, I’d like to add my HELL YEAH to your rant. Friggin sick of this. You’re right, the others are JUST NOT WAKING UP. White Hats…. please listen to her. We need something. We need a drop!!!!! We need action. We’re worn out.

  7. I’m right there with you Dilara! I’m at the EDGE. I’ve had ENOUGH!!! I lost my job during all this, and absolutely CANNOT go back to working with dumbass sleep-zombies. I don’t know what to do, how I’ll make a living, or anything. I absolutely can’t step back into the matrix. Never again. I’m hoping I’ll find some work with some awake starseeds or something. ( I’m a starseed ) Thank you for hearing us! Thank you for speaking out. I’m doing something about all this in ways that I can’t reveal here. Doing good things in the background. Producing music, listening to music, and my cats are my sanity these days. Much love to you.

  8. Here’s what’s happening in _my_ world : One of my favorite bands since the mid-90s, Placebo, just activated a campaign that outwardly promotes satanism. I’m done with them; I even wrote to them expressing my displeasure. I done supporting and listening to them Forever. Done. Music is being ruined for me. So much pleasure I got listening to Placebo………………. ugh…………. They’ve Jumped The Shark.

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