The Art of Winning

Our dearest Potus. Beating China at their own game.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been a guidebook for conquering the enemy for centuries. Best used against them by the leader of the world! Go Potus!

President Donald J. Trump

If you have not yet read the Art of War or The Art of the Deal, do it. It will give you a better insight as to how Potus operates and what is really going on.

So many are still confused as to what is going on. Don’t be Oh Ye of Little Faith! Trust Potus! It’s why you voted for him!

Stay away from naysayers those who need constant reassurance and cannot stand in faith under Almighty Father God! Pray for them, but Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine.

Remember the General’s advice to us just moments before we were all silenced by pedo Jack: Trust Each Other . Trust other anons in the know that you know.

Trust God! It is why He put us all here, to defeat The Invisible Enemy



More stock market news incoming! Looks like the inevitable crash we discussed in yesterday’s post Follow The Money is bound to happen! And its exciting! It means the end of corruption and the beginning of The Republic’s new monetary system.

Thank you Sharon for this post!

Thread: Ten Days of Darkness and Freedom Day!

[In order to best view these images, please click on the first one and a gallery will pop up. From there you can navigate with the < > buttons or use your < > buttons on your keyboard if you are not on mobile.]

These two posts come to you via Crystal – please take a look at these images carefully and pass them on to others who need to see what is going on. There is more information also about the vaccine deaths in yesterday’s post called Follow The Money. What Is Going On? and The Pedovirus.

Not married for love!

Not really human, or really male or female – most of them satanic inversions. Vril.

A message from Lin Wood!

Pray for Lin Wood: May God Always Protect and Bless his Family in Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!


From George [ (@Pittbull745) or Clouthub (@Pittman_George)] a handy Global Indictment Map!

From David thank you – an article about 👽

Via Brad ~ Huge New Trove of Jeffrey Epstein Documents Released…Sick Stuff With Kids!

Via Ben on the DOJ’s site today, check out who is doing what! And getting caught!

The NWO Agenda to take us out under the #PedoPuppetBiden administration:

An article I found interesting about space-time alien reverse engineered tech:


From Maverick – a must watch! This is about how GameStop and XRP are connected! 

From Sharon thank you –  Important Video – Lightworker Frustrations

If you haven’t seen this epic documentary that really explains what kind of world we are living in with these evil demons, it is a must. This is highly censored and a must see for all truth seekers. Jim Nichols does a fantastic job every time. This video was initially reviewed and presented in my article called Blood Currency.


My video update for today:


Why we need to watch and pray during the end times and the power behind it. | Guillermo Maldonado


Haha. Thank you Bunnyfwend for this post. @Jonessense on Twitter.

These are via Mike – thank you for these today

This one is from Juanito! Thank you 🙂

For the meek shall inherit the earth. Amen.

Via Bill @Swellbs on Gab


We have so many amazing and talented anons among us with such incredible talents. I added an Art & Photography section to the daily posts for now. This is a picture of the water from Norcal where I am originally from. Thank you anon for this amazing photo!

Copyright MMP 2021 All Rights Reserved


I worked in the music industry and around it for a very long time and learned to love all kinds of music. No discrimination. It just has to be good. This is a track from a band back East called Uncommon Valor. I posted this lyrics version today as it was recorded during the Obama administration. Have a listen.

Jedi Mind Tricks – Uncommon Valor

Note to all visitors: 
Please make sure to subscribe to this blog by scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Follow” where you will be prompted to enter your email address. This is a free service bought to you by patriots who don’t want your money for information. Those who do should be ashamed of themselves, as this is about true freedom and not their pocketbooks. Use discernment. God bless you and Godspeed! 🙏🏼 ♥️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️

~ Dilara 01.29.21 (another palindrome day!)

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  1. Dilaria, I’ve missed you!! Twitter has restricted me and now asked for my phone number in order for me to post or see anything. They have also dwindled down my followers from the small potatoes three hundred range to merely eighteen. I had enough and had to de-activate for a while. I come to your blog daily, and I have want to Thank You for posting and keeping all of us up to speed on everything. I have clouthub, anonup and I think gab. I signed up for so many to stay in the know lol I will add you on Gab. Much love! ❤️❤️🙏🏻 CiCi aka- GunLovinGal 😁

    • Hi CiCi God bless you! We are all her together. Scattered but at least this place is serving a good purpose right now. Never thought I’d be doing this daily but WWG1WGA!!!! TRUEEEEE FREEEEEEEDOM!

  2. D, thank you for keeping all this work up. Yesterday a neighbor who is a Trump supporter (but we never talked about it, I have heard her listening to Trump speeches this month), she saw me walking on the street where we live. She came up to me and said “it’s happening. Very good things are happening, you’ll see.” I had no idea she was so into this, but she must have heard something good. It gave me hope. I will never give up, but it is so helpful to each out and have someone to talk to and be in faith with. Love! Becky

  3. I haven’t heard the term “numb nuts” used in a while. The collective bomb is about to go off, and they will not be enjoying it in any way….. that’s what happens though.

    Lots of the information has been coming through channelled messages, which really is a way for people to figure out their own discernment. God operates in very logical ways….. we’ll all be telepathic at some point anyway, then the ridiculous electronics can go away. Thanks for the updates!

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