Trust Each Other

Are you enjoying the show yet? Realizing that our Potus had to let this happen so people who just can’t seem to wake up see with their own eyes what it will be like when he’s not in office?

There was a time I was in a classroom where the teacher walked out and to teach us a lesson: that when there is no competent leadership, all hell breaks loose. That is what we are waiting for (but don’t worry, the military is in wait).

Sometimes, you just have to show them.

You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿

And we are showing them – those that mock us, mock Potus, mock justice, reality and ultimately God, will be shown. And God shall NOT be mocked! Repentance. They still have a chance. But at some point, they will not.

How do you make the public aware of an alternate reality?

They have had four years.

When someone asks me a question (and they refuse to do their own research) this is how I feel:

I can no longer waste time and neither can you on people who won’t do the work. The wheat and the tares have taken place. The harvest is over. If you are really still struggling with people close to you who don’t get it (I’m not, I moved on from dense beings long ago), you can always reference my two articles that may be of some help called Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening and The 12 Steps of Late Awakening.

At this point, we have only each other. Remember what General Flynn tweeted before they took down his account to us digital soldiers and anons: “Trust each other.”

God Bless Our General Flynn! #FightLikeAFlynn

You can only trust each other at this stage. People who do not have the information are, well, not as well off as we are. You can only pray for them. Save yourself. Trust your fellow anons. Stick to your allies. Be wary of your energy and time. Self preservation is key. Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine and do not be Oh Ye of Little Faith.

Threads and Posts

Well, our friend @BenjaminABock has gotten the Twitler axe for being over the target. Twitter Kill is a real thing and this censorship needed to be shown to the numbnuts out there who are still drinking the cabal concocted kool aid of controlled narratives. Jim Jones is not too far off for them if they don’t get a rude awakening.

Meanwhile, I had archived some (but not all) of my main threads on Twitter. I will be posting some relevant ones here as screenshots of the PDF’s I had downloaded from Threadreader app. As you know, when you are suspended you can no longer download or access the threads. My apologies for the way they look as the formatting is not ideal but most of the information is still retained and readable. You may need to save and enlarge these types of posts in order to be able to view them.

Yesterday, we talked about how we are watching a show. And that the stage has been set. Here is a relevant thread to this topic from my thread of October 14, 2018 playing out before our very eyes today!

You are watching a movie!

Via George Pittman 👇🏼


Something to consider 👇🏼

Remember the star on PedoBiden’s “security’s) lapel? Thanks to Angel we have a decode!

Here is a post and link from Jen (@j_wingfeld10 on Twitter and  @gojenjen on Telegram). Take a look at these reptilian eyes of Senator Rick Scott! Another one! This is the The Invisible Enemy!

Still think this isn’t real? You better wake up quick! They are infested (by choice!) for they serve money and satan and not God! This is the truth that would put 99% of people in the hospital! Hence the masks! They are losing their forms, their shapes. Go to Linda Paris’ channel and have a field day on this information here: (remember, big tech with little dicks will tell you Bitchute isn’t safe, but it is… just click through it to get to Linda’s channel.)

Good Reads

Here is a link from Jen about Gitmo very relevant to what is going on behind the scenes, away from the public eye:

An article via G thank you for this – about George Bush’s indictment before his death! Moar proof that you are watching a show!

Thank you Grateful (Kel) for this good one about arrests and executions:


This is an very important video clip. The man’s name who is speaking is unknown. I believe he is no longer alive and was one of the eye witnesses to the Roswell crash. This is originally from Jaime Maussan’s episode called Nuevo on Gaia called Defamation Acts. Excellent first season a must watch.

My Video Update for Today 01.23.21

Prayers & Prophecies

This is from @Jonessense (on Twitter) Bunnyfwend. Thank you Crystal Jones. A reminder from one of my faves, Kim Clement’s Two President’s Prophecy:



Via Selcuk a great patriot! Thank you!
Via @swellbs Bill’s meme’s are sooooo deplorable! The best! 🤣👆🏼👇🏼

Tune of the Day

So I’m an 80’s kid and rebelled to everything under the sun. Hated politics and still do. Hated everything mainstream and cabal. No wonder I was always an outcast. Thank God for all the ones who didn’t fit in, all the artists, the autists, the ones that didn’t fit their matrix. We are the fighters, the ones that are and always have been, on the road to awakening. We are the patriots. Our Founding Fathers are proud of us.

Great lyrics.

That’s it for today. Remember to sign up and click Follow at the bottom of this blog for free updates and notifications of new posts. Godspeed!

♥️ ~ Dilara 01.23.21 ⚖️

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m holding the line. I will never give up. I will fight to the end. I’ve shared your information with friends and family. Some are waking up some are still asleep. I pray for those that are still asleep and who have no idea what’s going on but they soon will find out. Thanks for all the prayers and post I read them every day. I work for an airline so you can just imagine what I’m watching at the airport and on the plane all day long. I pray for all these people to wake up. They soon will.
    God speed. ✝️🇺🇸💪😁🙏

  2.    Words to live by!  I can relate to trying to wake up people.  I’m worn out from it and they can fend for themselves.  My daughters and their husbands have a good grasp on it and their the ones I really care about.  I didn’t want them to have to try to take it all in at once. I wanted to soften the blow.   The ones that have chosen defiant ignorance will have a very hard time salvaging their sanity.  I fear for them. I’ve been at it for 4 years and it has challenged my perception of reality and everything I thought I knew.  I was always suspicious, long before Q.  For the sake of the millions around the world that are awake I pray we won’t have to languish away, waiting for the ignorant and the defiant that choose to stay that way.  For the sake of the rest of us and our children I pray to God this doesn’t drag on any longer because it’s damaging even those that know.   xo

  3. Gods time not mine. God is in charge. I’m not. 🙏. The question I ask every day. Why are we still wearing mask? When will the truth come out and this tearany be exposed. We all know it’s making everyone sicker. Evidence shows it’s not needed. . The 6 feet apart everywhere I turn. Stickers. Mask. Satin. Fist bumping. My wish would be that Trump would have announced the CDC and bull crap mask mandate stuff already. What are your thoughts? When do you think mask lies will be told and we are all free from wearing them. At work?

  4. It’s all in the power of our minds. People need to take back control of their own minds, entertain someone’s thought without accepting it.

    This year society is going to split, what I would call permanently once everyone finds out that Trump is the President. People think they’ve seen chaos, watch them all try to get off mind control at once. Hunker Down, Hold the Line and get ready, because it’s coming.

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