Groundhog Day

And its that day again! Where the idiots will cry for four more (plus) years! Hold The Line!

Thank you Mike for this meme!

To some of you it may seem like Groundhog Day every day with this Great Awakening business. But remember, that patience is virtue. And the massive scale of this operation is simply mind blowing. I often tell people who come to me with anxiety and lack of patience about the process of getting a traffic ticket. Many of us have had a moving violation at one point in our lives. If you are one of these people, do you remember how long it took to receive the notice in the mail, get an arraignment date, and possibly a court date to fight your ticket? Even if you were allowed to participate in traffic school as part of your restitution, do you recall just how long this process took you? From the day you got your ticket to the day it was cleared and dealt with?

It took time.

At least a few months if you were lucky.

And here we are talking about a worldwide satanic organized crime syndicate who has been intertwined with almost every aspect of our lives on planet earth. Trafficking, eating, robbing and pillaging us.

Imagine how long it takes to gather, organize, research and prepare the cases for all of these criminals.

As an attorney I can tell you it is even mind blowing to me. This operation is being ultimately guided by and managed by God Almighty. He is the CEO. He is the Judge. He is the owner of all of this Universe. He is Almighty Father God and He will NOT be mocked. He will NOT lose. Vengaence is coming. To them!

And we get to watch!

We are all anxiously waiting its seems for what is coming. And don’t forget patriots that nothing can stop what is coming for them! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


Do you really think we came this far to call it a day?


Be still, and know. He is working. He is in charge. And He is using us and other tireless warriors, our great leader Donald J. Trump and undaunted angels of His army like General Flynn to work His will be DONE! If you are reading this and in agreement with God’s plan and justice, you are one of His most beloved. He will deliver us from this evil. In Jesus Holy name, Amen!


Trust Each Other.

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Via Juan, this woman rocks! We need more like her.
From Lin on Telegram

A thread from now @JoanQfAmerica (formerly @JoanOfAmerica):

Thread by Jimmy Mac (@AmericaHasBallsAgain on Gab)

These Are the Official Space Force Ranks:

Shouldn’t it be black with white dots?


Via Gene, an article about Covid and Fauci’s deep state agenda:

Brad brings to us this article about the Simpson’s writer Marc Wilmore who just happened to die… of Covid…

Via Juan: Most people don’t know that there are several patents of Covid & it’s vaccines. Did you know there a cure for cancer patent from 2003?  FYI organic raw garlic, turmeric, soursop, cbd & cannabis also kills cancer too. Keeping your body well alkaline & oxygenated is an unsustainable environment for cancer cells too.

Article via Jim about a professor who developed the first FDA approved Covid 19 saliva test:


From @7alon, this:

Bill Gates reading How to Lie With Statistics

Via Jim What Storm? Mr. President:

Coming soon to USA
No sign of Air Force One…


Gods Promises | 100+ Healing Scriptures With Soaking Music | Christian Meditation


@Swellbs on Gab. Thank you Bill!


Capitola, California. Photography by MM.


Joseph Arthur – I Used To Know How To Walk On Water

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~ Dilara 02.02.21

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  1. Thank you for ALL you have gathered and shared these past weeks, months, and years. Your threads and ALL reliance and honor to God are a safe haven. So many goodies- info, links, comics, and more. Like crackerjacks…I do have to say that your personal videos are, for me, like the PRIZE in the Cracker Jack box. I missed hearing you the past two days. Your voice and positive messages of Truth and of Faith in your videos is what I look forward to the most. Would you consider sharing your recorded messages again? With gratitude and faith! You are D-best Dilara!

    • Hi Sue! I am in the process of upgrading this site to support more data. That is why the videos are down for now. I will be back! God bless you and thank you for you leaving us your feedback. This is not just my effort! Many are contributing to this info feed. I am humbled by how hard everyone is working. Love and freedom! ~ d.

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