Time Travel, Higher Dimensions and The Great Awakening with Julia Treat!

Another lovely conversation with Julia Treat!

In this interview, we cover topics from time travel to what is coming for humanity in this crazy, exciting and beautiful time!

Stay the course patriots!

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In the meantime, Trust Each Other!

God is in control!

He Is Always Watching

Stay in His grace, stay positive and TRUST HIM!

And always remember,

The Best is Yet To Come!

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  1. Great talk ladies, can you look into why no arrest? We seen Brix from the CDC gone Cuomo gone and I ask myself why do the bad guys just get replaced by more bad guys? Only thing I can figure is they work for Corporate “entities” funny they picked that word . “Our fight isn’t against flesh and blood but the rules of darkness “, entities? Good luck, another neighbor of ours dead one day after 1st vacation, I’m just one person.

  2. Just finished whole talk. It’s approaching October 14 the rain, seen people leave the 1st day and I myself have done the same. You might like Ajahn Chah training the mind. Elements meditation 101, limit your day to day interactions with ppl to once per week (grocery). Very slowly as you move throughout the day stop and go very slowly foot up in your mind view fire, foot forward view air, foot down view water , foot touching ground view earth. Do that till about March and when your in bed before sleep move that to your body try to find fire, water, air, earth?

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