The 12 Steps of Late Awakening

Are you wondering when your friends and family are going to wake up?

Living your daily life in anticipation of the kumbaya moment where the world will unite and hold hands in peace and harmony?

Dreaming about the day where the people who think you are crazy crawl to you crying on their hands and knees, begging for forgiveness for making your life hell during the course of this awakening business?

Stop right there.

It’s not going to happen the way you want it to.

Some people are just totally comfortable putting their head in a box.

Or in the sand.

Or up their ass.

Just make sure it’s not up yours and you will be just fine for the journey.  Just because you get the picture doesn’t mean the people you love or even tolerate will too.

Yes, there may be a day where they come around, but don’t hold your breath.

In order to survive living and working with, or just being around other people who are too stubborn, egotistical or brainwashed by the media, you need to step back and see how they got there in the first place. Media-infiltrated lifestyles, choices and thoughts are  deeply programmed into the non-awakened psyche. You need to understand the process by which they can even open their minds. Some will, and some never will. The choice to know, as Q reiterates, will be theirs. It always is, and always has been.

Waking up to this alternate reality is not a simple process for normies.  (It’s even worse for non-normies: brainwashed zombies who scream hatred are not at the top of the admission list for the truth and reality ride that’s about to run their lives right over).

There is a somewhat definable process that one can expect from those around you that slumber like Rip Van Winkle:

The Twelve Steps of Late Awakening for Anons Anonymous can help you cope with those who so desperately try to see their reflection in your imaginary tin-foil hat.

1. Denial.  Flat out “that cannot be true” and I don’t want to hear it. Gimme my venti latte I need to get to work.

2. Anger.  You are crazy! What is wrong with you?  I can’t stand listening to your insane theories! You are one of those crazy Q people! Get away from me!

3. Deflection. You need to take a look at your self. I think you need some help. You are delusional and have lost your mind. You are believing lies and I can’t stand to listen to you. I need a beer (skip to step 7).

4. Finger Pointing.  You are the problem. Things were smooth and fine in my life until you started reading and researching all this nonsense. That is NOT what the news says. Oh you don’t think the news is telling me the truth? You need to get some help. You’re the one who is brainwashed!

5. Objections. Pedophiles? You’re nuts. No one is a pedophile. Especially Schumer or Pelosi or Schiff. Or Podesta… He’s really nice. He paints pictures of pretty fish on his hands. And he makes love bracelets with Barrack Obama.

6. Ignoring.  Michael Obama? A dick? A man? With a really big dick? Pass me the ketchup. And turn up the volume I’m trying to watch the Laker’s game… but wait, where’s Kobe? …

7. Self Medicating Medication can range from the non-awakened immersing themselves in even more lamestream media, more cabal weaponized food and drink to even drugs. Some people will do just about anything in order to avoid having their reality disturbed.

8. Losing Friendships and Family.  Why did my wife leave? Why did I kick her out? Whose going to cook me dinner now? Why did my husband leave? Whose going to take out the trash? Oh well, at least I have CNN to tell me what virus to be afraid of next. I don’t need him/her anymore. Except when I get hungry… or need help with something. Anything except the truth. It’s better to be right than accept that I could be wrong. I’m lonely, but I’m right and comfortably dumb — I meant, numb

9. More Medicating. Refer to Step 7.

10. Justifications. Embracing lies and further rejection of reality. More MSM, more poison food, water, more bad habits, no change. Keep doing what’s been seemingly working, even though there is a conscious revolution going on. Im still with her… but where did she go? … Pizzagate. It’s just a gate, made of pizza, somewhere in Haiti… Maybe there is a cement factory nearby that makes toppings. Cemex? Isn’t that what I put in my shake in the morning? …

11. Connecting With Other Sleepers. Sleep on. Just close your eyes, and pretend like nothing is going on around you. Birds of a feather. Think of transgender school readings, gun control and lots and lots of vaccines. Yeahhh… that’s the ticket. Hey, maybe try out homelessness for a few weeks. Get a tent, and some Hepatitis. Fit in. Bernie for Prez.

12. Total Chaos. This is your shining moment where the truth train runs over their ego that they have voluntarily tied to the tracks, despite the loud rumble of the wheels of justice shaking their world. (There is always earplugs.) The locomotive of love is not the ride they will be catching when the ice cold shower of reality comes down like icicles from their once cloaked skies of lore. Expect emotional instability and confusion. Also, expect to repeat these steps over and over and over again.

The Late Awakeners.

Better late than never.

Some will never be able to accept what is coming. And will furthermore have no choice when the truth hits them like an anvil, Wile E. Coyote style.

Some will eventually come around and have to wrestle with their ego before stepping into grace with broken relationships.

Some will just say nothing, and continue to ignore everything, in order to get that latte and get to work on time.

Whatever your faced with, remember that your tribe will always find you.

In fact, if you are reading this, and I’m not deleting your comment, you have already found a slice of home.

Home is where the heart is, where minds meet in the digital multiverse. Communicate with others that understand you. Use discernment. Be cautious in choosing your online or real life friends. We are everywhere. We are the silent majority. And we are winning. In fact, we have already won.

We are just traveling through time to get to the party where you will meet all of your real friends and family. And maybe some of the late awakeners will get there in time to drink our floaters…  🎉🇺🇸


Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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    • John, once you get to know Dilara personally, you can’t help but love her! She is full of light and wisdom! A very special person! I am privileged to call her my sister.

  1. That’s it, it’s already over. At this point it’s just who chooses to wake up and come along with the rest of us to a great new world that we will get to build.

    • Thank God I found you, I need to read your words, not only awakened but dealing with a vendetta against me, it is a hard time indeed for many. You give great comfort when no one I know is able to see the world we are really in. Thank you, God bless

  2. Dilara, Can I say? You are amazing! Your insight is incredible, and your commentary is very much on the mark, and is jam-packed with just the right amount of tongue in cheek!
    I love the way you write my sister. And I love you!
    I can’t wait until next month!

  3. Whew! Great article. You’re very good at painting a picture of the shrapnel this movement couldn’t help but rain down all around us. Reminds me of Luke 12:53. We must be near the end times…

  4. I am awake. My spouse of 48 years is not.
    This topic really hits home.
    For others in the same situation…I will add this…
    1. You cannot make anyone wake up if they insist on sleeping late.
    2. You will find it extremely frustrating living with them.
    3. No matter how long you have been self-isolating with them or how tempted you are……you are NOT allowed to strangle them.

  5. Your insight is amazing. I am a late awakener although I always knew something did not seem right especially after obama got elected. I am now a proud Qanon and am dying to awaken others. Most people don’t want to know so I only talk if someone seems open to listening or asks me about something.

  6. Love this and you! I’ve followed you and Linda and Sarge for a while now. Y’all have kept us all up to date about what’s going on and I appreciate that so much. But I truly thank you for the humor you add to your blogs and podcasts. I do my best to stay in a good state of mind knowing that there’s so much good to come even as the evil tries to instill fear. The laughter you bring in these never before seen times help keep us sane. You are a blessing to us all and I wish you much love and happiness.

    • Thank you Kellie I appreciate your comments! Wishing you love peace health wealth and abundance ONLY by His mighty Grace AMEN! Join me for the New Year’s Party online on Telegram (see channel for info) where you can laugh with us as many of us are gathering online this year. Blessings!

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