When You’re Antiquated and Can’t Admit It.

Ever worked with someone who just too old to get what’s going on?

We are in 2020 and the world has truly changed.

No longer do we rely on directions from strangers, or have people knocking on our doors for a flat tire fix.

We are fully immersed in technology that is evolving at light speed it seems. Permeated is our world with instant messages, texts, navigation, notifications and there is an app for just about everything you can think of.

But there is also a problem: old, antiquated and angry developers.


As the world has evolved, so has coding and internal systems. Working to integrate such systems can be more than challenging. Yet what is even more challenging is working with people who understand the old technology from decades ago and have little or no understanding of what it takes to run the digital world today.

For most businesses, you can’t expect to sell anything these days without having an online presence. And that requires updated technology.

The biggest challenges come with very old systems. Like ones built decades ago using early 80’s software and technology. Relying so heavily on old systems makes replacing it, for the client, out of the question. Building anything new that requires integration with out of date tech is so frustrating that even Microsoft has discontinued support for many outdated programs and languages over a decade ago.

What’s even more decrepit are outdated tech people who latch on to floppy disks for their very lives. Instead of developing new skills and learning new coding,  sticking to the old beast for survival is like a cat clinging to the edge of a cliff with no end in site. Working with someone who cannot understand the new way of doing things can be like plucking porcupine needles out of eyeballs.

Despite the people problems that come with most every endeavor in life, managing the integration of a new tech system in today’s world with one from when Barney Miller was still on TV is like trying to put a Ferrari engine into a old Volkswagen or worse yet, a donkey.

The solution?

Jump into the pool and forget the old, embrace the new.

We are running at lightening speed towards the digital age.

And this train isn’t stopping anytime soon. Don’t be the caboose!

Choo choo!

Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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