Did Dr. Oz See The D*ck?

Why did Donald Trump endorse Dr. Oz, a Hollywood celebrity who works with one of the worst people in this town, The Tale of Two Trannies: Orca and The Prince-mess?

Dr. Oz has an interesting background, and although I’m not a huge fan, I think You Have Moar Than You Know.

Potus never does anything on accident. There is a reason behind every single move in this huge PYSOP that is going on in order to achieve the ultimate goal: Restoration of The Republic.

Hollywood must be exposed.

But how?

Have you seen the photos released of Dr. Oz that no one is talking about?

Check out ones like this and more on my telegram channel (https://t.me/DilaraEsengilChannel):

What does Dr. Oz know and what did he tell Trump?

Why did Trump appoint Oz on to the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition in 2018?

The Stage Is Set.

Not only is DJT the master of the Art Of The Deal, but he is also the master of The Art of Winning. Dr. Oz will play an integral part of this show regardless of his color of hat choice in this crying game.

Wouldn’t be epic if this one tv personality is just the beginning of the dominos that are about to fall (and how!) in this not-so-tinsel-town?!

A lot of things have been going on here in Hollywood that indicate a massive Cabal Takedown. From Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! to STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down! many part of this operation here in Los Angeles are underway. Just not in the public eye.

Find out why here on my NEW SHOW! Secrets Of The Celebrities!

Here is the latest episode. Please kindly share my content with anyone else that you may think will be receptive to this level of information.

Censorship Is Real and I rely on my readers to get the word out.

God bless you patriots. We will get to the finish line. We just have to Trust Each Other, Trust The Plan! and Stay The Course.

Listen here to tonight’s juicy podcast!

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