Remember the Alamo!

Good afternoon Patriots!

Potus just gave a great speech at the 450th mile of the border wall. The Alamo. Lot’s of coded messages today! I don’t have time to go into any of them right now but stay tuned for a later update.

Now if you see impeachment, resignation, some strange stuff that does NOT make sense – BE STILL AND KNOW that GOD is working! It’s all part of the plan! Enjoy it! You will really love how it all unfolds later!

Now, let’s talk about what is going on!

Also, I will start to leave posts and info from other anons on these updates so we get the information our there. The censorship is only going to get worse so stay up on your info sources!

Check these out from Ben:

I will leave another update this evening. Share this with everyone. Sign up for my FREE blog here for updates by clicking “Follow Dilara Esengil” at the bottom. You only need an email address.

#StayTheCourse patriots!

Keep pushing. Trust Potus. Most importantly, trust Almighty Father God. And Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Pray, pray, pray. 🙏🏼✝️

Update on the 450 ~ Kings 18;19

From Dan from the Tribe of Dan – thank you for this reference! As well as @TheBadDadder on Twitter (currently facing suspension but stay tuned.)

♥️~ Dilara 01.12.21🇺🇸⚖️

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  1. Thanks Dilara, I was hearing coms too.  I was sure hoping it would not go so far as resignation/impeachment but I get it. It’s all optics since the Corporation is dead.

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  2. Your post of truth. I’m calm. I do trust the plan. Thank you so much. God Bless you too✝️🇺🇸🙏. Have a couple of friends and family members getting impatient. I took your advice. Protecting my energy. I’m here with you and all of the Patriots. I’m with Trump always. My prayers of gratitude for you Dilara. We are winning!

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